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Monday, November 30, 2009


I heard you are running for President of UCO....I hope people will support you and tell their delegates to vote for you.....THE VERY BEST OF LUCK...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ATT Digging Holes

Does anyone know what all the holes dug by ATT are for? They seem to be in front of every building in Sheffield. Thanks.

Your BLOGMEISTER replies:

Hi Peter,

AT&T is installing Fiber Optic cable which will support the U-Verse system.
In due course, AT&T will offer CV residents IP (Internet Protocol) Telephone and High Speed Internet. Maximum data rates for U-verse are currently 10Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream.
Comcast is well aware of this development and in about one year intends to offer Internet data rates up to 50 million bits per second. The competition will be welcome and interesting.
Dave Israel

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Breakaway Signs

Question for VP Marshall/UCO: How are our new street signs anchored to the ground. I would have thought hunk of concrete but this sign shows just metal pole, easily displaced.
At least someone did not crash the gate, however, the grass skid and sign show someone manage to drive at right angles to the flow of traffic. Maybe they came directly out of Windsor and across all lanes veering right! this is Okee 4-way, South & West Drives.
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Hi all,

Don't miss the December information, Links in the Sidebar.

Dave Israel

Friday, November 27, 2009

What Fish, What Raft?

The main concentrations of birds and dead fish have been around the raft that was operating the dredge for geotube filling. Click to enlarge. Early morning photo makes it hard to see turkey vultures but they are there. The dead fish are also scattered widely around our waterways - my opinion, they were trying to swim away from something. First photo was Wednesday, the others are today.

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Hi all,
Lindy Markham placed the following Comment in the old BLOG today.
It is very relevant to the current debate on the property.
Dave Israel

The free-market fact remains that Mr. Waldman bought the property and he owns it. He therefore has the right to do with it what he wants, irrespective of what the CV residents want.
I have been appalled at the lack of understanding of this basic principle of our republic, the right to property. It's my understanding that CV had the opportunity to buy the property and declined to do so.
So why are those non-owners now demanding that they have the right to determine what Mr. Waldman can do with his own property that he purchased with his own money??
If we want him to show respect for our property, are we then not obligated to show respect for his?
If you want to control the property, then pony up for the purchase price. This is the way we do it in America, we are not the United Socialist States of America with communal ownership of property... At least not yet.
Nov 27, 2009 3:12:00 PM

PS.... Yes, Waldman is in it "for profit", as is every other business entity in this country. Without profit, businesses don't employ people, can't give them health and retirement benefits, can't expand, can't do ANYTHING that keeps our economy strong.
The profit motive doesn't necessarily presuppose lying, although they aren't mutually exclusive in all cases.
BUT... If "profit" is such a reprehensible motive, there are a number of non-profit-oriented economies which may welcome those who despise "profit". Cuba, Russia, Angola, and other countries come to mind. And they have such a high standard of living and so much personal freedom, too.


My family and I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving day.
We are going along with the adage of being "better late than never."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CV Birding Trail

OK fuzzy pics but we have flocks of birds, especially on the Center Lagoon today, due west from Clubhouse. The birds and racoons are not eating the dead fish, but they like the 'drunken' fish that swim near the surface! Anhingas, wood storks, egrets, green herons, tricolors, great blues .. fish are shad.

I have filed an alert with SFWMD (South Florida Water Management District).
If you share my concerns and those of other residents, please file your own alert.

SFWMD "Contact Us" form is to be found as follows:

Dave Israel

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Palm Beach Steeplechase

Nov 28th - I have the hat but not the $75, how muddy will it be this year?


We have been receiving calls about many dead fish in our lakes. Our CAM Rodger Carver has researched this matter and has been in communication with Lake and Wetland Management, and they have been studying our big lake . The fish have been identified as Shad and the most likely cause is related to spawning and a resulting increased need for oxygen. It should be pointed out specifically, that there is no indication of any sort of toxicity being involved.

A very informative publication of the University of Florida Extension Service may prove instructive:

We continue to monitor the condition of the lakes.
Dave Israel
PS: In response to the concerns of our residents, I have sent an alert to the SFWMD (South Florida Water Management District). if you share the concern, please add your voice to mine and file your own alert. The "Contact Us" form is to be found as follows:
Dave Israel

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Best Paint Scheme in CV '09

(Admin Note)Additional research indicates that the correct designator for the color is "Chemo Puke Green".
This is my annual choice for best paint scheme in CV. Southampton B is a nicely balanced selection of subdued celadon, celery, and avocado. I apologize that my camera refused to show the tile panel as green, it is, but also reflective. Using the tile panels to key the colors works very well.
For the record the trend for bright colors has reversed. The pea-green-boat bldg is now vanilla, the bold-blue bldg now has only blue trim, the after-dinner-mint bldg is cream. Special mention to Dover gold trim, no more pepto bismol pink - whew.

