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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Favored Vendors

Are vendors being given a level playing field in Century Village and in the UCO Reporter. The village is a plum ripe for plucking - 12,000 people or more, many of whom are advanced in age, and highly susceptible to influence.

Does anyone think it is poor judgment to allow certain UCO persons to promote expensive products by way of the UCO Reporter, or at any UCO Committee meeting? Other community newspapers do not include these biased and unfair advantages to certain contractors/ vendors/ manufacturers. It really annoys other businesses. Let them all advertise here by buying ads only.

One VP has a disclaimer paragraph but it hardly offsets his columns of praise. He tells residents to buy the new products and describes them, I quote verbatim from the Reporter "we have had glowing reports about quality of service" "No other company in PBC performs that degree of service" "superior features" "outstanding features" "top of the line" "best for last: This company offers time payments for up to 25 years." Yeah join the irresponsible credit movement!

I think the meetings for selected products and manufacturers would also be better as a trade show, or at least have several vendors of similar products.
My condo runs without any of UCO 'essential' products, just common sense. We use Consumers Reports, info from contractors, the Home Depot, knowledgeable handymen, and PZB sources.
Disclaimer: of course this is just my opinion.

And Knowing Is Half the Battle

This Monday is the Executive Board meeting. All are invited, especially the Executives.

This Friday is the Delegate Assembly meeting. All are invited, especially the Delegates. Be sure to sign in so that you can prove you attended.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Comedy with Mal Z. Lawrence

Century Village and the Catskills get joked about

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Palm Beach County Pet Regulations

Yup! all PB County dogs and cats who live here and -
"Dogs and cats must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies within 30 days of moving to Palm Beach County. Licenses are available from most veterinarians and the Animal Care & Control Division, 7100 Belvedere Road, in West Palm Beach. The fees for license tags are $33 for non-sterilized pets and $12 for a spayed/neutered pet. Senior citizens receive a 25 percent discount. All dogs and non-sterilized cats must be confined to the owners property or leashed. For more information call 233-1200. Or visit us on our website at

or e-mail at:

Absent again?

About a month ago, I noted on the blog that our Sheffield N Condo Association had been incorrectly shown for the second time in the last few months as having not attended the previous delegates meeting, when in fact I attended. Now I note in the current UCO Reporter that Sheffield N didn’t attend the January 2010 meeting. Well, I did!

What goes on? Apparently (from the published lists of non-attendees, which I now distrust) many of the Sheffields do not attend delegates meetings. Do those making up the list of non-attendees just blithely list us all? Our association has been given an undeserved black eye to all who read the Reporter.

To make matters worse, Mr. Amato published the list of non-attendees in one of his ads in the January Reporter. So multiplied thousands now think ill of us.

I am at the stage of pinching myself and saying, “Lanny, are you sure you really went to that meeting?” Then I look and see the handouts from the meeting, the colored voting slip, and my scribbled notes, and realize, “Yes, old man, you did go. You may not have it all together, but you did go.”

But seriously, I am resentful at this continued poor record-keeping or whatever it is. It reflects badly on our poor condo association that tries do at least some things right. I suggest the UCO Reporter no longer publish this list, at least until it is done accurately.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Expect to PAY MORE for Gas

According to this article, the fact that we're actually using less gasoline is the reason we're due for another price raise at the pump. And this article gives tips on what you can do to make trips to the pump less frequent. (I also read somewhere that banks are raising credit card fees because we're using them less. Corporations are humbugs, and the Supreme Court just gave them more power to bug us.)

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hi all,
In the Sidebar there is a link to UCO Open Meetings.
There is an error in the chart that this link opens.

Tomorrows meeting of the Operations Committee is at 10:00 AM, rather than as reported in the chart.

The meeting is in the UCO conference room. This is a very important committee; all UCO members are invited to attend.

Dave Israel


This afternoon I had the pleasure and privilege of watching one of the
most SIGNIFICANT and MAGNIFICENT show at our Clubhouse. EVERYONE
was extremely excellent in their performances and I cannot thank all of you
performers enough for the pleasure that you gave to all CV viewers who took
the time to witness your show. All of you deserve a GOLD CROWN and I have
to say you made all of us watching your show PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

Lilly Roberts

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mistaken Identities

Am I alone in thinking things are not all what they appear to be and we are being fed an over large dose of hypocrisy?

