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Sunday, February 25, 2018



Team Dave Candidate Slate

Photo - By Ken Graff
From left to right
Joy Vestal - Dave Israel - Louise Warner - Ed Black
As has been my habit for the past few years, I am asking Delegates to support a slate of Candidates who I believe will work in a harmonious way for the benefit of the Residents of Century Village.
    Please consider voting for the following Candidates for Office.
Those positions not listed are all uncontested, and are assumed to be elected.
David Israel
Vice President:
Joy Vestal
Louise Warner

Ed Black

 All other positions are uncontested
Dave Israel


From Elsa Wu, Happy Chinese New Year, 2018 The year of the Dog:


Just returned from our annual Volunteer luncheon.  What a great idea to have a BBQ!  The food (brisket, chicken, ribs, etc) was delicious and I even had seconds!  Thanks to Bobbi and Joy and all their helpers for a terrific afternoon.

I Must Respond

I have to respond to some things that Ester has written in her blog. I could call it trash but leave it to Ester to downgrade our Reporter by calling it a rag. She says the roads started to fall apart right away. The paving company had an open meeting here before the delegates voted to go cheap. He said if they did not go down to bedrock wherever there were old cracks they would come through. He was right. The delegates voted for the cheaper road cost and we got what we paid for.
As for the Reporter, we have a very informative newspaper in the village run by very hard working VOLUNTEERS. The people put their hearts into the paper and I think they are doing a very good job. There is nothing in the village that Ester likes since she lost an election a few years ago. If I felt the way she does I would find another place to live where I enjoyed what the place had to offer. She is just one negative personality.


NOTICE: Voting takes place during the Delegate Assembly (starts at 9:30), but you must register and get your voting "clickers" starting at 8:30.

We need a big voter turnout this Friday, March 2. Why? Because it was the large voter turnout in the elections two years that made the difference in sending the extremely vocal malcontents down to a resounding defeat. For all their bluster, often eliciting groans from the audience who tired of them, they were beaten by "the silent majority" who showed up on election day.

In the race this year, I THINK Dave Israel will win reelection as UCO president pretty handily, but don't assume this. Be there and cast your vote for Dave.

The "Ed versus Ed" race for UCO treasurer is different. It may be very close. Both Ed Black and Ed Grossman are well known, even though Mr. Grossman has never been on a single UCO committee (I think he admitted this) and is known for his never-ending, "burr-in-the-side" criticisms of Dave Israel. And now known, as well, for being the editor and publisher of the "CV Messenger," a publication seemingly DEVOTED to all that is alleged to be wrong with the Village and UCO—and of course, Dave. Strangely enough, it seems Mr. Grossman never writes himself for his own paper……

Ed Black, on the other hand, works! You always see him at UCO, and he (with Dave) gets all the tough questions. He HAS BEEN our UCO treasurer and now is willing to do it again. But Ed is not a campaigner. He doesn't go around tooting his own horn. There are people like this who are not interested in advertising themselves, and some of them do the best work. For a smooth-functioning UCO if for no other reason, it is imperative we get Ed Black elected.

A final very important word: Don't come to the Delegate Assembly at 9:30 and expect to be able to vote. You MUST COME EARLIER TO REGISTER AND PICK UP YOUR VOTING CLICKER. You can register and get your clicker starting at 8:30. And this year the Party Room will be open, starting at 8:00, for coffee and donuts. Enjoy! And thank you for your vote!

Saturday, February 24, 2018


I was not able to attend the forum because I was ill most of Thursday, but today I watched the video of it from start to finish on Dave Israel's blog. The biggest puzzler to me was why BOTH Phyllis Richland and her husband Stew expected Dave Israel to know what blog comments he made caused Phyllis to withdraw from the race. Is Dave supposed to have a crystal ball that tells him exactly what remarks he made that ignited something in Phyllis? Never mind the fact that the remarks he made may have been factual, as claimed, or that in the hurly-burly of politics one must expect a little bruising. I hope it wasn't the married couple issue. There are two points of view about a couple serving on the same board. Some approve of it and some don't. Valid arguments can be made for either. The Richlands may be an extraordinary couple who can think and vote independently, but that does not mean others don't have a right to their opinion about even the wrong appearance of this practice. But perhaps this is not what set Phyllis off, or her supportive husband. I hope this will turn out to be a blip on the radar screen, and they return to be the help they have both been to the Village.


