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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pro-Active Blog

This new blog is comments. Guess the committee doesn't want to hear from the residents that are oppossed to their ideas. As usual, when it comes to this committee they think only their ideas are the ones that count.


Thanks to explanations by Dave Israel and Dom Guarnagia, I’ve become a lot clearer about how our lakes and canals and irrigation systems work. We get RECLAIMED (partially purified, not potable) water from that water tower at a bargain rate to augment what is in our lakes. We get it at a bargain rate for us because it costs the Palm Beach Water Utilities Department (PBCWUD) more to produce the water than what they sell it to us for. Our contract with them allows them to sell it to us up to a certain amount, but they don’t have to sell us any. And yet I read recently that they have been selling us BEYOND what the contract calls for. This is very nice, but why are they so generous, I wondered.
I may have gotten my answer this morning in talking with a man who works for the PBCWU at breakfast. He said, first of all, that the law requires them to fill the water tank. It is a part of the reserves of water the PBCWUD has. IT CANNOT JUST SIT THERE, HOWEVER. It must be discharged either to a facility that can use it (such as Century Village) or discharged back into the aquifer underground. It costs the PBCWUD more to discharge it back into the aquifer than it does to sell it to us.
The man told me more than this, and it was fascinating. Some it I remember and some of it I don’t. I think I’ve got the above right, but Dave or Dom (or anyone else knowledgeable about this) can correct me if I’m wrong. The man made the same point that Dave and Dom have made repeatedly and which doesn’t seem to be understood in the Village by some: WATER DISCHARGED INTO OUR LAKES WILL ONLY AFFECT THE WATER LEVEL SLIGHTLY, AND A GOOD DEAL OF IT WILL BE LOST TO US BECAUSE WATER IN THE LAKES PERCOLATES DOWNWARD INTO THE AQUIFER, WHERE IT GETS SHARED WITH NEARBY DEVELOPMENTS THAT MAY NOT BE PAYING ANYTHING FOR SUCH EXTRA WATER.
The PBCWUD (and other water companies) are required by law to save reclaimed water, my friend said. They save it in tanks, but sometimes also save it by “injecting” it into the SALT WATER AQUIFER, which is located much nearer the land surface than is the pure water aquifer. Somehow this reclaimed water, when injected into the salt water aquifer, stays pretty much (though not 100%) intact, so it can be pumped back out when needed and be in pretty good shape.

It’s pretty amazing what’s going all around and under us, isn’t it?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Legal Fees for the Golf Course

I agree with the article in the May Reporter - if you wish to spend "Your" money then dig into your own personal bank account and spend away for legal fees to fight the development of the golf course this way the entire village and those of us who don't support the effort of the Pro-Active Committee have to foot the bill. All I can say is -Good Luck" you don't get my support and what is wrong with growth and change. Maybe when South Hampton was developed they should of built all the units that were approved - Recreation and green space can mean many things- a Putt-Putt Golf Course and driving range or a community park. Like Mike said - going back to nature not a bad thing - except remember when it was back to nature where UCO now stands - there were homeless and wild cat colonys living there - Yes, Nature is a beautiful thing!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi all,
With the permission of the UCO Attorney, we have placed the 1999 UCO Model Documents on the BLOG.
These Model Documents are adaptable to any Condominium Association, and many of our Associations have adopted them. However we strongly caution that you not do so without the assistance of an Attorney; these matters can be tricky, and these documents are presented here, with the permission of the UCO Attorney, for reference only.

Randall Borchardt, Chair of our Advisory Committee, may be available to assist your Association; as time and priorities allow.


Or in the sidebar under the heading Core Documents.

Dave Israel

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sidewalks are for Sissies

But they will keep you alive! Do these people know how many trees, lights and gate arms are hit by CV drivers. Then there are twilight road walkers too.
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WHAT HAPPENED?????????????


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cooter Gang

Who loves the heat and our beach! It will soon be gone in wet season.
Daisies by Picnik.
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Golf Course - What If.......

the commissioners do not approve the re-zoning? What is the next step? Will the committee continue to solicit for money? Will we have to look at this eyesore forever?

