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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


For any readers of this blog who may not have read Esther Sutofsky's blog of April 26, she writes: "Go check the Rag and see the 'astute' and 'erudite' article by David (written by his ghostwriter, Lanny) re term limits."

By "the Rag" Esther means the UCO Reporter, of course. (The May issue just came out). For the record, I did NOT ghostwrite Dave Israel's column on Term Limits. Esther flatters me but her assertion is flat-out untrue, and this is exactly why I cannot believe ANYTHING she says.

It so happens I wrote my own article on Term Limits in the same issue, and Dave, for anyone's information, had nothing to do with that! Any careful reader will also see some differences between the two. (By the way, there is a paragraph having to do with "ratification by three quarters of the states" near the end of my article that got worded wrong in the printing process. It's not too important, but if it doesn't make sense to a reader, that's precisely because the paragraph doesn't make sense as printed! Maybe we can publish a correction in the June issue.)

In her diatribe Esther goes on to say "Need that tutoring lesson again, Lanny and David?" This is followed later by "I am one of the best writers in the Village."

Really, Esther? It rather strikes me you are also one of the best boasters in the Village. Would you like to know who I am inclined to give credence to? It's the person who is skilled at something and DOESN'T toot his or her own horn. I know of such a writer in the Village (there may be many more), and WILL listen to her. I would be privileged, in fact, to be tutored by her. I hope you'll pardon me, but I'll take a pass on being tutored by you. Dave can speak for himself on your kind offer, but I have an idea what his answer will be.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fallen tree at Kent pool and bus bench

As a result of that last major storm event, most of the large tree in front of the Kent pool came down. It was removed and the area was sodded in a very expeditious manner. We are fortunate to have very responsive groups in place that administer, maintain and oversee the operations of our community in a timely and professional manner.

In the spirit of sharing, I noticed that perhaps a bus bench was not returned to its original location after the work was completed.

I would move it myself, but I would need someone on the other arm of the bench to move it, also I realize I am not authorized to do the work and lastly I have no idea what pad it should be placed on, or not moved at all.
I share this observation not as a criticism, but as an effort to positively participate in the community and it's effort to continue to move forward in a positive manner.

Thursday, April 21, 2016



           On Monday, May 2, the Act II Community Theater will be presenting a different kind of show in Classroom C of the Clubhouse titled "The Audience." The show costs $1.00 and starts at 7:00 p.m., but I would suggest you get there early, because it's "first come, first served," and in the past some folk have had to be turned away, because these shows have been so popular.
            What is "The Audience" all about? I found out the other night when I watched a full rehearsal of the production. For starters it's about more than audiences. It's about audiences, actors, directors, announcers and just about everybody associated with the production of a multi-act show. You see these folk in their off-guard moments, at their worst, at their wildest and at their funniest. You even hear in one skit what they're THINKING.
            In one skit with two women patrons, one has to use the restroom and ends up in the men's room (I will say no more). In another, audience members get seated, only to find they aren't happy with their seating for one reason or another, and you almost have "musical chairs" going on. In a third, an actor auditions for a part in a play. Good luck to him!
            Near the end there is an "open forum" time. One person loves musicals while another hates them. The incomparable Steve Mussman plays the part of a VERY angry director. Lucy Asuncion, for no reason anyone can fathom, keeps breaking in with a partial rendition of "Knick knack, paddy whack, give the dog a bone."
            The one who cracked me up the most was 93-year-old, amazingly spry Bernie Kaufman as he is dragged out of his seat kicking and screaming for some misdemeanor.
            I know some of the cast members of the Act II group, and I know some of them, like myself, have failing memories. They have a lot to remember in this production, so I'm going to cut them plenty of slack if they sometimes have to read their lines. This "goes with the territory" of being a senior at CV so I will just look past it.
            Accept this then as a "given," and I think you will really enjoy "The Audience." The cast members have worked long and hard to bring us this show on May 2, and how can you beat the $1.00 admission fee? My suggestion—they haven't said a word to me about this—if you can afford it, give this talented group who have given us so much pleasure a healthy gratuity.
                                                                                                 —Lanny Howe

Monday, April 18, 2016


Image result for cpr training
Palm Beach County Emergency Services presents:
Hands on CPR Training
PBC Fireman/ Paramedic
Robert Smallacombe
PBC Fire Department
May 17, 2016 Clubhouse Party Room
Morning class 10:45 AM -- Afternoon class 1:45

Please sign up for classes- Sign-up Sheets
available Club house Ticket Office, UCO Office,
or Hastings fitness center
Dave Israel

Friday, April 15, 2016


As you may be aware, Florida law requiring Condominium Associations to install fire sprinklers has been causing some confusion. UCO, working with our Attorney, has developed some simple Consent forms to simplify the process of opting out of this very expensive retrofitting process.

Below you will note the two forms. One is for unit owners to execute to opt out of the fire sprinkler retrofit. After each Building collects these executed forms from at least 51%, rounded up to the nearest whole number, of its membership. The second form must then be executed by the Building officers; this is the Certificate of Voting to Opt Out of Fire Sprinkler Retrofit.