Candidate Forum Part 0001 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Candidates Forum Part 0002 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Candidates Forum Part 00003 from David B. Israel on Vimeo. -
Candidates Forum Part 00004 from David B. Israel on Vimeo. -
Candidates Forum Part 00005 from David B. Israel on Vimeo. -
Candidates Forum Part 00006 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Friday, February 23, 2018


I must comment on this Post.

Mr Grossman, Editor and Publisher of the scurrilous rag - The CV Messenger - spent at least 5 minutes at the Candidates Forum, defending the indefensible. In no way does his "paper" fall under any reasonable persons definition of free speech. His Rag is designed to inflame; and anyone who would publish such a warped document in a Senior Citizen Community,

Some Things Mr. Grossman Left Out of His Biography

Mr. Grossman...

1)      Helped orchestrate, along with his fellow obstructors, a recall petition of David Israel that was defeated 161- 4 by the Delegates

2)      Reported variations of +/- 3 inches in parking space widths to Code Enforcement – “dropping a dime” on his own community that caused disruption and left us with unsightly black stripes on parking spaces throughout the Village

3)      Regularly disrupts Delegate Assembly meetings, and has done so for 8 years, so that he is often booed by the Delegates

4)      Edits and publishes a rabble-rousing paper, CV Messenger, which is so poisonous that many residents refuse to even read it.

And one more thing. Three letters after your name may make you a CPA but are no substitute for character. At the Candidates Forum  Mr. Grossman took no responsibility, as the publisher of the Messenger, for an article that compared a respected UCO officer to a Nazi concentration camp Kapo. He denied any responsibility for what he allowed to be published. Unprofessional. VOTE FOR ED BLACK for Treasurer.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Today at the Candidates Forum, when it came time for Candidate Phyllis Richland to speak, she rose from her chair and resigned as a candidate for the office of UCO Vice President. She gave little reason, save a brief mention of posting(s) on this blog.
Dave Israel



DAVID BOAS is on the following committees: Bids and Infrastructure, nominations, beautification, programs and services, Insurance and Transportation. He also volunteers in Investigation at UCO.
David BOAS is a very intelligent person and cares about our village.  He speaks his OWN opinion at the meetings.  I believe david BOASwould be definitely an ASSET to this community. As a Vice President of UCO  who has worked with david BOAS on these committees I would look forwarded to working with him as a Vice President.I hope you will vote for david BOAS for Vice President.  He will definitely be looking out for your interest.

Today's the Day! Join us for the Cookies and Candidates Forum!

Today in Meeting Room C in the Clubhouse

1:30 PM 

Candidates for UCO election tell you their views and you get to ask them questions!

Refreshments served starting at 1 PM

Come hear Jack, David, Marcia, David B., Phyllis, Joy, Louise, Ed B. and Ed G. and meet the officers and Executive Board members who ran unopposed and will be ratified on March 2 at the election during the Delegate Assembly.

Everyone welcome! See you at Candidates and Cookies!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Got a Question for Candidates Running for UCO Election?

You can ask questions of the candidates at the Cookies and Candidates Forum on Thursday, February 22 at 1:30 p.m. in Meeting Room C in the Clubhouse:

·       If you want to ask a question from the audience of any candidates running for election, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS IN ADVANCE as in past years.

·       Moderator Susan Bucher will ask presidential candidates questions submitted to her by their opponents in sealed envelopes in advance of the Forum. After rebuttals, Susan will open the floor for questions from the audience who will be able to ask questions of any candidate for President, Vice President or Treasurer. 

Come up to the mic, identify yourself, your association and the person you’d like to question. Ask one question and one follow-up.

·       If you have another question, please wait until others have had a chance to ask theirs, then come up again as time permits.

