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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alligator Spotting

Reportedly there is a new 8' alligator in the lake.
The shoreline workers have not seen it but if you locate its hangout, please let us know.
When the dredge is working there is a diver down below.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


                           INSURANCE WORKSHOP

                 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21st.

                        9:30 AM TO 11:30 AM

                      CLUBHOUSE - ROOM C

Chuck Knudsen, Plastridge Agency, will discuss


                  COST REDUCTION OF 
                 INSURANCE PREMIUMS

   Encourage your Board members to attend

                             Dave Israel


Due to the holidays:

The Executive Board will meet on Monday, April 5 at 1:30 pm.

The Delegate Assembly will meet on Friday, April 9 at 9:30 am.

Consult the sidebar for more meetings.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi all,
Be informed, here are a few upcoming meetings:



See the sidebar for a complete list; be informed, attend meetings; contribute! It's your Village.

Dave Israel

Fuel for Thought

When refueling the family car, I usually shut off my celfone, keeping in mind advice that its electronic signal would interfere with the pump and cause an explosion. I may be wrong about this, despite seeing dramatizations of such a scenario; a person was chatting on her cell next to me while I was gassing and didn't cause the pump to explode. In any case, this should not be attempted unless the "Mythbusters" show provides dramatic evidence it can be done and the FCC gives the green light.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Roses in March. Shortest treat trip from CV is the Mounts Botanical Garden, go south on Military, look for the Mounts and flowering trellises just beyond Belvedere Rd. on the right. Around 4 miles from inside CV. A visit is any donation if you can afford. There are more photos on their website.
If you have plant questions you can phone them at 561-233-1750. (Master Gardeners, tours, county agents)

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Did you hear about the new line of Elvis Presley-themed steakhouses?  
They will be for people who love meat tender.

(Watch out for new style of humor in the UCO corner office.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Gazebo enroute to Lady Atlantic

Lady Atlantic, seen thru trees at dock.
Length = 105 feet.
Twin diesel engines, maximum speed 12 Knots.
Three decks.

Course Over Ground = 194 Degrees True
Speed Over Ground = 0.0 Knots
Depth = 4.9 Feet = at the dock!

Always Vigilant.

How the other half lives, 1

How the other half lives, 2

The broad expanse of Lake worth.

Chez Yanni!

Do you remember the News; this is the infamous Trailer Park, Briny Breezes! Can you say $500,000,000.00 but no sale!!!

Well, there are more pictures, but I do not want to put you all to sleep! Give this cruise a try, I think you will enjoy it!

Dave Israel

As always, left click on photo. to enlarge


Seen on the Boarding Ramp of the Lady Atlantic out of Delray Beach
from left to right:
Nancy, Mollie, Nancy, Shiela, Bob, Dave, Frank and Barbara.
For $32.00, this day cruise on the Intercoastal can't be beat, including a buffet brunch.
Photographs to soon appear on this BLOG, stay tuned
Dave Israel

Insurance again #2

Hello Elaine,
Am I still around you ask? You bet I am. Don't forget that 49.8% of the Delegates voted for me, and I plan to be around even after all the facts are known and the dust settles.

As for the 2009 policies, they were taken back to Plastridge Agency (Karen Bottcher) to rearrange it for the year 2010 just as we have done every year as there is limited space in our new UCO Office.
Why rearrange you ask! Some policies are renewed in the middle of the year and in order to ease up reading it in the new year, we use to rearrange the policies, still in effect, to add it to the new ones. The agency must keep our copies for 5 years.

I did not hear your criticism when IN THE LAST 4 YEARS, THE PREMIUMS WERE REDUCED! Or maybe you have conveniently forgotten that 90%+ of the increases in premiums for 2010 was politically ordered by the Florida Legislature; or have conveniently forgotten to mention that other policy is renewed at a lowered rate!

As far as suing is concerned, anyone who defames and publishes lies about me can expect that they may become a defendant in a law suit. Here in Century Village, people became accustomed to defamation, so it is a shock when someone is willing to fight back by 'putting their money where their mouth is' and seeking legal action.

