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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I just (1:30, Tuesday, 8/7) bicycled, or attempted to bicycle, the CVBoulevard sidewalk from the four-way intersection (CVBoulevard/East Drive) east to the pedestrian gate. Now that the chain link fence that was between the defunct golf course and the sidewalk has been removed, the vegetation it partially held back has sagged into and over the sidewalk. I had to dismount and push saw-grass, tree branches, and palm fronds out of the way. I believe that those with mobility challenges (wheelchair, walker, cane, or simply unsteady walking) will find the sidewalk difficult, if not impassable. I would suggest walking east on Ascot (on the north side of the Boulevard), carefully crossing Borden, and crossing over at the mailbox/bus stop pedestrian crosswalk (again, carefully).
I don't know who is responsible for trimming back the now overhanging vegetation, but it needs to be done soon.
Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday. : Seacrest already on the job of trimming - assigned by our ever vigilant LCAM


With Atlantic can we use our own modem or will we have to rent it from them, and at what cost.
Can the snowbirds cut their internet service for 6 months each year like with Comcast. Thanks in advance for your answers

Airbnb Renting by a tenant.

Hi David, you mentioned that there is a possibility that a renter in the Village might be renting his apt. out on Airbnb.  I wonder if the owner has been contacted about it?  I ask because I just read
an article about Toronto condo owners who had no idea this was going on.  It could be possible
that the owner does not know, and if advised will seek to evict his "tenant."

Monday, August 6, 2018


Aug 02, 2018

Alert Number - I-080218-PSA

Questions regarding this PSA should be directed to your local FBI Field Office.
Local Field Office Locations:
Cyber Actors Use Internet of Things Devices as Proxies for Anonymity and Pursuit of Malicious Cyber Activities


Saturday, August 4, 2018



Based on the questions asked during today's (Friday, Aug. 3) first AB InfoSession, here are some takeaways from the Atlantic Broadband – UCO “Installation and Distribution Agreement”, a twenty-two page booklet available, front desk, UCO office.

The Initial term shall be ten (10) years from the Start Date .
The Start date: The first invoice sent by AB to UCO after the “launch of services to the premises”.
(I guess that date would be fall in June, 2019)

AB will reimburse UCO up to one hundred thousand ($100,000) to hire a mutually satisfactory “project manger to monitor Company's construction and installation process.”

Force Majeure. Neither AB nor UCO is liable for “acts of God, fire, weather, government, terrorism, war, riot”  etc. Basically, events beyond Ab 's or UCO's control, Think Hurricane Irma.

Now for individual rates. For Cable TV (mandatory part of our COA fees)
Installation Charge (one time): $0.00   Equipment Charge (one time): $0.00
Bulk Rate Price: $29.00/per unit/per month*. Includes
(a) Bulk Services: Limited, Value, and Value Plus TV channels (includes HD programming {but your TV has to be HD capable}); EPIX  Premium Channels; Starz and Starz Encore Premium Channels; HBO Premium Channels.
(b) Equipment per unit: up to one (1) HD DVR; up to two (2) HD DTA boxes
(c) Wire maintenance Program (No charge for service calls)

*: $29.00 good for one year. Each year thereafter, rate “will be increased one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25). So, by year 5, $34/month; by year 10 (last year of agreement): $40.25/month.

AB will make “reasonable” attempt to respond to service requests within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Credit for service outages. Basically, more than 24 hours; the owner has to specifically apply within 90 days (just a service call is not enough).

Optional Services. Prices are for first year; thereafter, increase by 3%; rounded up to nearest half or whole dollar.
Unlimited Phone Service: $24.99 (US; Canada; Puerto Rico)
“Starter Plus Internet”  (up to 25Mbps): $17.99. By year ten, $26/month
“Express Plus Internet”  (up to 100 Mbps) TIVO/DVR Upgrade; “voice” remote if offered: $21.99
(Increase will be $1/yr. So by year 10, $31/month.
“Unleashed Plus Internet” (up to 250Mbps) TIVO/DVR Upgrade; “voice” remote if offered: $44.99:     
(Increase will be $1.50, years 2 – 5, $2/yr., years 5 – 10. So by year 10, $61/month.

Now for a fascinating comparison of our CV rates vs. standard individual rates.

According to the Agreement, CV has 7854 units. So, given that $34/month is the average, without options, over the decade, CV cable TV fees will be $267,036/month; $3,204,432 annually; and $32,044,320 for the decade.