Friday, April 22, 2011

UCO Reporter May Edition

Our sincere apologies to our advertisers and Internet readers who attempted to download the latest issue of the UCO Reporter yesterday. 
A severely corrupted file was uploaded to the Internet by a former staff member of the newspaper. We also have confirmation that other issues were rendered equally unreadable before being deleted.

David Israel worked until the early hours of this morning  in an attempt to recover three years of back issues and without his intervention the data would have been lost. Our humble thanks to him and the rest of the Reporter Staff who have ensured ‘your newspaper’ is available to you online and on paper.

We hope you enjoy our latest edition, which, for Internet readers, is available on the side bar.

Good Friday

I am not Jewish but I have respect and admiration for all my Jewish friends. I have fasted on the Jewish fast day many years just to align myself with my friends. I certainly understand the UCO office being closed during the holy days in September.

I do not want to be critical because I know how hard the people in the UCO office work to make life easier for the rest of us in the village.

I am somewhat surprised that today on Good Friday, the holiest day of the year in the Christian calendar, the UCO office is open. I would like to ask that UCO reconsider their policy for future years because not only is the office open, it is open during the most holy hours of the day. Noon to 3 is the time that many Christians go to their churches and remember the reason that they believe.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Question About W.P.R.F. Insurance

I have a question about our W.P.R.F. I know our insurance for our buildings that is our associations had a big drop in rates for this year. Is there going to be a drop in the rates for the W.P.R.F. property insurance also ? and if there is are we going to get some kind of rebate or something? I hope someone can have an answer for this question.
The following was provided by the Chair of our Insurance Committee Toni Salometo:
In the course of my job as UCO Insurance Chair, I had to review W.P.R.F. insurance program. I did this before their August, 2010 renewal. Monica Wells, VP of Cenvill was kind enough to furnish me with their policies and loss information. I was very impressed by what I saw, all applicable loss exposures were adequately covered and the pricing was fair.

I asked who her agent was and what she thought of him. She said that she had been dealing with Ty Beba of Brown & Brown and was very pleased with the service and price. As Ty was most competitive with our renewal this year, I have no doubt that he has been as competitive with W.P.R.F.’s for the period they have written the coverage and will continue to be as competitive as the market will allow.
In answer to your question, I do not see a large reduction on W.P.R.F.’s insurance premium as ours, as their pricing was more in line than what ours has been in the last few years.


Earth Day

Earth Day wouldn't be complete if you couldn't enjoy some free stuff that's good for the environment! Here are some of the freebies you can enjoy on April 22nd:
and extra to Jess Santamaria who was Sierra Club pick for Commissioner,


Hi all,
A developer is trying to develop the Mizner Trail golf course, under similar circumstances as the developer who wishes to develop our erstwhile golf course.

The following snippets are extracted from Board of County Commissioner meetings minutes back to January 2010. The next meeting on Mizner Trail is scheduled for April 28, 2011.

All results thus far bode well for the maintenance of our Green Space, in perpetuity as originally intended.

Dave Israel
A recap of Mizner Trail Development as of April 21, 2011:

This data covers all Board of County Commission meetings back to Jan 06, 2010. It would appear that the current board of Commissioners favor maintenance of Green space, which bodes well for our Green Space.


POSTPONED UNTIL APRIL 28, 2011: ZV/DOA-2010-01728 Title: a Development Order Amendment application of Mizner Trail Golf Club Ltd, Siemens Group Inc. by Urban Design Kilday Studios, Agent. Request: to modify and redesignate uses, and add POD's, units, and access points on the Master Plan. General Location: Generally located south of Camino Real; east of Powerline Road; west of Military Trail; and, north of SW 18th Street. More specifically, north and east sides of Canary Palm Drive; the east and west side of Camino Del Mar; and northwest and southwest of Palm D'Oro Drive (Boca Del Mar PUD) (Control 1984-00152)

Pages: 191 - 325

Conditions of Approval (246 - 252)

Project Manager: Wendy Hernandez

Size: 1,945.96 acres + BCC District: 4

(affected area 129.88 acres +)


Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends denial of the request to modify and redesignate uses, and add PODs, units, and access points on the Master Plan.