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Dot and Dan

Did UCO Reporter Editor, Dot Lowenstein, make a Freudian slip in Dan Gladstone’s latest column with the picture caption of: "Evidence of water damage by Mr. Gladstone"?

After all, you don’t need to be a member of Mensa to realize that when you have water cascading from a toilet tank the first priority is to reach for the shut off valve and not the camera!!!

WHERE ARE YOU??????????

WHERE ARE YOU??????????

At times all of us criticize and have complaints about what goes on in the Village as a result of the Officers and Executive Board motions and activities. Here is your opportunity to help change and be a part of what occurs:

But you have to RUN FOR OFFICE.

Its time you ACT...... Write a bio giving a short history of what you've done before coming to CV and what you have done since living here in Paradise:

1) You must live here a minimum of nine months out of the year,
2) You must be a member of UCO,.
3) And if running for the Executive Board volunteer to serve on two committees.

Bring the bio stating what you are running for, along with a picture, into the UCO office. A form affirming the requirements is at the office for you to sign.

All positions except two vice presidents are open for a new candidate. Those are the president, two vice presidents, two secretaries, the treasurer and the entire executive board.

Do not wait to the last minute to get your bio into the office.


Friday, November 20, 2009


Unidentified Green Reptile seen in Greenbrier Circle
Left click to supersize
Can anyone identify this little creature?
Dave Israel


Too whatever to go to Publix? There's a site for that: Click the title and go to, the online supermarket! (Also click here for a list of other shopping sites.)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Banks & Mortgage Co's will be liable for Assoc. Fees

URGENT from CCFJ: Folks, no matter where you stand on association reform -- no matter if you want the boards to have more power or less; no matter if you are a board member or an owner; no matter if you want fair elections or not, you need to make sure that Senate Bill S 780, yesterday filed by Senator Evelyn Lynn, will pass through the legislature and will be signed into law by the Governor!
This bill, in short, demands that banks and mortgage companies are liable for association fees owed by units/homes from the day of the filing for foreclosure. The bill provides for retroactive application.
For full letter click title or -


Did you know that UCO has its own building? The United Civic Organization meets just outside the Village at 2102 West Drive, Mon-Thu from 9-1, Fri from 12-4. For the benefit of those of you reading this, the building at Camden A is exclusively the domain of the Reporter. If you're not reading this now, ask someone the web address so you can get on when you get a chance.

Have a seat, no thanks!

Have you seen the 2 benches at the bus stops just inside our Haverhill entrance. Did the Transportation Cmte design those? Did anyone follow District 4 Transit Facilities Guidelines, or any of the plentiful Florida and DOT design plans? We are, after all, a small city.
A guard thought they were basically rest areas for walkers. I would not sit on the incoming bench. Sitting there my toes would be 2 feet from the traveled portion of the road and there is not even a curb. Guidelines for benches are: that they should be more than 10 feet back from the road and should have a 6" curb as well. Of course our car drivers would never wander 2 feet over!!
Generally accident data show that bus stops are not a good idea on the near side of an intersection and traffic light - on the plus side our drivers say there is no one at those stops, out of 5 drivers they have seen a total of 3 riders there in the past month.
There is already a rest bench close to the guard house, and bus stops at the 4-way. Did we really need more? Safety Cmte!
PS Did you know there are anti-vagrant benches, they have bars to prevent laying on them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


You heard me right (and if you don't believe me right, click on the link): Orange juice is a sleeper agent that pretends to nutritiously wake you up, but it's an insidious source of sugar, just like soda. (The same is true with all juices.)


Hi all,

Have you noticed the new, big red stop sign at the gates?

It did not help in the case of the tailgating, shown in the video above; please wait for the gate arm to come back down

after the vehicle in front goes through. Then proceed slowly to allow the system to recognize your transponder and raise the gate.

Thanks to Major Jeff for the Video.

Dave Israel

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner at clubhouse?

a neighbor just told me thanksgiving dinner will be served at the Clubhouse--I think she said ticket $8? does anyone know the details?

redcross holiday cards for heroes

If anyone is - asking for holiday cards for servicemen and women/ families and vets -

Porte Cochere Landscaping

Whatever is happening to the plants along the front of the porte cochere at the clubhouse! They are hacked and dying or dead. Water shortage? These plants were beautifully chosen so they would need NO TRIMMING for height!! Ferns, Ti, iris, and small palms all have graceful fronds that need very little attention. They are not intended to be butchered into short mounds or a square hedge, that ruins their look!!! Beautification and Operations should go see. Even a tall palm is damaged probably by someone on a ladder.
It looks awful and has probably cost us a bundle.