I guess I now have more time on my hands to publicly “chat” with you, and have decided that by remaining silent, people might begin to believe the misleading and out of context information that is being spread around, rather than helping others.

This Blog is has dominated by a handful of people including you, who have been given a box to stand on in hopes of attracting a lynch mob when things go wrong.

Pandora's Box? When I opened it, even HOPE had escaped. But instead of hoping that all will be well by being silent while stones are being cast at me, I’ll challenge anyone, at anytime, to debate with me on the subject of MY MISTAKE. All of a sudden you know how ALL the people think and feel.

I love it when my opponents begin to defend the insurance companies for paying 'too much'. How do they know what too much is?? Why do you think there are at least three professional adjusters called to the casualty that inspect every claim, who are license and certified to determine the scope of works needed? When I tell my friend in the insurance business that here in Century Village, some people complain that the insurance companies are paying too much, they simply refuse to believe it! At the end of the road, who is the real beneficiary? The unit owners and the associations!

History will prove that 1st Priority did great service to many residents in Century Village. "Poor chaps", they were randomly picked up in the Maintenance Committee and were cleverly dragged into the election feud.


I expected an angry reply from you. There doesn't seem to be any angry responses to my post. Maybe it goes to show that people ARE willing to listen to facts instead of just listening to the opinions of the few who have been influenced by venomous claims.

Elaine, give some thought to what mistakes I really made and if you think they are worth publishing, go right ahead. All I ask is for you to stick with the facts, and then we'll all see how short your response is. And, don't expect me to mention my shoe box filled with thank-yous anymore. What I have done for the Village in the past is reward enough since it came from the heart and not for the thanks.


Why does the logo have to say unofficial C V Blog ? Why not just C V Blog ? The top page just has Century Village @ in West Palm Beach, I know at delegate meeting voted this not to be offical web site for Century Village for U.C.O. Just a thought that came to me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Insurance again

Dear Elaine
Since the election campaign, I have seen your growing interest in insurance matters. I wonder why? You sometimes answer your own questions without having the slightest bit of professional knowledge. You also met me numerous times at the UCO office but not once did you question me on insurance related issues. I guess your questions were never questions at all, but statements in the form of questions because you are more concerned with bashing than with professional advice or information.

By the way! What is the MISTAKE that you and "your group" constantly referred to during and after the election? I never went into detail on what I felt the mistake really was. Maybe the MISTAKE was for:
•Trying to help the residents in insurance claims when there was no insurance coverage!
•When trying to overcome the MISTAKE OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY!
•Not commenting on all your comments which in most cases have a negative touch to it.
•Not informing the Delegate Assembly of the Insurance Company's mistake when I fully expected it would be fixed quickly.
Maybe you can tell me what you think the mistake was??!!

Can you tell me what point you are trying to make in your latest posting? Do you feel the water damage of numerous Associations should have simply been ignored???

C H E A P E R?

As for the Blog, I myself do not read it too often since I have been running short of anti-venom serum due to people like yourself who choose to ignore the decade of devoted effort on my part, and instead find it much more satisfying to degrade me publicly in hope of raising self esteem. Who are you to cast the first stone? When you've devoted thousands of hours as a volunteer of UCO as I have, then maybe you will have earned the right to be critical. There are those who commit and contribute.... and those who would rather complain much more than they are willing to contribute. It's something you may want to consider.

Bulletin Boards

Is it time to spring clean your notice board! I am not just nagging. The neat board above has polite notices in plastic sleeves, the board is $40+ from office supply store. The whole effect is responsible and efficient.
The point is, if you were buying a condo would you buy in the cared for, well-looked after building or on raggedy lane.

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Why are we named 'Century Village', where did it come from? Red Buttons probably knew. Irwin Levy tell us?
"Century" full of olde English street names. Did Irwin spend time in England!