Considering UCO’s recent disassociation and censorship of the blog – a point that has never been fully publicly clarified by Dave Israel, I too was surprised to see Peter Amato’s two page political agenda ‘allowed’ in the UCO Reporter

Despite Jerry Karpf allegedly ‘wanting a clean UCO race ‘, in my opinion, Mr. K had obviously had a preview of Mr. Amato’s ad and responded accordingly. Or was it sheer co-incidence that the maintenance Guru chose this months Reporter to give a detailed report on tank less water heaters, which I understand, was Mr. Amato’s specialty?

Turning my attention to Dan Gladstone’s vote catcher I was astounded, in light of recent revelations, at the former bank directors rather poignant efforts to convince his voters that he was a happy family man.

After all, a quick look at Palm Beach Court Documents CD 97 -4795 FA may have had us believe otherwise.

Recorded there is how Dan Gladstone, alleged his entitlement to half a million dollars from his ex wife’s trust fund to help pay a huge Israeli Court imposed fine.

The former Mrs. G must be a very forgiving lady!

I genuinely look forward to the next issue of the UCO Reporter and hope Mr. Amato is ready to publish his own lie detector test results.

I await a more professional looking blurb, or at least a better picture of Dave Israel but can hardly contain my anticipation to read of Dan Gladstone’s American achievements.

Whilst Dan contemplates his “shoebox of thank yous", I do hope he finds time to write how he intends to deal with the numerous residents rendered homeless by his promotion of 1st Priority Restoration. He certainly, with I might the alleged blessing of Jerry Karpf, promoted them to my association and I understand many others.

Perhaps too, the pair can explain why, in a letter to Bradford Brown (Palm Beach Planning and Zoning) 1st Priority Restoration Project Manager, Alon Apel, - who incidentally has an unpublished telephone number and a new office just up the road, refers to his 1st Priority’s Restoration CV clients as UCO?

Above all, as we continue to marvel at Dan Gladstone’s, pre North American Bank trial, accolades, we can but hope, resident’s security and well being are high on his agenda.

A former security guard, Mr. G claims to have been involved in ‘Police Work’.

So given such extensive experience maybe he would like to confirm that Ist Priority Restoration Project Manager, the afore mentioned, Alon Apel ,is not the same Alon Apel currently registered on Florida Corrections Offender Network (Alon Apel DC X65115 – verified address 5556 SW 28th Terrace Ft Lauderdale) who is a convicted felon currently serving probation.


Hi all,
The following question comes by Email; identifying items have been removed for privacy.
Good Morning David,
and a bit belated, but Happy New Year !
Once again, I'm in need of some info that I know you can help with.
Are all board meetings of our Association open to all members of the building? My question is regarding the monthly meetings. Shouldn't they be posted and all unit owners be able to attend, if they care to? Our annual meeting is always held in an open forum.
Thank you in advance!
This issue is a fundamental tenet of Condominium living; the short answer is a resounding YES.

Let’s look at the applicable law, as there are a number of issues, as regards required NOTICE and but one significant exception:

The following extract is from Florida Statutes FS-718 (The Condominium Act):


FS-718.112 (2) (c)
Begin extract:
c) Board of administration meetings.--Meetings of the board of administration at which a quorum of the members is present shall be open to all unit owners. Any unit owner may tape record or videotape meetings of the board of administration.


The right to attend such meetings includes the right to speak at such meetings with reference to all designated agenda items. The division shall adopt reasonable rules governing the tape recording and videotaping of the meeting. The association may adopt written reasonable rules governing the frequency, duration, and manner of unit owner statements.


Adequate notice of all meetings, which notice shall specifically incorporate an identification of agenda items, shall be posted conspicuously on the condominium property at least 48 continuous hours preceding the meeting except in an emergency.