Comcast, our cable provider, will purchase the NBC broadcast network and its cable holdings (click title). They include USA (home of Monk), Sci-Fi (now known as "SyFy"), The Weather Channel (complete with a morning show starring Al Roker), Oxygen (nicer chick flicks than Lifetime if you can find it), Bravo (they had some unreal reality shows), and their news channels. Wonder if those free movies on Channel 1 are still going to be that way next year.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Do not listen to email warnings telling you that you have to renew your Do Not Call List registration! According to this article (click title), once you roll up, it's forever.

Birds Flying

Birds Flying, something you don't see every day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is Zumba

According to channel 63 tomorrow, Monday at 5pm Hastings, first Zumba class is free trial. Aerobic, low impact, latin rhythms. Also online
Merengue, Conga, Flamenco, Reggae - I assume we would tone it down a little from online version. Aerbsdf


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spam, elegrocery, spam

Hotmail is seeing accounts being "hijacked" by spammers who send emails out advertising various, to your whole contact list. I got some. is SCAM SPAM PHISH.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans Freebies

Applebees offers free entree on Wed Nov 11 to all veterans and active duty Military. 11am - midnight
Golden Corral free buffet+ Nov 16, from 5-9pm to all veterans and active duty Military. The event is not on Veterans Day so it does not interfere with those activities.
Outback Steakhouse, free bloomin' onion and beverage, Vet day, all veterans and active duty Military.
Krispy kreme free donuts, Vet Day, all veterans and active duty Military.
True from

Delegate Assembly Posted

Hi all,

Please note that we have posted the November 6th., 2009 Delegate Assembly Video in the Sidebar under UCO services.

Please click on the link to view the tape.

Dave Israel

Monday, November 9, 2009

Neither wind nor rain... nor more wind ...

Note the billowing on the Clubhouse cover today, they are determined to complete the fumigation job this week. We wish them well.
Barbara, Maurice, and the resident anhingas.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Search/Nominations Committee

The Search/Nominations Committee, formerly known as the Nominating Committee, is actively seeking candidates to run in the 2010 UCO election of Officers and Executive Board.
All positions are available, except for two Vice Presidents. Anyone meeting the requirements is eligible.
To run for an office, you must be a Century Village resident for at least nine months in each year, be a UCO member, and your maintenance payments to your Association must be up-to-date.
To run for the Executive Board, you must attest to the same terms as those running for an office, and declare your readiness to serve on at least two committees.
A form is in the UCO office for the candidate to sign affirming these conditions. Please write a short bio; include education, work, UCO, and Century Village experience, your name, address and phone number, typed on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, attach a picture and the signed Agreement Form, and bring them into the UCO office.
The deadline for this is January 4th, but we'd appreciate it if you would bring them to UCO as soon as possible.

The method by which a nomination may be made from the floor at the Delegate's Meeting has also been changed. Providing that the requirements are met, anyone may be nominated, but it must be by a delegate and seconded by another delegate.

Elections will occur in March and the slate will be read in February, at which time nominations from the floor may be made. Within a very few days after the February Delegate's Meeting, all bios will be published in the REPORTER.


Roberta Boehm-Fromkin

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Clicking on the title of this post will take you to a Facebook page founded by the mother of a soldier who survived Iraq, but was murdered at home. I imagine there was lots of stress from the Vietnam vets (overplayed on bad movies). What happened at Fort Hood is perhaps the most dramatic case of Iraq-based PTSD, if the perps are captured and a motive is proven.


Do you have your HOMESTEAD exemption? If not, please see the flyer below and mark your calendar. There are also Senior Citizen Exemptions, and Disabled Veterans Exemptions; not to mention Widow/Widower Exemptions available. Don't miss these meetings in the Clubhouse with the representatives from the Property Appraisers Office.

Dave Israel

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hi All,

Chapter 162, F. S., Ordinance No. 87-15 adopted on August 25, 1987, effective October 1, 1987; as amended. Unified Land Development Code, Section 4.14.

APPOINTING AUTHORITY: Board of County Commissioners (BCC)

In October, 1997, Palm Beach County changed from a multi-member Code Enforcement Board to a Special Magistrate process. Eight attorneys were appointed by the County Administrator to sit as Code Enforcement Special Magistrate.

The Special Magistrates hold hearings on matters of relevance on the first Wednesday of the month at 2300 Jog Road, in the Vista Center at 9:00am.

Today your BLOGMEISTER along with the President of UCO attended a hearing chaired by a Special Magistrate. Key members of the Pro-Active Committee were also present to include:
Phil Shapkin, Barbara Shapkin, Jackie Karlan, Sandy Cohen, Honey Sager and Jeanette Veglia. Sworn testimony was heard from Honey Sager, Jeanette Veglia, and Dave Israel. Sworn testimony was also heard from Andrew Waldman a co-owner of the Turtle Bay Golf Course.