Zoning Commission Recommendation: Denied 5-3

ADOPTED: a resolution denying the Development Order Amendment to modify and redesignate uses, and add POD's, units, and access points on the Master Plan.




DISCUSSED: Mizner Trail Golf Course.

Rosemary Nixon encouraged the board to deny the rezoning of the Mizner Trail Golf Course (Mizner Trail) in Boca del Mar. She said that the Boca del Mar Improvement District, which represented more than 70 communities, voted not to support the development proposal.

Commissioner Marcus stated that the issue could be discussed and debated at the March 31, 2011, zoning meeting.

Felipe Martinez stated that a letter was included in the original development of the Mizner Trail in 1969 when the Boca Del Mar Planned Unit Development (PUD) was conceived. He said that the letter stated that the intention of the development was to keep the golf course open in perpetuity for the community. He said that the letter was crucial in determining approval of the PUD in Boca del Mar.




POSTPONED TO MARCH 31, 2011 ZV/DOA-2010-01728 Title: a Development Order Amendment application of Mizner Trail Golf Club Ltd, Siemens Group Inc. by Urban Design Kilday Studios, Agent. Request: to modify and redesignate uses, and add PODs, units, and access points on the Master Plan. General Location: Generally located south of Camino Real; east of Powerline Road; west of Military Trail; and, north of SW 18th Street. More specifically, north and east sides of Canary Palm Drive; the east and west side of Camino Del Mar; and northwest and southwest of Palm D'Oro Drive. Size: 1,945.96 acres (affected area 129.88 acres ). BCC District: 4. Project Manager: Wendy Hernandez. (Boca Del Mar PUD) (Control 1984-00152)

MOTION to approve the postponement, carried 7-0.

Aaronson Yes Maker

Abrams Yes

Burdick Yes

Marcus Yes

Santamaria Yes

Taylor Yes

Vana Yes Seconder



DISCUSSED: Rezoning of Mizner Trail Golf Course.

Felipe Martinez said that he was opposed to the rezoning of the Mizner Trail golf course property from the golf course to residential property status. He said that he would like the board to deny the rezoning request .

Rosemary Nixon said that she wanted the board to deny the rezoning application for the Mizner Trail Golf Course and asked that Commissioner Abrams work with the community to help create a long-term solution.

Michael Kaplan asked the board to deny the rezoning application.




DISCUSSED: Boca Del Mar-Mizner Zoning Application 2010-1728

Gail Hewitt said that the rezoning impact and the golf course development impact were not consistent with the original intent of the master plan to allow for open space to the community. She said that the golf course was the open space and that she felt the owner made a bad business decision and was now looking for the County to bail him out by rezoning the property to the residential designation.

Felipe Martinez asked the board to vote against the rezoning, and to respect the sentiment of the community.

Monday, April 18, 2011


It has been a long standing policy in the village - NO SOLICITING - so according to the Golf Course Information Blog this committee will be going door to door asking residents to sign post cards to send to the commissioners.
Is this not SOLICITING? There are signs posted outside Century Village that say-NO SOLICITING before entering.
I think it should be the same for the residents inside the Village.
Making a plea for donations - SOLICITING!
Going door to door - SOLICITING!
Posting meeting notices w/o approval - SOLICITING!
Having the committee NOT come to my door - PRICELESS!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi all,

The Proactive Committee of Century Village has established  a new Web Site dedicated exclusively to keep all of our residents informed of the latest information about our Golf Course property. The Committee, in conjuction with the United Civic Organization is exploring every option available to prevent the development of the property. Keep up with the news at the following URL:

The new Web Site is for informational purposes only, and no Comments will be entertained.

Dave Israel

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Has the Proactive Cmte considered getting publicity to stay green, for instance there should be politicians at the e4 Sustainability Summit look at the huge list of green-dedicated participants.

Also at are more events to come. Could we get a booth!

Next weekend:
Join us April 16, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
at the Waterfront Commons and Lake Pavilion in West Palm Beach
at Flagler Drive and Clematis Street

Friday, April 8, 2011


Dave Israel


I agree with the post about giving a key to your condo unit to your Association but I feel that every unit owner should give a name and telephone number in case of an emergency. This is very important information for one never knows when things will go wrong.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


H all,
As you are all aware, there are some preliminary documents elswhere in this Blog describing the Reflection Bay project planned for the erstwhile Golf Course.