Friday, March 26, 2010


New Phone App for iPhone

According to this article (CLICK HERE), you can download this application for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for only one dollar and it will give your device enhanced phone capabilities for only fifteen dollars a month. It works on both the 3G network and WiFi.

Rhonda Reads The Blog

For those of you who are interested I can confirm that 1st Priority attorney Ms. Rhonda Zimmerman is not a bloke.
Rhonda’s suspected gender change was dispelled beyond reasonable doubt – no man has such good taste in clothes, when she confirmed yesterday, that her slip into masculinity was nothing more than a document typo. I would like to congratulate attorney Rhonda on her choice of reading material too and can report without the mere hint of a lawsuit that:  Rhonda Reads The Blog.
She also asked me to tell you how pretty she is. She is, very, and… modest!   

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi all,
Chalk this late notice up to your new UCO President being a bit overwhelmed. There has not been a meeting of the UCO Computer Committee for about five (5) years.
This is a true travesty, which will now be corrected. Tommorrow, Thursday; 25 March, 2010 in the UCO conference room at 10:00AM.

If you got computer smarts, please show up, this will be an important meeting.

Dave Israel

Max Specialities Difference

My own figuring for building insurance additional cost for the 2009 water damage 'mistake', for 7,854 units is $296,161.00 this year.

Call it $300K this year. Not including personal insurance deductibles, and personal distress and displacement costs, and insurance costs for future years.

Calculation: I looked at Income/Expense for my 24-unit bldg. The difference in the insurance budget is approximately $75/mnth more than originally budgeted. $905/year. The management co. concurred. I figure that is the increase of Max Specialties over original Universal Insurance numbers. Please correct if you have better.
When is next meeting of the Insurance Cmte. they should have exact figures.


The following is just in from our Comcast Account Care manager Christine:
Great News! Showtime On Demand is having a FreeView!

Starting this Thursday, March 25, 2010, and continuing through Wednesday, 3/31/10, all Showtime content will be opened up to all Video On Demand customers.

So, if you or any of the residents in your community have digital service with Comcast, they can take full advantage of this free view by going to their on demand library, located on channel 1 on their digital, high definition or high definition/DVR converter.

Dave Israel

Dog Walkers

I know that many Associations have voted to allow dogs. I love animals and that is ok with me. But, I see them walking on other Association properties as well as common areas (UCO). I don't know how we can enforce the rules of only walking on their own Association property!


Hi all,
We had  very good attendance at the Operations Committee meeting of March 23, 2010. Many residents turned out to protest the moving of the Saturday evening dances to Sunday. A petition was presented to UCO containing some 140 names requesting that the dance be returned to Saturday. In addition, WPRF received a number of written complaints about this change.

There was a spirited discussion regarding the pro and con of this issue; in particular the issue of costs associated with already printed advertising flyers; and contracts in place with performers. WPRF is working these issues.

In due course, a vote of the Committee was taken, and it was unanimous to revert to Saturday evening. The change will become effective June 1, 2010.

The new UCO will hear the voices of our Unit Owners and hopefully will have the wisdom to respond correctly for the benefit of all.

Dave Israel

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The dances will be on SUNDAY nights for April and May
and will resume back to SATURDAY nights as of June 1, 2010.

THANK YOU, Operations Committee!

Guest pool

Hi, I just was swimming in the guest pool at the main club house. The water was nice and warm. It was really very nice and all the new chairs look very nice! Thank you Frank and people that had input. I was not to happy with the way the blue tiles around the pool are . They have a black ring around the whole pool. It is really gross, is it possible to get them clean? I hope so.

Yesterday Came Too Soon.