·       We look forward to seeing you on Thursday! All residents welcome. Refreshments will be served.

                                    And don't forget to vote March 2 at Delegate Assembly!

 I have sat in several UCO meetings (Operations Committee; Broadband Committee; kaffeeklatsch discussions): Mr. Israel's knowledge of state and federal law regarding condominiums, ADA regulations, financing, and his rapport with WPRF supervisor Eva Rachesky is impressive.
And the $$ involved?? The average salary for a Town Manager is $79,258 per year in the United States. (Salary estimates are based on 416 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Town Manager employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 24 months.) The typical tenure for a Town Manager is 1-3 years. (
And that $80k doesn't include the time and money spent in searching for a town manager every 1 - 3 years.
February 21, 2018 at 3:14 PM


ed black from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I'm mulling over the candidacy of "the other Ed," Ed Grossman, for UCO treasurer. I know Ed Black. I've seen him in one capacity or another at UCO since I came to the Village twenty years ago. He's a war veteran, served in Korea translating Chinese (Mandarin?) into English, a skill he learned at Yale University. He's BEEN UCO treasurer, and for sure he has been the go-to person at UCO for a long time. I only wish he might slow down a little! Oh yes, he's been a UCO vice president, too. Tried and true.

The "other Ed" I really don't know well. I've seen him at Delegate Assemblies, and it seems he's always going to the mike and speaking AGAINST something.  For sure, he can talk (much better than I), but everything he says seems negative, and he sure takes Dave Israel to task. Maybe Dave needs to be taken to task sometimes (don't we all?), but THAT much and can't it be done with civility and some respect?

The other thing that troubles me about Ed G is this Messenger Club of his. He is the editor and publisher of their publication the "CV Messenger." I've read the "CV Messenger," and it disturbs me. I think they make some valid points, but it's so constantly negative and everything seems phrased in vitriol. I counted the negative articles in one issue, and except for one small notice, everything was negative—and bashing someone! The latest was a piece by Olga Wolkenstein taking Bobbi Levin, our wonderful, soft-spoken corresponding secretary to task for scheduling the coming UCO installment dinner on—for the first time in a long while, I'm told—a Saturday. But worst of all, calling this lovely Jewish woman a "capo." That's VERY cruel. Why did the editor, Ed G, allow this in his publication? I work with Bobbi at the UCO Reporter, and she doesn't deserve that!

The "other Ed" is a CPA and sure, that's a help. The late Howard O'Brien was a CPA, but neither Dorothy Tetro nor Ed, who served as treasurer previously, were, and as I understand it, that popular young fellow Sebastian, who is a CPA, is staying on to help. I don't think a CPA is everything in the UCO position of treasurer.

But would Ed G work well with the UCO volunteers, beginning with Dave Israel if Dave is elected (which to me seems likely)? Based on past performance, I highly doubt it. To be a member of "the loyal opposition" is one thing—and can be a good thing. However, to be a constant "negative" and always an irritant—or worse, be out to sabotage the current administration—is another.

I am mulling this over, but I think I know which way I will vote.


The proposal on the part of one of our candidates for UCO president for him to (a) find a "town manager" suitable to run Century Village with its very unusual structure, (b) do so within a hundred days, and (c) then himself QUIT seems to me something straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

First of all, for a normal town to find a town manager can be a long, tedious job, and the results are often unsatisfactory. Just ask my granddaughter, now a new selectman of a suburb of Boston. They just had to fire their town manager for incompetence, and because of a suit brought against the town by this fellow claiming "contract rights," the town limps along paying an attorney to defend them and paying for a temporary replacement.

Then for this proposed town manager to fit into the Century Village structure by simply making "a (single?) bylaw change," seems ludicrous in the extreme. And whose bylaws—only those governing UCO? With UCO alone, it would seem to me a huge task to so change its rules and regulations to fit in a "town manager." What happens with Cenvil Rec (WPRF), the "other half" of the Village operation? Will they have any say in the matter? I'm guessing they would. It is taking months for the Advisory Committee to provide only suggestions for updating the UCO bylaws—and renewing the Millennium Agreement (between UCO and WPRF)? That's an upcoming task we shudder at because of its complexity.