Then notarize the certificate and record same in the public records with the Clerk of Court and also copy this recorded Certificate to the DIVISION OF FLORIDA CONDOMINIUMS, TIMESHARES, AND MOBILE HOMES.

Finally, when this has been accomplished, the Board must notify all unit owners, in writing, that the Association has indeed opted-out of Fire Sprinkler Retrofit.
UCO will have these forms available, and will provide assistance if needed.
Dave    Israel


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016


The Studio 63 meeting scheduled for April 12, 2016 @ 11am  is cancelled.
Dave Israel

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today's (Saturday, April 9) Palm Beach Post has two articles about tax return ID theft, occurring when someone else files for a return using your social number. I mention this because the lock on the back of the mail box in front of the laundromat has been broken for several months. Often, the back panel is swinging in he breeze. I have told three mailmen; and one today told me he had passed the information to his supervisor. But the mailbox is still not secure. Given that he laundromat bathroom is used by construction workers, delivery people, and other visitors, that mailbox is not the place for your taxa returns - or any other correspondence you wish to be confidential

CV has gone to the dogs!

We are tired of telling the people who have dogs not to walk near our building. WE DON'T ALLOW DOGS!  Last evening we found poop near our bulletin board and now I heard from my neighbor that a dog pooped in front of her dining room window in the back.  Also, there was poop on the Synagogue property.  What kind of people do we have here?  When you have a dog you have a responsibility to pick up after them.  I had a dog up in New York and I always picked it up, even before there was a pooper scooper law.

When you tell them not to walk near our building they become nasty mouthed.  My husband is legally blind and he stepped in it.  Something has to be done before someone gets locked up for clocking these idiots. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016


At Temple Beth El
2815 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach
Tickets: $10 pp includes refreshments

The most revealing war film ever made? The greatest animated feature to come out of Israel? Both of these descriptions could apply to this confessional account of Ari Folman's experience as a young soldier during Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon. One night at a bar, an old friend tells him about a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by 26 vicious dogs. Every night, the same number of beasts. The two men conclude that there's a connection to their Israeli Army mission in the first Lebanon War. Ari is surprised that he can't remember anything about that period of his life. Intrigued, he decides to interview old friends and comrades around the world. As Ari delves deeper and deeper into the mystery, his memory begins to creep up in surreal messages.
                                                    Dave Israel

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016


Delegate Assembly 4-1-2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.


UCO Operations - Meeting - March 29,2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.


The proposed UCO Bylaw amendment to reinstate Term Limits for UCO Officers, was presented by Marilyn Gorodetzer representing the Advisory Committee. She noted that the attempt was defeated by the Advisory Committee, The Officer's Committee, and The Executive Board.
Comments Pro and Con were heard and the vote was taken. The proverb, "what is past is prologue" was played out in the Delegate vote; in favor of reinstatement of Term Limits, 43, as was pointed out by Randall, we could have stopped there, as a two thirds vote of the Delegates present is required to pass an amendment to the Bylaws.
I thought, for the record, to obtain the number opposed, which turned out to be 105.
I sincerely hope, that those who keep bringing this amendment forward, will get the message, and stop wasting the time of the Delegates. Delegates will get to vote in March of 2017, and if there is a message to be sent regarding who should continue to serve, and who not, their votes will send the message.
As for Term Limits. Once again, shown to be superfluous.
Dave Israel

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another voice against term limits

On Friday at Delegate Assembly we will be asked to vote yet again on term limits for UCO officers. We’ve already voted the proposal down several times, but supporters have said they will keep bringing it up again and again until they get term limits reinstated. That doesn’t change the fact that in a community like ours term limits are not necessary. The arguments against term limits have not changed:

Officers who choose to run for election after two consecutive terms are not guaranteed to win. Delegates will decide with their votes whether someone deserves another term. As we’ve said many times, “If you don’t like who’s running, vote the bum out.” We owe it to people who have served us well to give them a chance to continue helping us. People with bad records don’t typically try to run, and we wouldn’t vote for them anyway.

We keep hearing that new people can’t win when incumbents remain in office beyond two terms. Nothing could be further from the truth: People don’t lose elections because an incumbent is running (ask George Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter). They lose because they haven’t won the trust of the voters. They lose because their ideas don’t capture voters’ imaginations. They lose because they haven’t made their case. Don’t let term limits be an excuse for losing elections.

We have great precedent for removing term limits. Individual towns and states in this country have the right to set term limits or not. Many mayors in American towns and cities (roughly comparable to our community) have served well for many years, and the same is true for state governors. And when they don’t, they are voted out. Repeat: voted out.

We need good people to serve. In the past two UCO elections we had only two people running for President. People come to the Village to retire and enjoy their lives as they choose, and that doesn’t often include volunteer service. We have a few good men and women who do choose to serve and we need the institutional knowledge and experience they’ve gained over the years. We need them in roles that can continue making a difference. Someone new will come along one day and make us stand up and take notice. Term limits won’t get in their way.