If 20 percent of the voting interests petition the board to address an item of business, the board shall at its next regular board meeting or at a special meeting of the board, but not later than 60 days after the receipt of the petition, place the item on the agenda. Any item not included on the notice may be taken up on an emergency basis by at least a majority plus one of the members of the board. Such emergency action shall be noticed and ratified at the next regular meeting of the board.


However, written notice of any meeting at which nonemergency special assessments, or at which amendment to rules regarding unit use, will be considered shall be mailed, delivered, or electronically transmitted to the unit owners and posted conspicuously on the condominium property not less than 14 days prior to the meeting.

Evidence of compliance with this 14-day notice shall be made by an affidavit executed by the person providing the notice and filed among the official records of the association.

Upon notice to the unit owners, the board shall by duly adopted rule designate a specific location on the condominium property or association property upon which all notices of board meetings shall be posted. If there is no condominium property or association property upon which notices can be posted, notices of board meetings shall be mailed, delivered, or electronically transmitted at least 14 days before the meeting to the owner of each unit. In lieu of or in addition to the physical posting of notice of any meeting of the board of administration on the condominium property, the association may, by reasonable rule, adopt a procedure for conspicuously posting and repeatedly broadcasting the notice and the agenda on a closed-circuit cable television system serving the condominium association.


However, if broadcast notice is used in lieu of a notice posted physically on the condominium property, the notice and agenda must be broadcast at least four times every broadcast hour of each day that a posted notice is otherwise required under this section. When broadcast notice is provided, the notice and agenda must be broadcast in a manner and for a sufficient continuous length of time so as to allow an average reader to observe the notice and read and comprehend the entire content of the notice and the agenda.


Notice of any meeting in which regular or special assessments against unit owners are to be considered for any reason shall specifically state that assessments will be considered and the nature, estimated cost, and description of the purposes for such assessments. Meetings of a committee to take final action on behalf of the board or make recommendations to the board regarding the association budget are subject to the provisions of this paragraph. Meetings of a committee that does not take final action on behalf of the board or make recommendations to the board regarding the association budget are subject to the provisions of this section, unless those meetings are exempted from this section by the bylaws of the association.


Notwithstanding any other law, the requirement that board meetings and committee meetings be open to the unit owners is inapplicable to meetings between the board or a committee and the association's attorney, with respect to proposed or pending litigation, when the meeting is held for the purpose of seeking or rendering legal advice.
End extract

Know your rights and insist on them; it's a matter of Law.

Please advise if there are any questions.
Dave Israel

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Amato Ads- UCO Reporter

I realize the Reporter is in business to make MONEY....does that mean accepting
multiple ads from the same individual who is attempting to " Educate " the public
on the why's and wherefore's? Perhaps the next edition, should be entirely devoted
How many other do-gooders, do we have amongst us?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Has anyone worked thru the issue of having a TV dish on the grass outside their building. Info appreciated TIA.

Your BLOGMEISTER responds:

This item has been well researched in the cvblogandchat. Please see,


Please read the entire article and the associated Comments.

In response to Grace's Comment; the Federal Communications Act must be read very carefully, along with Randalls perceptive comments following the main Post. The Condominium Association is in no way precluded from enforcing restrictions on placement of satellite antennae on the Common Element which are in violation of FS-718 or for that matter of the Association Documents. Following are but two Arbitration Decisions which are on "on point" in this matter. There are many other similar Arbitration decisions:

Dave Israel


Left click on image to supersize
The Resistance exercise pool will remain open
Dave Israel


Left click image to supersize

Dave Israel

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi All,
I received the following set of questions by Email, I have redacted the source for privacy purposes. The questions may no doubt be of interest to all, as they reflect some misunderstanding of the rollout and our Cable contract.

It would be helpful if you answered some of the questions regarding boxes for cable users. Initially we were told we did not need a box!

You do not need a box if you do not care about the additional "on-demand" programming. Since all unit owners are paying the Bulk Cable monthly fee through their Associations budgets, it would make sense to try it.

Q) Is it true that the first box we get free as long as we arrange delivery before the end of January?

A) Yes, the first box, acquired by way of the January Registration event is included in our Bulk Contract agreement with Comcast.