Yesterday came too soon for Dan Gladstone. In his farewell column (UCO Reporter March) he forced us to relive, yet again, his past achievements. In fact he devoted the majority of his final epistle to his 'Helping Hands'.
Isn’t it a shame these hands didn’t extend to assisting residents, homeless due, at the very least, to his benign neglect of the 1st Priority Scandal.
What happened to the self-flagellating drama queen antics Gladstone displayed when this scandal was first exposed - filed away in his shoebox of  ‘good deeds’ awaiting judgment day?
There is no doubt that in the past, where arrogant people have a tendency to dwell, Gladstone was an able volunteer and, quite rightly, he should be commended for his efforts.
Obviously I wouldn’t  dare accuse him of double standards, even though I seem to recall our former insurance altruist was more than a bit miffed when reference was made to earlier events in his life. Why was his past, where he obviously derives so much pleasure from so irrelevant then?
Thankfully, Dave Israel and New UCO have not screamed foul and threat at the mere mention of investigative journalist. Nor have they attacked those who have had the temerity to pursue when all other avenues of redress had failed.
Without interference, New UCO, through it’s immediate co-operation has allowed the 1st Priority situation to come under closer scrutiny - working with us rather than against within the law. Whilst the process must seem painfully slow it is moving and as this story unfolds the future holds more than hope for our unintentionally homeless.   
As Dan Gladstone clutches his shoebox of thanks in his hot  “astronomical helping hands” I wonder if he realizes how downright insulting his final column was. Not so much as a sorry to those who would also like to live in the past and for whom,   ‘Yesterday’ can’t come soon enough! 

Give Me Land

Lotsa land, ... don't fence me in ...
Century Village has bargain condos, but you already knew that. Did you know we have wide open spaces, greenery, and breezes! Try to find a modern condo that is not built shoulder to shoulder for maximum profit - looking at the wall next door.
Photos: Berkshire prairie. Coventry savannah. Sussex shade.
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Maybe we should put the mangy alcoholic bird back up and forget about it. My alki brethren are aghast at my attacks on an alki brother.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Please Take the CV Bus

Thanks to ThereIfixedit .com
This has possibilities, but not on Okeechobee Blvd.
Can the Bloggers come up with a punny?

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scandalum Magnatum

March continues to be a busy month for 1st Priority Attorney, Ms. Rhonda Zimmerman. Whilst it’s not known if Ms. Zimmerman will be defending Dan Gladstone, she would appear to be representing her favorite company – 1st Priority Restoration in a recently filed lawsuit. The irrepressible Ms. Zimmerman has also, it would appear, found a new job.
According to documents filed in Palm Beach County Court on March 4th, Ms. Rhonda D Zimmerman Esq., is now the President of 1st Priority Restoration. She hasn’t had to move far to take up this alleged new post – just down the hall at 3389 Sheridan Street from Suite #479, which she shares with mold testing company, Florida Sciences Inc., to 1st Priority headquarters in suite #127. 

Unless the debt-collecting attorney would care to confirm otherwise, Ms. Zimmerman Esq. has undergone a gender transformation. "She" now claims to be a "he", which is clearly visible in this Court document. Was it a mere slip of the pen caused by indecent haste to file this lien, or has new 1st Priority President, Ms. Rhonda Zimmerman, plans to 'expand' their 'reconstruction’ efforts?

Tankless Water Heaters 2

George R Pittell said...

To Peter Amato

It should be evident to readers of my posting how little I know about installing Tankless Water Heaters or I might add any other type. That is why my posting is asking questions to which we need answers to our concern of fire risks. My concern is simply based on the presentation by the Chief Plumbing Inspector Joe Kajak and Bob Carr who I belief is the Chief Electrical Inspector, that they delivered on 2/9/10. I would liked for you to have been there to present your position so that the rest of us could see how the differences could be settled.

We are going to have a new Maintenance Committee Chairman. Let me go out on a limb and suggest there be another meeting where you and they can make your case and answer questions. Or, perhaps it could be arranged for you along with persons from C.V. who have knowledge of this issue to go to Mr Carr or someone he might designate were he not available.

In your posting you state “there is sufficient electrical power in C.V. W. Palm Beach to install 44amp Tankless Water Heaters provided wires are upgraded to #6 and the breaker changed to 50amps”. You further state how the Planning Department would issue permits for 44amp Tankless Water Heaters. Again I am asking is that all that is required for the needed extensive rewiring?