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Wrong:  You'd be paying three to four times as much if UCO had not negotiated with AB for the Standard Bulk Rate. See below

Typical costs: From

For Comcast, Standard/Starter packages are $50-$60 a month. The mid-level Preferred package is around $70-$80 a month. While the top tier Premier package is $100-$127. These prices do not include any premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc), HDTV, or DVR add-ons.
A DVR is a digital video recorder that records video onto a hard drive storage medium. It often includes features such as being able to pause live TV, dual tuners for recording two channels at once, and time shifting functions to allow instant replay, rewinding, and fast-forwarding of video programming.

Time Warner Cable . For the most part, they offer a first tier digital package costing around $50-$60 a month. And their top tier digital cable package is around $100-$120, depending on the region.

Cox Cable TV offers limited cable service for around $12-$17 a month. Their packages also break down similarly around three tiers. Their first tier costing around $50-$55, the next tier ranging from $58-$64, and their top tier costing $68-$75.

Additional costs:
In general, HDTV service costs about $6-$8 per month for the HD cable box.
An HD DVR receiver costs around $10-$16 per month, which includes access to HDTV channel viewing.
Additional rooms and outlets range from $7-$10 per room and outlet for digital service.
Premium cable channels cost around $10-$15 for each one per month. Each additional premium channels costs more, with small discounts when ordering multiple premium channels.
Service installation and home visits range from $20-$40 depending on the services being installed.

Richard Handelsman


Dave Israel

Friday, August 3, 2018


Thank you to all the volunteers that make the Delegate Assembly possible.
Previously at a Delegate Assembly and on this blog, Richard Handleson has suggested that serious consideration be given to the option of moving a community sidewalk. He brought up the concept again today, at the Delegate Assembly.
The sidewalk he is talking about is the side walk that borders the defunct golf course on the south side of Century Boulevard. It is on the right as you exit the community headed for Haverhill.
Richard has shared several reasons why it may be a good work around for the community to relocate it to the other side of Century Boulevard.

The concept is truly worth having a UCO committee examine the possibilities.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Since Hurricane Irma damaged two segments of the fence along the Century Blvd. boundary line with the defunct golf course - Fairways LLC/Reflection Bay we have had some 200 feet total of gaps in the fence line. UCO has plans in hand to patch the gaps, with chain link, offset two inches, from the golf course fence.




Meanwhile, concerned with our Village Security, one of our unit owners, residing in the Golf's Edge Association filed a complaint with PBC Code Enforcement, The response from "Good neighbor Drew", as seen in the photo, was to pull down the entire segment of fence along Century Blvd, some 1300 feet. thus eliminating a large section of the barrier between CV and the overgrown Golf Course.
What may we expect next - how about a decorative masonry wall - Good Neighbor Drew!
Dave Israel

Friday, July 27, 2018



An observation on the power of words.


Stew Richland


It's Thursday, July 26th I felt as if I was in the movie the God Father. I was attending the Democratic Club meeting that had featured as its main speaker, Jeff Green candidate for Governor of Florida. I am a political junkie and I love to listen to politicians present their views.
I was informed that only registered Democratic Club members were allowed to attend their meetings. I told the editorial staff of the UCO reporter that I would attend the event and that I would write an article for the September issue of the Reporter. I was under the impression that freedom of the press applies to Century Village and that the Democratic Club would appreciate the publicity.
Mr. Green outlined his platform to a focused audience, I began to take notes for the article that I intended to write.

On conclusion of Candidate Green's presentation the question and answer segment began. At one point, a women, sitting at a table close to me, but not in my view, asked Mr. Green a question about the types of tests teachers had to take in order obtain their teaching certification.
She had mentioned that a member of her family had to take the test numerous times at a cost of $125 per test. This observation registered with me because I had also taken those teachers exams to obtain my Florida teaching certificate. I could not see the person making the comments since there were people blocking my view so I got up from my seat in order to identify the women who was asking the question for the purpose of discussing our mutual experiences on the teacher tests.
Up to this point I had sat quietly concentrating on taking notes for the article that I was going to write for the Reporter. I noticed that Susan Boucher was walking across the room towards me, and in her quiet God Father tone of voice made me an offer that I could not refuse. I was told that since I was not a registered member of the Democratic Club I would have to leave.
Even when times are uncomfortable I always find time to smile, which I did, and told her I was covering the event for the UCO Reporter and thus be allowed to report on the event. She refused to listen and told me I had to leave. Always the gentlemen, I let her escort me to the door.
I once again told her I was covering the event for the reporter but my plea fell on deaf ears and the door closed behind me.
I had always thought that a free press helps maintain our civilization. I did not have a secret agenda all I wanted to do was to listen and write an article that I thought would be of interest to our residents. To paraphrase Tom Paine, The rules are the rules and I accept them.