Q) Is there a date when there will be changes in programs transmitted to our other TV sets or if we are silent Comcast will continue to transmit current programs??

A) There is no date certain for changes in the channel content, there is however an intent to convert all channels from 32 - 99 to a digital format eventually; and possibly encrypt them.

Q) Is it true each additional box will cost $6.00 a month for the same service we get with the first box? So for my extra 2 TVs it will cost me $144 a year??? Is there an installation charge?

A) Yes, if you get any additional full service converter boxes over the first free one, there is an "additional-outlet" fee assessed of $6.50, plus an installation charge. Thus, it is strongly advised against doing so. Wait for the Digital Terminal Adaptors (DTA) which will come in due course of time. They will be free, up to the first 2 and will insure continued reception of channels 2 - 99 even if there is a conversion to digital.

Q) What stations will we get if we do not RENT extra boxes for other TVs?

A) You will continue to receive the same channels that you received prior to the arrival of the box in CV; with the proviso that Comcast may make changes from time-to-time, and that channels from 32 - 99 may in due course convert to digital format.

Q) I understand we are getting a cable deal worth about $56 but the contract appears to be quite costly for CV residents who own additional TV sets and in addition are losing 2 HBO stations.Why didn't UCO subsidize more of the cable cost?

A) Please do not let Comcast sales persons talk you into additional full service converter boxes; for your additional TVs, as noted above, you will continue to receive Limited Basic and Expanded Basic service on those TV sets; currently some 65+ channels, Be patient and wait for the DTAs.

As to the issue of UCO subsidies; we received a very handsome signing bonus, the exact amount I cannot put on this BLOG as it would violate a confidentiality agreement. Come to UCO and see me for the exact number. The loan that was paid off on the new UCO building may be regarded as a unit owner subsidy as it lowers our payments, additionally every penny (save Attorney fees incurred during contract negotiations and a 15% commission paid to CSI), not encumbered by Taxes; is being returned to the unit owners as a reduction in the monthly cable fee.

Please release this info on the CV web site. Associations and UCO have not released enough info to the residents.

Please advise if there are any additional questions, I shall include them as well as those above in a UCO Reporter article.

Dave Israel
Cable Chair

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Third Degree

Does your association still interview potential new residents. On the one hand this can be a minefield if questions are asked about race, national origin, religion, disability, and familial status.
Many associations rely on paper checks only, basing decisions on financial scores. On the other hand this takes away the opportunity to explain condo living to the new people.
Unintended consequence: UCO is full of confused customers taking up the time of VPs who have to explain the basics of condo living, FL statutes, bylaws, customs, etc.
I do not think there is written authority that the Board personally interview potential new residents, but it could be very useful done the right way.
Just my opinion.

Looking for a Good TV Repair Service

Hi All,
Does anyone know where there is a good, honest TV Repair Service around here? There use to be one on Westgate and Military, but it is now gone and I am not yet ready to give up my old television set.
Thank you.

H1N1 Vaccine free

Left Click to Supersize
For information purposes, not to be considered medical advice.
Dave Israel


I wish the coffee shop across the street would get an iPod stuffed with hundreds of songs instead of a rusty radio for its background music needs. NBC's late night shuffle is just the tip of the iceberg: In Orlando, a radio host was not only fired for refusing to read a commercial endorsement, she signed a contract forcing her to not seek broadcast-based employment for six months (I can understand it if she quit voluntarily, but she was bounced out — unemployment benefits recognize the difference between "you're fired" and "I quit"). Read these and weep.

I also wish they could get new tables and chairs — the old ones wobble like Weebles.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

South Florida Fair

South Florida Fair
January 25, 2010 From noon to 7pm we will have a bus running every hour on the hour from the main clubhouse. this is SENIOR DAY..60 and over pays $5.00 for admission to the fair. There will be NO excursion busses that week on monday and wednesday...Have fun enjoy the day...SEE YA AT THE FAIR

Friday, January 15, 2010


All WPB fire stations will accept non-perishable food items, and clothing to aid the Haitians.
Century Village CERT is looking at ways to collect items inside the Village (stay tuned).
The JCC Pre School 3151 N. Military Trail (Opposite Publix on Community Drive) is accepting clothing this week and non-perishable food next week.

