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Monday, March 25, 2019


This LCAM of ours, Donald Foster, is something! Let loose, he is on top of everything, it seems (except when he is crawling through a pipe). He hosts a meeting attended by about sixty residents, where representatives of SWA and Waste Pro explain garbage collection procedures and answer questions. Later, with Waste Pro missing some garbage collections, Donald takes this up with the SWA and gets their written promise to contact Waste Pro and make things better. They write (below from Donald's weekly report):

We are very sorry to hear Waste Pro is once again providing very inconsistent collection services. There is simply no excuse or reason for Waste Pro to be missing individual recycling carts or incomplete routes considering they have provided garbage, bulk and recycling collection services within the Century Village community for over 10 years. This is unacceptable and, rather than take everyone's time to meet regarding this matter, the SWA will meet with Waste Pro's recycling supervisor and collection team to eliminate this poor service.

Then, sniffing around, he discovers a propane gas leak at the Plymouth Laundry, perhaps saving a life or two.

This man is all over the place—and doing a great job! He is the Garbage Czar, or Garbage Guru (which do you prefer, Donald?), and much more!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Image result for cable box

To make return of Comcast equipment easier, following Atlantic Broadband installation, Comcast will arrange for pickup of old equipment at their units. Pickups will be arranged in advance, and will happen after each unit is switched over to Atlantic Broadband service.
Unit owners can call 561-662-7066 to arrange for pickup of their Comcast equipment, or they can sign up for pickup at the UCO Office reception desk. Unit owners will receive a receipt for their Comcast equipment when it is picked up at their units.

Residents may also bring equipment to the Comcast Service Center at 1401 Northpoint Boulevard, West Palm Beach. Please be sure to get a receipt for returned equipment.
Dave Israel


Monday, March 18, 2019


Hi David

Will the Insurance Committee meeting scheduled for March 19th at 10:00 am, still be held at the UCO office tomorrow morning?

Our association has a few questions.

Thank you.

Mike Ryan

Thursday, March 14, 2019

UCO Bylaws Town Hall Today- Please Plan On Attending

Century Village Town Hall on UCO Bylaws

WHAT: Open Discussion of proposed changes to UCO bylaws, Articles I-V

WHEN: TODAY!! March 14  1:30pm 

WHERE Clubhouse, Meeting Room C

WHY: Voice your opinion on changes that govern UCO

Refreshments Will Be Served

Sunday, March 10, 2019

NOTICE: No March 12 Advisory Meeting but MARCH 14 TOWN HALL is ON!

The March 12 Advisory Committee meeting has been canceled. We thought we might need it in advance of the upcoming Town Hall but decided we are good to go. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND THE FIRST TOWN HALL ON PROPOSED UCO BYLAWS on Thursday, MARCH 14 at 1:30 P.M. in Meeting Room C in the Clubhouse. Refreshments will be served, of course.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Modest (Re)Proposal.

Now that Lennar has stepped away from purchasing the defunct Turtle Bay Golf Course, (see March 4 posting below) ,I urge Century Village to consider adding a sidewalk on the north side of Century Boulevard.

The pluses:

1. The sidewalk will extend only from Haverhill to the guardhouse, one-third the distance from Haverhill to the East Drive-CV Boulevard intersection. Just as at the Okeechobee Boulevard entrance, an automated gate will allow pedestrian passage. Pedestrians can then, as they do now,  utilize Ascot Road.

2. Pedestrians will not have to cross at the mailbox (LCAM Report: 2/4/19.  “A double row of hedges, bordering a median crosswalk behind Haverhill guardhouse, will be removed- Increased pedestrian traffic at this crosswalk made this hedge removal necessary. An LED lighting fixture will also be added to this crosswalk.”) or at the main intersection.

3. When pedestrians reach Haverhill, they can press the signal control button that the county has obligingly placed on both sides of the northern side of the CV Boulevard/Haverhill crossing.

4. There are no obstacles: no trees; light poles are flush against Ascot Fence. Just a swath of open, flat grass. The south side has four trees and three light poles to the guard house alone, and many more of each from the guardhouse to the the East Drive intersection.

5. Century Village owns the land on the south side: no need to dance with Waldman, or any subsequent golf course property owner, whose winding property line, and often overhanging vegetation,  comes right to the edge of the present (south side) sidewalk.

6. (Probable). When and if Charles Scardina builds his apartment complex just south of the synagogue, (to say nothing of what might eventually be built on the golf course) more traffic congestion will occur. The more that pedestrians can cross Haverhill on the north side, the less potential for accidents.

Richard Handelsman

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


At the March 1 delegate assembly, an as-usual angry Myron Solomon accused Dave Israel of using "the blog" to endorse his preferred candidates for office. The only problem with Mr. Solomon's assertion was that "THE blog" he refers to has always been Dave's personal blog! Personal opinions are exactly what you do voice on personal blogs. I'm sorry if the blog has been so informative, so well run, and so helpful regarding Village matters that some folk (including Mr. Solomon himself!) now look upon it as "the official Century Village blog." Mr. Solomon's very charge against Dave's blog unwittingly endorses the blog!

There ARE other blogs about Village matters, some administered by the so-called malcontents. There is no reason any one of them could not have become "THE Village blog" in the eyes of the people. I'll leave it to you to surmise why this has NOT happened.

Monday, March 4, 2019


The following Email from Lennar was received today.
Thank you for reaching out.  Unfortunately, after conducting our due diligence we decided not to move forward at this time.  You will need to discuss your fencing concerns directly with the Waldman’s. 
We will reach out in the future should we put the property back under contract.
Dave Israel


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Insurance Committee Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at UCO Headquarters.