The Democratic Club's meet and greet the candidates will not make a dent in political meetings, but it would have been nice to be allowed to be a guest. As Lincoln once observed, let the people know the facts, and let the reader draw their own conclusions.
A Will Rogers remark clearly summarizes how I feel about
this incident, "Everything is funny, as long as it's happening
to somebody else." Boy am I glad that I have a good sense of humor.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018




Several questions that tech-ignorant me will ask at the Aug. 3 Meeting

(1) AT&T Internet includes McAfee Elite Plus* Internet Security Suite. What internet security will the AB Internet option contain?
McAfee Elite Plus deals with anti-virus and security for your computer. given that, when Atlantic Broadband goes live in 2019, your cable bill will drop over $6.00/month, do not expect them to provide security for your computer. However, there is no need for anyone to pay for Anti-virus and Firewall on their computer.
Simply go to your Control Panel and activate Windows Defender. It is every bit as good as Norton or McAfee, and costs nothing. - Do not activate Windows Defender if you have any other Anti-virus or Firewall active.
What you may be thinking of, is Security for the Internet signal, This will be WPA2-PSK which expands to Wi-Fi Protected Access  version 2 - Pre Shared Key, it is also called WPA or WPA2 Personal, it is a method of securing your network using WPA2 with the use of the optional Pre-Shared Key (PSK) authentication, which was designed for home users without an enterprise authentication server. This is High Grade Crypto protection. Can it be hacked, yes, but significant effort is required, and it is highly unlikely to occur on our Network.

     (*: Note the hyperbolic title. I wonder if there's a McAfee Ordinary Regular Suite.)

(2) AT&T Landline Telephone (a) allows up to 100 numbers blocked (b) identifies "suspected spam". What telephone features will the AB telephone option contain?
Again do not expect all of the bells and whistles, the AB Telephony will be VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the cost capped at $25.00/month, for the life of the Contract. It is unlimited service, with standard options - since Telephony is optional - not Bulk, you can negotiate bells and whistles when you opt-in, possibly at nominal additional cost.

(3) Is the telephone option landline only - or is a cellphone option available?

(4) The above advertisement shows several premium channels (e.g., HBO) Are these included, at no extra charge, in our monthly COA fee?
We will have HBO, STARZ, STARZ/ ENCORE, and EPIX. More movies than you can watch in a lifetime. All included in our Bulk video Contract.

Dave Israel


Dave Israel


Dave Israel

Thursday, July 19, 2018


One of our unit owners advised UCO of a ROBOCALL which is completely fraudulent:

(215) 360-7443 is a Robocaller

Do not answer.

  • TRANSCRIPTA final notice from the I.R.S. This message is to inform you that I.R.S. is filing a legal lawsuit under your name and your tax id for the tax fraud we have tried to notify you regarding this issue in previous 6 months but we never got any response from your end so it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United States government you may call our department number 215-360-7443 I repeat 215-360-7443 thank you.
The IRS does NOT communicate in this way, and this call may be ignored. You may report this call to:
Dave Israel

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Does anyone see hummingbirds in the village. Does anyone have a feeder with hummingbirds, where? when? Thx.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Dave Israel


There are OVER 300 Associations in the village, yet even during season, barely little over half send their delegate to Assembly meetings every month. THIS IS APPALLING.
Does it mean that More than Half of the residents/owners do not care what goes on with the village or how their money is spent?
I don't want to believe that. Is it the board of directors just want the prestige of a title in their buildings just to make themselves feel self important?  Most likely.
Over 5 thousand full time residents/owners are here year round and the number swells to 16 thousand easily during season.
Yes, snowbirds are also owners, but lets face it, they are not here full time, they only care about what they can get when they are here. Other than that, the village is way down on the list for them. The people that live here full time are the ones that bear the brunt of all the decisions made during season. We have to suffer through the construction phases and inconveniences of detours and workers all over the roads and parking lots. All so the snowbirds can come and enjoy everything the village has to offer without much impediment.
I don't mind having some of the inconveniences of detours, nor construction knowing that it is eventually going to make the village better.
What bothers me, what infuriates me, is the people that buy a unit here, and don't care what goes on after. This may be a vacation spot for some, but to us, it is home.
Each Association has a RESPONSIBILITY to their association to send a representative to the Delegate Assembly Meeting ant the first Friday of every month and represent the owners of their building. Too many shirk that responsibility and just don't care.
It is time to throw out the quorum requirement and go by majority rule if the quorum can not be met.
No more delegates walking out just to sabotage a vote or delay an outcome. No more putting off business needing to move forward because associations don't care enough to send a representative.
Either Require ASSOCIATIONS to attend, or let them lose their vote.
And if you are sending a Representative, Don't leave before the meeting is over. It was disgusting to see the local politicians faces when in the end, they had MAYBE forty people to talk to. I know, if I was running for office and people just kept getting up and walking out before I had my say, I wouldn't even bother with this place after. Such Disrespect.