Info from Louise Gerson

Personal reconnaissance by Elaine, confirms Grace Comment; the Fire station just outside our gate is not accepting any "aid to Haiti" items.

Dave Israel

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you have stuff that you're not using anymore, don't put it outside waiting (days) for the garbage truck to take it away; take it to a consignment store like Hospice Goodwill on Military Trail.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U.S. Debt Clock

Click here or on title
Now what do we do?
See 'sources' and 'about' on the bottom edge tabs.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turkey Buzzards Beyond Thanksgiving

It seems we're getting another visit from the turkey buzzards, and for the same reason: Click here for the gory details. Yes, the venue in the story is different, but the weather is the same all around. At least they're not directly targeting our lakes.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi All,
As a result of continuing low turnout for the January Registration for your new Converter box, any unit owner who has not yet registered for the box may come to the Clubhouse and do so, irrespective of the published schedule.

Thus, if you have already missed your Associations published date, you may come and register for your converter box.

Not only that, you may come now, even if your Associations appointment is scheduled for a future date.

Please keep in mind that the most convenient way to obtain the new Converter box free of an installation charge is by way of the Clubhouse registration event.

Your only alternative to this process is to pick up your Converter at the local Comcast Office which is located at 1401 North Point Parkway, West Palm Beach.

If you eschew both methods, and call Comcast independently for installation, you will be billed for at least $18.00 and possibly as high as $35.00.

So, please come to the Clubhouse for your Converter box, try it, you will like it!

Dave Israel


My lovely Sunday evening was interrupted by an automated phone call from a politician. It was targeted to Century Village, a Tuesday campaign lunch at the Clubhouse. How much does this call cost the campaign? I do not belong to any club, how did they get my name and phone number. Does voter registration give away our names? How labor intensive is it to add phone numbers and program them? Might they have phoned invitations to people outside the village to this lunch?
How many sandwiches would it take to offset my annoyance at the phone call!

"Wiki - Robocalls are made by all political parties in the United States, as well as unaffiliated campaigns, 527 organizations, Unions, and individual citizens. Political robocalls are exempt from the United States National Do Not Call Registry. FCC regulations prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers to call cell phone numbers. However, political groups are excluded from the FTC definition of telemarketer, thus robocalls from or on behalf of political organizations are still permitted on the federal level."

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Wind Chill Index Chart from the National Weather Service
Hi all,
The question posed by Lanny is interesting, because the Science is very fuzzy. There are many "definitions" of Wind Chill (Index, Factor...Etc...). do you remember the so called "Discomfort Index". This is an attempt to describe how humans and animals feel as a result of wind on exposed skin surface.

This is about sensationalising the Weather report; in other words, it is more sensational to report the temperature much lower than it really is. Most importantly, this has nothing to do with the technical aspects of the laws of thermodynamics; in other words, if the temperature is 40 degrees, and the wind velocity is 20 MPH, yielding a Wind Chill of 30 degrees, water will NOT freeze; this says it all; this is a matter of perception not reality; it supposedly states that your bare skin would feel like it was 30 degrees, because of the rate at which the wind is blowing.

So, since your car surface does not perceive anything, and since water and fruit freezes at real temperatures, not at human being - bare skin perceived temperatures I would say that the wind would have no effect on your car or the fruit, unless the actual temperature as measured in still air was at or below freezing.

Following is but one definition of Wind chill; if you want many more, just GOOGLE up the phrase:

Wind Chill Index(Wind Chill Factor, Chill Factor) Index used to determine the relative discomfort resulting from a specific combination of wind speed and air temperature, expressed by the loss of body heat in watts per square meter (of skin).

Dave Israel

Needed before I freeze to death: a scientific answer.

I have always wondered this about the wind chill factor:

Wind increases the rate at which the cold causes your body to lose heat. Does it affect a car in the same way, or is only because we are warm-blooded it has this effect on us? How about trees or fruit? They're concerned about the fruit freezing down here, of course—does the wind factor in to this substantially or not?