With Toni's health situation will there be a committee meeting this month?

Our association has a few questions.

Thank you.

Mike Ryan


Dave Israel

Saturday, March 2, 2019


Town Hall on UCO Bylaws

WHAT: Open discussion of proposed changes to UCO bylaws, Articles I-V

WHEN: Thursday, March 14 at 1:30 p.m.

WHERE: Meeting Room C, Clubhouse

WHY: Voice your opinion on changes to rules and regulations that govern UCO

Bring February UCO Reporter insert for reference or pick up copy in UCO office

Refreshments will be served

Friday, March 1, 2019


Image result for elections images
Delegates, do not forget the UCO Elections on Delegate Assembly day, March 1, 2019.
Come early, about 8am - 8:30am. The election starts at 8:30am
Make sure your Delegates are registered with UCO, no later than CoB Wednesday, 27 February 2019.
Dave Israel


Hi all, as has been my habit for some years, I would like to recommend to all Delegates those Candidates who I believe will best serve the Village and it's Residents. Please take this page to the polls as a guide.
1) Stew Richland
2) Fausto Fabbro
Please do not vote for those who disrupt our Delegate Assembly meetings and who have contributed nothing to our Village improvement.

1) Maureen Debigare
2) Michael Rayber
3) Mary Patrick
4) Marilyn Curtis
5) Richard Handelsman
6) Jackie Karlan
7) Joyce Reiss
8) Carol Mainwald
9) Ruth Dreiss
10) Patricia Keane
Please do not vote for those candidates who sue us, disrupt our meetings, and have contributed nothing.
Dave Israel
President - United Civic Organization

Friday, February 22, 2019


-Image result for Atlantic Broadband logo
As of today, fewer than half of Century Village unit owners have signed up for Atlantic Broadband cable television service. With only three months left until our contract with Comcast ends, unit owners are urged to contact ABB Customer Service and make appointments for installation of new equipment. Appointments can be made by emailing Danny Gonzalez, ABB Customer Service Manager for Century Village, at
Dave Israel

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Four candidates are seeking two of the four vice presidential positions.

On Friday, March 1, delegates to the delegate assembly will be voting for two vice presidents for a full 2-year term. Four candidates have applied for the position. Current VP Stew Richland seeks reelection. Fausto Fabbro and John Gluszak, who each served previously as a VP, are running again. And Ed Grossman is making another bid for the position. Now we have heard from them in their statements made on Village channels 63 and 95, and in a robust debate moderated by new County Commissioner Gregg Weiss.

The question is: Who do we want to represent us, remembering that the two chosen VPs will be sitting in on all the very important officers' meetings; overseeing various committees; attending many other meetings; and not last, each being assigned to a different one-fourth of the associations (their "quadrant") to provide guidance and help? The vice president position is an important one as UCO is structured. What do we look for in a vice president? Let me make some suggestions.

A vice president has to have some smarts. He or she needs to understand the factors that go into decision-making on many issues, most of which have a price tag attached. Our finances are limited. We need to be mindful of the future. We need to maintain what we have. We should acquire new items and do so wisely. Can he or she deal intelligently with all the issues that arise, sufficient to help lead this Village of 14,000 residents, comparable to the size of many towns. The VP also needs to be able to correctly guide those who come to him or her with Village questions—not guess nor skirt the issue (we've had too much of this over the years)—and where necessary consult someone more knowledgeable for the answer.

A vice president needs to work as a team member. His or her expertise and advice are needed, and sometimes one must stand alone. But the VP needs to work WITH others, and especially the UCO president, who has the hardest job of all and needs support, for not everything will go right in any organization. A vice president should not be a disrupter, nor a glory seeker, nor out for only himself and his own advancement.

Finally, but not last in importance, a VP needs to have a genuine affection for ALL the people—not just his friends, and certainly not just those from whom he or she can expect "payback" in some form.

Decisions are not always easy. Please give this one some serious thought. Thank you for reading thus far in this post, and you may stop right here. For any interested, however, I will share whom I plan to be voting for as UCO vice presidents: Stew Richland and Fausto Fabbro.


THANK YOU, John Gragg and his committee for all the hard work you did.  We received 2 75" TVs, and you raised John over $4,000 plus in Cash.   Thank You to all the volunteers and vendors that made this a successful run/walk and all the people that contributed to the VETERANS. 
So glad we showed our support to those that served us and our country. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Mark Friedman, B.C.S.
Board Certified Specialist in Condominium Law is giving two seminars this week with guest speakers joining him:
Wednesday, February 13, from 10-12 (Party Room)
Understanding your Insurance.
Mr. Friedman is bringing  insurance professionals to give you a better understanding of Insurance.   
Everything you ever wanted to know about your Condo insurance as a Board member but were afraid to ask.
The information will be presented in an interesting, easy to understand format.     Since most Board members
do not understand insurance this is an excellent class to attend.
Friday, February 15, from 10-12 (Classroom C)
Have you been sued for discrimination?  Well it happens a lot in Century Village.
Sometimes it can result in a Board member having personal liability.   This seminar is designed
to help you understand how NOT to make the mistakes that can cause problems with screening, pets,
service dogs, emotional support animals.    Mr. Friedman is bringing his colleague, Attorney Joann Burnett,
who has been helping Associations with Fair Housing issues for almost 20 years.
There is no sign up for these seminars. 

Mark D. Friedman Shareholder
Board Certified Specialist, Condominium and Planned Development Law