Delegates, please do not give in to voter fatigue when term limits comes up for vote on Friday. Vote no on reinstating term limits. Remember: Your vote determines who wins elections. You don’t need term limits to tell you how to vote.   

Term Limits are Forced Retirement

Forced retirement loses your experience base and hurts your company.
I have seen the damage to companies who force healthy skilled people out. That is what term limits do. UCO is no longer an easy-peasy smoke and mirrors business. It uses a great deal of technology and new thinking that was not around 10 years ago. The companies that UCO does business with are also new thinkers and operators. The future needs even more experience and skill.
UCO does not have lots of staff and factotums to carry clueless leaders. (An obvious misconception by some people recently). UCO is economical to our benefit and uses volunteers wherever possible.

Vote no on term limits and keep your freedom of choice.  

Monday, March 28, 2016



One again, thanks to those who persist in bringing this issue up, a proposed change to the UCO bylaws will be considered at this Friday's (April 1) Delegate Assembly. If passed the bylaws will be changed to implement term limits. The pertinent bylaw would then read: "…no officer shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms in the same office."

We need all clear-thinking delegates at Friday's Delegate Assembly to vote this measure DOWN.

It has been voted down before, more than once, but the "malcontents" keep bringing it up because our present bylaws permit them to. Even though the measure may be defeated at the Advisory Committee, Officers Committee and Executive Board levels, it still goes before the Delegate Assembly, whose vote counts.

Term limits serves the purposes of the "malcontents," because it gets rid of Dave Israel and much of his administration—the folks you just voted in overwhelmingly— the easy way, by forcing them out when the next elections take place.

Delegates, please attend Friday's meeting and as Barbara Cornish has recommended, VOTE TERM LIMITS DOWN.        


Image result for No Term LimitsFirst, do we really want to limit the choices of the voters? If they want to keep re-electing someone, I believe they should have the right to make that decision. Century Village has been well represented by UCO Officers who served for one or two terms with strong voter support, and who were than pushed out by Term Limits. Of course, there were Officers who were less than optimal, and were not supported at the next election, and were thus removed, with no need for Term Limits.
History, shows that voters are usually happy to return their own representatives. In the 2012 congressional elections, 91 percent of Senate and 90 percent of House incumbents were re-elected.
This concept was reflected in the UCO election of March 4, 2016. It is interesting to note, that those who support Term Limits are predominantly Malcontents, who received a strong message from Century Village Voters on March 4. "thanks, but no thanks" was the message reflected in the final vote tally.
Thus one might conclude, that the only way one of these meeting disrupters or law suit launchers, or those who fill the INTERNET with the most vile postings, could possibly get elected would be if the productive long serving UCO Officers were pushed out by Term Limits.
Another reason I advise against term limits is because governing the United Civic Organization is very complicated. The complex work in UCO is done in committees, and there is a reason why seniority has always been important in them. It takes more than a term or two to fully understand the intricacies of Corporation law, Condo law, the agreements that define the relationship between UCO and WPRF, the regular interaction with the County Commission, the maintenance of Village infrastructure...Etc. The same kind of experience-driven expertise is needed in every major UCO  committee, and among the Officers who make critical decisions.
All Officers of UCO rely on Committee staff to help them cope with the enormous volume of information they must process. I am proud to have served for six years as your UCO President, and the Committee people I worked with are nearly all smart, dedicated and competent. But they are still staff, and I don't believe unelected officials should make final voting decisions. That could happen far too often if Term Limits were instituted, and inexperienced Officers had to rely too heavily on Committees that knew far more than they did about different areas of Village operations.
So, on Friday, the choice will be in the hands of the Delegates, so show up and make your voices heard, as for me, as long as I am capable of moving the Village forward, and the voters are willing to have me; I will continue to serve. The choice should be yours!
Dave Israel


A PLEA to all delegates..VOTE TERM LIMITS DOWN! Remember you have the power to vote for who you want in  or out of office.  Put we should allow all of our residents the right to run for what ever office they want.  Thank You!

Friday, March 25, 2016


All sane and thinking CVers owe Don Foster and UCO a big thanks for the hard work accomplished on our infrastructure over the past number of months.  I have dealt with all UCO maintenance people since the days of Pat B.  In his short time on the job, Don has gotten more done --against many odds and barriers--than our last two CAMs combined.  We all should wish him continued success in the job.


UCO Officers Committee Meeting - March 24, 2016 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016


Dave Israel

The Little Fairies were active on St. Patrick’s Day

I would like to thank the person who was able to connect with those leprechauns that magically removed this injured truck yesterday.

I’m sure many residents observed that the truck above was dead in the water in a Guest parking spot in front of Berkshire I.

Perhaps we can have some more mischievous behavior by the little people that will result in positive outcomes like this one.

Century Village go Bragh !