I Forget

If I recall right, the Clubhouse show host doubled as a handyman, true or false?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi All,

Please do not overlook the amended UCO Bylaws. See "UCO Bylaws" in the Sidebar,
It is under the heading of "UCO Services".

Dave Israel

Friday, January 8, 2010


Hi All,
Our COMCAST Customer Care Rep. has sent along some information for HD subscribers.
Dave Israel
Happy New Year!

I wanted to make sure that I pass along some great information to you. On Monday, February 1, 2010, for the customers subscribing to the Comcast High Definition service, the following HD channels will be launched in the Comcast systems of Boca Raton / Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Stuart and their surrounding areas:

AMC HD – channel 429
CNN HD – channel 423
Cinemax HD – channel 417 (customer must be a subscriber of Cinemax)
Fox News Channel HD – channel 428
TLC HD – channel 425
WGN HD – channel 437

This will bring the total number of HD channels for these areas up to 40! And we are not finished yet!

Christine Saxon
Commercial Account Manager


Click on the title to see an articlette about how it's cold for us long-time Floridians — but not the snowbirds. For some time I thought this syndrome was due to iron-poor blood (do they still make Geritol?). I have since read that it's because of the altitude that living in the Sunshine State makes you intensely intolerant to cold climates. That's "good" news when weather conditions go haywire.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


For the benefit of those of you who read the blog first thing in the morning: The Delegate Assembly meets at 9:30 am in the Clubhouse Theater! All are invited, especially the delegates!


Hi All,
Currently, COMCAST Converter Box registration is in progress in the CV Clubhouse. The response is very poor. This event is for those who have not yet acquired any Cable Converter Box.

The schedule was published in the UCO Reporter, is screening on Channel 63 and is posted on this BLOG see the Sidebar.

Please be on notice that this Registration is the best way to obtain the new converter Box at no cost.

If you miss the January event, in progress, and at a later date you call for the box; there will be a Truck Roll charge of a minimum of $18.00 and possibly as high as $35.00. So, please Register in accordance with your Associations scheduled time and enjoy the additional programming provided.

Dave Israel


Your BLOGMEISTER responds to a Comment:


The following question was sent in the Comment stream by Lanny:

Hi Lanny, some of this is a bit premature but we do have some response on parts of your questions:
I am going to split your message up and respond in parts.
Dave, a question about a snowbird who might not be able to make the January date assigned to him to go the clubhouse: If, say, one of our Sheffield N snowbirds could not make either morning or afternoon on January 19, could he go to the clubhouse on one of the January dates assigned to another association? If so, could he go BEFORE as well as after his assigned date? A number of snowbirds go on cruises, for example, and are away from the Village for a week at a time. Could they avoid paying the $18 (or $35) charge in this way?


We have a proven solution for the “I will not be here for my appointment time”
“Copy your license and CV ID on a piece of paper and write the following line”

I Unit Owner do hereby authorize “John Doe” to sign for my cable box.
Signed and dated by Unit Owner.”

The Proxy, “John Doe” will attend at your scheduled date and register for Unit Owners box; John Doe must also be there in your Unit to admit the technician on the appointed day of installation.
The idea you present about “walking in any time” will have to be vetted out with Comcast. It will only work if Registrations are going very slowly.
No charge will append under these circumstances.

I think also you spoke at the delegates meeting today of there perhaps being a later (February?) make-up day or two when those who missed their assigned clubhouse registration date could register. Those dates aren't set, I think you said, but is it a certainty there will be such a late registration time?


No, this procedure is not yet a certainty and will be worked out with Comcast. When we have the answers, they will be distributed through channels.

Dave Israel

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Four times daily on Channel 63, we have a daily newscast. Our own David Saxon anchors a show at 8 and 9 am and 6 and 7 pm where he broadcasts reports from the CV studio and interviews local personalities. It only lasts a few minutes, but hey, so does "Wayne's World" on SNL.