There are two drawings of the site which are difficult to read. UCO has enlarged these drawings to 11 x 17 inches rendering them very readable.

If you desire a copy, please come to UCO and pick one up, free!

Dave Israel

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi all,
We are going to start showing the March 23, 2011 Code Enforcement Hearing.
This Hearing took place at the Vista Center, at 2300 Jog Road; some 400 Century Village residents attended, and many more viewed the event on the Internet. We have uploaded the first two parts of a four part saga, over 4 hours in length.
Code enforcement cited one Issac Feder, a unit owner in Golf's Edge with changing usage of a residential unit without a certificate of occupancy. In short, the unit was being used as a house of worship.


Part 2......

Part 3.......

Part  4......

Last but not least, Special Magistrate Carolyn Ansay, written order may be seen at the following URL:

See also in Sidebar under Public Service Announcement - Code Enforcement hearing.

Dave Israel

Sidebar Shuffle

If you cannot find previous sidebar info, just ask, it is all there, just regrouped, news is higher up, then regulation references, and more :-).

Canterbury Folks

Saving nickels, saving dimes, having fun at home in CV, using less gas. Canterbury folks planting and hosting potluck.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi all,
We are advised by W.P.R.F., Inc. that the Clubhouse is closed pending restoration of power and a building check.

Dave Israel


Hi all,
Thanks again to the Channel 63 Team, the Delegate Assembly video is available on the Web.

See the following URL, or click in the Sidebar:


Dave Israel

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A milestone was passed in the UCO office on Thursday March 30th but you had to be a participant or you would not have noticed.
It was a “transponder day” and many folks were scheduled to have their transponder installed after waiting perhaps more than a week or two. In addition to those scheduled for installation an additional 5 folks showed up at the office to make appointments.
Imagine their surprise when all left after a relatively short wait with transponders installed---on demand!
Hopefully this practice will continue at least for the non season time and if the bugs can be worked out of the process it will be continued as a twelve month process.
Yes. This office can be responsive and the “yes” word is hopefully more common than ‘no”. If you are told no come talk with us, perhaps you can change our minds.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hi all,

At todays Delegate Assembly, there was heavy attendance, the Delegate count was 206. There was at least that number of non-delegates. There was a motion passed by a near 75% majority to engage legal advice to preclude the development of the property with 680 Condominium units of various stripe, up to 5 stories tall, additionally, there is some sort of "100 bed congregate living facility" (CLF); not to mention a baseball field.

This CLF refers to some sort of Assisted Living Facility

Following are five URL's which lead to documents relating to the planned housing development on the erstwhile Turtle Bay Golf Course. The Developer has filed  a name for his development of Condominium housing, it is to be called; "Reflection Bay". This filing may be found in the fictious name section of the Florida Sunbiz Corporations Site ( REF: ). As we get a better understanding of this development, we will make entries fleshing out this posting to explain the key components of the planned development. Questions may be entered in the Comment stream.

Letter from County Attorney to developer.

Letter from County Attorney to Commissioner Burdick’s staff.

Reflection Bay developer justification statement; read very carefully.

Reflection Bay preliminary master plan.

Reflection Bay preliminary site plan.
Updates since original Posting:

Reflection Bay Data of various types, Lots of information.

Dave Israel

Giving your key to association

Hello to all,
I have a question concerning giving out a copy of your key to the association. One condo owner in our association refuses to hand out her key because they does not want anybody entering while they are not there. We ask each condo owner to give us a key so that we can enter for fire or water or pest control. What are the rules in this case. The condo owner who lives beneath these condo owners are worried they will suffer the consequences of these owners refusal. I would appreciate advice on this matter and what the regulations state. Thank you....Helene

Witty and Newsy

Congratulations to the the UCO Reporter team, a fine April issue, please continue to shake it up. The headers pull us along and photos cover many events. Even the ads look bigger and clearer.
Since there is so much interest in dogs and a dog committee you may have to have a Doo Corner. (sorry Jean)