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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hi all,

The Proactive Committee of Century Village has established  a new Web Site dedicated exclusively to keep all of our residents informed of the latest information about our Golf Course property. The Committee, in conjuction with the United Civic Organization is exploring every option available to prevent the development of the property. Keep up with the news at the following URL:

The new Web Site is for informational purposes only, and no Comments will be entertained.

Dave Israel


  1. Hi, We plan on going to the meeting, and we do support the pro active coommittee, but I do have a few questions. one is your comment "Save our golf course". It isn't ours any longer to save, someone else bought the property. Who allowed this property to be sold, and WHY didn"t Century Villge buy it when they had the chance? If the man does not want a golf course, isn't he allowed to develope it? Other than a Golf course what else do you suggest he put there? We wonder if all this talk is too late, we had our chance and didn't take it.

  2. I certainly don't want to see 680 homes built on the weeded area that was a golf course. It was a second rate course from the beginning. I heard enough talk about it form my mother and her friends who used that course when it was first built. Some of her good friends sold their condo to move to where there was a better course. The Pro Active Committee was trying to find people to invest in the golf course at the last meeting I attended. I have to think they couldn't find anyone who was willing to invest. We are now spending up to $25,000 for a lawyer's opinion on do we have a hope to fight this.
    Everyone thinks that UCO has piles of money lying around and we should spend it to fight. Well folks, that is our money and I for one don't want to spend money on a maybe lost cause. The county is broke and needs money. Will they get more taxes out of a pile of weeds or a housing development? We all know zoning gets changed all the time in Florida.
    I really want to make sure before we spend another dime of OUR money that we have a hope in h___ of winning.
    You all have to be dreaming in technicolor to believe that there will be a golf course there again. People just don't have the money here to support a golf course. Courses are struggling all over Florida.
    I don't have the answer but we need our UCO surplus to support our village and repairs to our structures and roads that are in need of repairs as well.

  3. You both make interesting points. I too believe it’s probably a lost cause to reestablish a golf course. CV itself owns none of our amenities. We lease them all from WPRF. If WPRF had owned the golf course, that could have been part of our amenities. I am hopeful the pro active committee can limit the size and scope of the development, but I think it’s probably going to be developed.

  4. The Proactive Cmte says “We urge all residents to attend and hear the latest information (15th).” However, presumably they are holding other meetings, where are they and when? Since the Cmte has our money shouldn't all mtgs be announced and open. Previously this group may have worked hard but also has been closed and self-appointed.

  5. Being at the Clubhouse almost
    daily when the subject of the
    golf course comes up everyone
    gives the same answer. No they
    are not going to the meeting and
    yes they hope the owners win and
    start building for they all feel
    we dragged our feet and that now
    it is too late and they are tired
    of driving by a unkept land that
    looks like the ghetto.

  6. Looking at the Board of the Pro Active Comm, for the life of me, I can't figure out why UCO would even consider giving them 25K , let alone giving them the funds. I have watched the behavior of these people at delegate meetings and I'm trully embarressed to say these people live in CV. The delegates that voted to fund these people are trully delusional, another 25K down a rat hole.


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