The makers of TV Ears brand television listening devices have invented a flat screen television that is (their quote) "senior friendly." The remote only has six buttons and the set goes off after four hours if you forget to touch it. (For more information, click on the title.) The price isn't that friendly: At over $1,000, it's more costly than any other 32" LCD set you can pick up at Walmart (delivery and installation are included).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

Comcast - Higher prices /CNBC

CVers can thank Dave Israel for the new 10 year Comcast Contract, it should keep our costs down compared to what individuals will be paying over the next 10 Years. Good job Dave.

Next Up on Cable Television: Higher Bills for Consumers
Broadcasters want a share of the cable and satellite revenue that roughly 100 million American households pay each month. The battle between broadcast and cable will only get more intense, the New York Times reports...»read more


Hi All,
Fresh from todays Executive Board meeting; in a verbal screed, the President of UCO repudiated any connection between UCO and this BLOG. This unilateral action begs the question as to his authority to do so without advice and consent of the Officers of UCO; and for that matter The Delegate Assembly.

I am advised, not having been personally present, that your BLOGMEISTERS name was mentioned almost as many times as the word "bashing" was invoked.

So all users be advised and all Admins. be on notice as to the implications of this severance by ukase; there is an atmosphere of litigation in the air; and free speech is once again under attack, unless it be sweet and smarmy.

Comments implying that a halcyon patina should be the only offering of your BLOG are very unrealistic in the real world, where people have an absolute right to express their beliefs and opinions; both pleasant or critical as appropriate.

Perhaps it is time for MOJO and Anonymous Posting to return, as clearly the UCO seal must go; unless the other Officers of UCO weigh in and reverse this unilateral act.
Any Admin. wishing to be removed from Admin. status, please advise me by Email:

Your comments greatly appreciated.

AND: Remember this day when you vote in March!

Dave Israel

New Health Care Bill information

Please sign this petition to tell Harry Reid that you won't support $470.7 Billions in Medicare cuts including $120 Billions in cuts to Medicare Advantage.
Thank you,

Mariel, Salisbury E.


It was not the Internet that helped capture the fugitive Paul Michael Merhige, but television: The show America's Most Wanted is credited with inspiring viewers to phone in tips that led to the Thanksgiving turkey that killed the Jupiter family.

So how come you're not watching Channel 63?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The UCO Executive Board meets this Monday at 1:30 pm.


Hi all,
Here is a list of Email addresses of contacts in UCO. There are no "safe list" filters on this system. I set up this system, so if there are any suggestions please direct them to me.
Dave Israel


CARVER, RODGER...................
GERSON, LOUISE.....................
ISRAEL, DAVE.......................... VICEPRESIDENT4@GMAIL.COM
KARPF, JERRY.......................... VICEPRESIDENTONE@GMAIL.
LEVINE, EDIE........................... UCOXPONDER@GMAIL.COM
CHANNEL 63..............................UCOCOMMITTEECHANNEL33@GMAIL.COM

Communication Info for the Village

A few days ago Mag commented on more publicity to help - CV people who do not know what they do not know about what goes on.
Perhaps UCO (Dave) could produce a single sheet of *Communication Info for the Village:
- Website super sidebar info ... includes ... Del Mtg video, etc.
- Channel 63 includes, Del Mtg, Village Report, Odd and Even hours info etc....
- UCO Reporter includes, Del Mtg Minutes .... available around 20th of month
- Brochures at Clubhouse ticket office ...shows, dances, movies
- Courtney's Clubs and Classes notices at Clubhouse ticket office ..
- CV Entertainment website
- Clubhouse and Hastings Notice boards
- Advocate ..
- Condo News ..
- UCO Office phone ..

*Hand out at Del Mtg and please post on your bulletin board.


While pundits argue over whether to refer to the new year as "Two Thousand Ten" or "Twenty Ten" (see here), one has thought outside the box (see here).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Looking for a good plumber

Can anyone recommend a good licensed plumber that does work here in CV. I just bought a new toilet that I need to have installed. Because I have people living below me, I want to make sure to get someone that will do a good job.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone has to offer.


Hi all,
Mike sends this along for your entertainment.
Dave Israel


Dear Lanny,

Your question about the Workman’s Compensation (WC) was referred to me today. I am sorry, but I did not receive an email from you. I get about 150 junk emails a day and if you are not on my safe list, your email ends up in the junk heap.