The subject of the hearing was the Turtle Bay Golf Course, specifically, the removal of the fence that once divided the Residents parking lot, accessed via Golfs Edge; from the Public parking lot accessed via Haverhill Road, thus allowing vehicular traffic to mutually access these lots from either access road; and further permitting vehicles to enter via Haverhill Road and drive directly into Century Village by various access points overland.

Such access was specifically prohibited by a Variance granted by the BCC in 1993, as a condition for allowing the Then, Course owner, Brad Dressler to construct the Haverhill Road Public entrance.


After due consideration, the special Magistrate ordered Mr. Waldman to re-install the fence within 30 days, and also; "to cut the grass". Failure to re-install the fence within 30 days will bring a fine of $150.00 per day until the property is brought into compliance with the order.

Dave Israel

Kissing Prank

To Pet or Not to Pet

Info from Lesley at Masters Real Estate:
CV Associations allowing small pet:

Bedford B
Coventry E, F, K
Norwich N
Oxford 200, 300
Sheffield P

Allowing one cat:
Andover E
Golfs Edge (all)
Kent F
Norwich I
Salisbury F
Stratford L
Sussex E

If any of this is incorrect please comment TIA.

Do You Know Leon?

Leon Kreitman wants to start groups in the Clubhouse for Chess and History, but he left no contact info.
ID and other searches did not find him. Maybe spelling error?
If you know him, tell him to call Courtney at Clubhouse 640-3120.


The video above is a classical case of Tailgating.

Please STOP and wait for the gate arm to fully descend behind the car in front of you; and then proceed SLOWLY allowing the gate arm system to recognize your transponder and raise the gate arm fully.

Thanks to Major Jeff for the video clip.

Dave Israel


The Cable Box registration planned for November 12th. in the Clubhouse has been changed, due to Termite extermination activities.

The event has been moved to the UCO Office from 12:00 - 4:00 PM. The date is the same: November 12th.

The Bus schedule will be modified to extend the time for stops at UCO.

Dave Israel
Cable Chair

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


NOV. 2, FRI..........EXECUTIVE BOARD...............CH. ROOM B.....1:00 PM
NOV 6, FRI...........DELEGATE ASSEMBLY..........CH.THEATER....9:30 AM
NOV 6 FRI............SECURITY COMMITTEE....... UCO OFFICE.....2:00 PM
NOV 10 TUE.........Irrigation/Infrastructure.........UCO OFFICE.....9:30 AM
NOV 16 MON.......TRANSPORTATION................CH. ROOM B.....1:30 PM
NOV 16 MON.......CERT.......................................CH. ART ROOM..3:00 PM
NOV 18 WED.......MAINT. COMMITTEE.............CH.......................10:00 AM
NOV 20 FRI........OFFICERS COMMITTEE.........UCO OFFICE.......10:00 AM
NOV 30 MON..... EXECUTIVE BOARD................CH ROOM B.......1:00 PM
Dave Israel

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi all,

The Cable Box registration schedule for Seasonal Residents is now available. Please click on the link in the Sidebar. The Registrations will occur in January 2010. At the registration, which is scheduled according to your Association; you will make an appointment for a Comcast technician to come to your unit and install your box.
While this registration is specifically designed for Seasonal Residents, any unit owner who has not yet obtained their Cable Box, may register on the appointed day for their Association.
All registrations in January 2010 will be in the main Clubhouse. Please mark your calendar.

Dave Israel
Cable Chair


Who wants to run CV? Come to the UCO office on West Drive to pick up a form and stake your claim. Deadline is January 4. Act fast!


Pres. Loewenstein announced that the graffiti guy making wild accusations re the tennis instructors has been arrested. More Friday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'd like to recommend some restaurants:
  • City Pizza in CityPlace: It's a true New York style pizzeria. It delivers, but I'm not sure if it goes to us; you have to be there. (Pizza Girls, also in CityPlace, has a variety of pizza, but you have to go on the weekdays.)
  • Cheeburger Cheeburger in CityPlace: Since Limburgers is out of business, this is the place to go for hamburgers. You can select a variety of toppings.
  • The Singing Bamboo in West Palm Beach: The best of the local Chinese places. It's expensive, but it uses real Chinese food, from China.
  • R-Kitchen in Lake Worth: A new breakfast place to try out for Sunday brunch.
  • The Yard House in Palm Beach Gardens: A burger-n-beer joint with dozens of beer brands as well as steak, chicken and veggie dishes.
Okay, you have any other suggestions? Click on the little comment thingy and type!