And then, even should the miracle be accomplished, how on earth is this guy (or woman) going to match what Dave Israel, the current UCO president does, putting in the hours he does and with the expertise he has gained over the past eight years? Will this town manager even fit in? And how much more paid help will he very soon be clamoring for?

To me, this is a prescription for disaster, and I can see well enough why the candidate proposing this would PLAN on quitting after 100 days! I would, too. It would be time to "get out of Dodge"!

I'm sure this candidate means well. He has put serious time into our Village committees and on the Executive Board, but this proposal is too much.

Could Never Vote for Phyllis Richland

When Phyllis Richland had an extra condo in our association she wanted her granddaughter to stay in it while going to summer school. She was very much underage. Phyllis told me if I did not sign allowing her to live here she would do it herself as at the time she was on the UCO board. I would never vote for her for President. How many by laws would she then want to break or over look.

Monday, February 19, 2018


I wish I knew who is putting trash by our dumpster.  I just straightened out a bunch of wood boards from a white cabinet, a microwave oven and an ironing board.  It was hidden behind the dumpster where no one can see.  I am sure it is not from our building.  Last week is was a glass shower door that was hanging out from our dumpster.  When Wastepro picked up the trash the glass was all over the place.  I had to call Seacrest to clean it up so no one with sandals would walk on it and cut themselves.   I am so frustrated with these individuals who are doing this and have no regard for Wastepro's trash rules and Century Village.


The following is reflective of opinions I have received from a number of persons.
As you are all undoubtedly aware, Phyllis Richland, well known by us all, is running for Vice President of UCO. Herein, I believe may be seen the kernel of a problem, which should be avoided. Why do I say this? Because, Stuart Richland is currently an incumbent Vice President and should Phyllis be elected, the spouses will be UCO Officers simultaneously!
 If the spouses function as a perfect unit, the effect is much like having one board member with two votes.
I hasten to note that the UCO Attorney has found no legal reason to preclude simultaneous spousal service on the Officers Committee, but, I believe that in order to preclude any appearance of impropriety, Phyllis Richland should not be elected as UCO VP, at least, not until Stuart is no longer in office.
                                     Dave Israel


louise warner from David B. Israel on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


DAVID BOAS is on the following committees: Bids and Infrastructure, nominations, beautification, programs and services, Insurance and Transportation. He also volunteers in Investigation at UCO.
David BOAS is a very intelligent person and cares about our village.  He speaks his OWN opinion at the meetings.  I believe david BOAS would be definitely an ASSET to this community. As a Vice President of UCO  who has worked with david BOAS on these committees I would look forwarded to working with him as a Vice President.I hope you will vote for david BOAS for Vice President.  He will definitely be looking out for your interest.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Slippery Slope?

I noticed in the Advocate an advertisement for pick up of garbage from outside one's door to dumpster for a monthly fee. Most, if not all, Core documents prohibit placing anything on our walkways that provide access to and from units. Notwithstanding the need to keep egress free and clear for safety reasons, do we now open door for other residents to place their garbage outside their door until they next leave the building or otherwise have time to remove garbage to the dumpster? While the advertisement asks the garbage be put out between 7pm and 8 pm, what if the resident will be out for the day? Does it sit outside an entire day, or more awaiting pick up?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vote Warner For Vice President

Vote Warner For Vice President

Louise Warner
Treasurer, Oxford 200

Focused on our community

Honest and trustworthy


Strong supporter of our volunteers

Energetic and hard-working

Experienced with vendor relations

Vote TeamDave!


Dave Israel

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Image result for memorial services images
Memorial services will be held for Howard Silver - former Vice President of
The United Civic Organization
DAY: ..... Friday
DATE: February 16, 2018
TIME: ..... 1:30 PM
PLACE: South Florida National Cemetery
6501 SR 7,  Lake Worth.
Use lane 5 to get to the service
Dave Israel