Q1. All contractors supposed to be insured. The Associations cover themselves under Liability policy.

Q2. To be considered a non-employee for the purposes of the Workman’s Compensation Law, the statue lists several criteria which the independent contractor must meet.

  1. Maintains separate business (own facilities, vehicles, equipment, etc.).
  2. Federal identification number held or applied for (unless not required by federal government, i.e. sole proprietor).
  3. Performs specific work/service for specific amounts of money, controlling the method of performing the work/services.
  4. Incurs the principal expenses of the work/services performed.
  5. Responsible for satisfactory completion of their work/services, or held liable for failure.
  6. Only compensated on commission per job or competitive bid bases.
  7. Realize profit or loss on work/services.
  8. Has recurring liabilities/obligations.
  9. Succeeds or fails based upon business receipts to expenditures.

All of the above must be met. If even one of the above is not met, the person or persons may be considered employees.

One must consider “casual labor” i.e., completed less than 10 days, at a labor cost of less than $500 and is not in the employee’s normal business (easily compare to a resident that doing a job for the Association).

Also, if the contractor uses a sub-contractor, he is liable for the injuries of the subcontractor’s employees if the subcontractor does not carry W.C. Since construction outfits which hire fewer than 4 employees are not statutorily required to secure benefits, their exemption may be waived. By purchasing insurance, the employer & employees become subject to all provisions of the law (for example, limiting the ability to sue & the amounts for compensation). This is a great advantage to the contractor.

Q3. If you have several entities involved in a project, each entity separately can be involved in the liability in various percentages (%).

Q4. Do not mix the requirements of the law about licensing, with injuries of employees. Just because am Association has a WC policy it does not mean that it can hire an unlicensed electrician, etc.

Q5. There are 3 categories of benefits under the Florida Law: a) Medical Expenses (unlimited coverage); b) Disability benefits; and c) Death benefits. We believe that we have sufficient coverage regarding “b” and “c”.

Lanny, as you can see, it is not easy to change the words of the law to layman’s words without jeopardizing the full meaning of the law. All personal or Associations’ questions will be discussed personally and privately.

This is for information only, not to be used in any legal matter


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Friday, January 1, 2010


I am reading the insurance column in the May 2009 UCO Reporter and am befuddled. The article, by Dan Gladstone, speaks of a workman's comp insurance, new in 2009, that all associations have. Our associations are protected from lawsuits by "employees," the article says, and contrasts employees with "contractors"—true contractors, I take it from the article. I have several questions.

1. Are all true contractors insured?
2. What does "employees" mean—people our associations may have employed to do work, such as handymen, or employees of a contractor?
3. If employees of a contractor is meant, wouldn't they (assuming the contractor is insured) be insured also? And if not, what is the point in having a contractor be insured?
4. If employees means anyone an association employs to do work, this is great news. It means we no longer have to be worried that the handyman we hire to make a simple gutter or roof repair will fall off the ladder and sue us for medical costs. If it means this, why then haven't we heard this more clearly, and why have there still been the dire warnings about hiring uninsured workers?
5. How MUCH is the coverage? Is it some token amount or is it a realistic amount that will really protect us?

I'm sorry, but this paragraph in the article is unclear to me as are some other things that come out in the Reporter.

I believe two problems need to be addressed. First, those who put out such information need to themselves be clear about things. Second, assuming they are clear themselves, they need to take pains to make sure what they write is clear to the average resident. One way to accomplish this is to try out the article on one or two "average residents"—but note, people who will SAY if they don't understand something.

The aforementioned article reads: "Workman's Comp: New in 2009. It protects the Association from lawsuits by employees. This is a very important policy because not every "contractor" is a contractor. There are cases that contractors are found, by the courts, to be employees. The nature of such lawsuits by employees are staggeringly high."

I e-mailed Dan Gladstone asking for a clarification of this a few months ago but received no reply. Perhaps I made a mistake in addressing my e-mail. I thought I'd put it on the Blog now, and perhaps Dan or someone else can answer it.


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