Certainly I cannot dispute the process you describe in obtaining a permit. What is of concern is to determine that Tankless Water Heaters already installed were done under permit and in accordance with any applicable Codes. Another thing I do not know is how many Tankless Water Heaters have been installed in the village to date by yourself or any one else. If any have been installed by you, it would be a great help for you to present copies or other evidence of the applicable codes, plans and permits for each installation.

As you might imagine this would go a long way to alleviating our concern of a risk of fire.


Hi all,
The April edition of the UCO Reporter is Online, check it out at the following URL:

Dave Israel


Hi All,

Don't miss the April classes posted in sidebar.

Dave Israel

Friday, March 19, 2010

Does U.C.O. have ?

Does U.C.O. have a insurance chair person ? Or is Dan Gladstone, still the insurance chair person?
Your BLOGMEISTER replies:

Mr. Gladstone is no longer connected in any way with the UCO Insurance Committee.

Mr. Gladstone is not authorized to act for UCO in any capacity.

We are searching for a new Chair for the Committee, if any reader of this channel has had working experience in the Insurance industry; you are invited to apply to UCO most expeditiously.

We are in a time of great turmoil as regards Insurance for our Associations and we require our best and brightest to step up and bring their "A" game.

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization

Tankless Water Heaters Concern

While Tankless Water Heaters may not be illegal in C.V, there remains cause for concern. I understand that for them to be installed safely under code and permit, with what most people require as producing the temperature level they want and expect, would make the job very expensive as it would require extensive electrical rewiring.

Any installation without the required rewiring could pose a fire risk that would likely vary with each building as to the extent of the deterioration of its wiring over the years.

Avoiding this risk and expense would call for installation of a type of Tankless Heater that would
not produce hot water at the heated temperature most of us would require, but it would be acceptable under code.

This is the assessment of Tankless Water Heaters presented by 3 county officials including the Chief Electrical Inspector, Bob Carr and Chief Plumbing Inspector Joe Kajak, at a Maintenance Committee meeting on 2/9/10.

Many of those Tankless Heaters already installed in
C.V. may not be wired correctly and may pose a fire risk to both the unit and the building. The risk would greatly increase if more units had such installations.

It remains for the associations to now act upon those installations in code violation and to see that any future Tankless Water Heater installations are done under permit, within code and with the required rewiring.

Why the Association? It might be an association’s position that having informed the unit owners of the need to make certain of a contactors being licensed and insured is all they need do. Perhaps not.

An association, having advised unit owners of the need to check contractors for being licensed and insured may not leave the association without further responsibility and perhaps facing some liability.

Isn’t it possible in the event of a fire caused by a Tankless Heater, installed in violation of the appropriate code, and causing damage and serious injury, that an association having known of the risk of fire and having not taken corrective action could find itself facing significant liability claims with the added problem of possibly being denied coverage by their insurance company, based on neglect?

There is within UCO a Safety Committee that does a fine job advising and cautioning our residents in matters of safe driving, walking and the use of Golf Carts here in the village They also work closely with our Sheriffs Dept. Perhaps upon verifying the information presented here, alerting our residents and associations on the risk of fire as noted above could be added to the committee’s area of concern.

I learned recently from a friend in Boynton whose home was rebuilt last summer after burning to the ground, that when the first cold spell came and he tried to turn on the heat he discovered it was never wired. In addition a heat pump was put in but was also not wired. This work was all done under permit. From this we can see that having been granted a permit does not insure the job being done right.

I believe the above statements are accurate and I am prepared to allow for any contradiction that can be factually established. I am just asking this matter be given the consideration it requires now, rather than after an incident of fire and tragedy.

Some may feel installing a Tankless Water Heater is the business of the Unit owner and no one else. I believe this message shows that is not true.

Peter Amato’s posting on the Blog states that there is sufficient electrical power in C.V. W. Palm Beach to install 44amp Tankless Water Heaters provided the wires are upgraded to #6 and the breaker changed to 50 amps.

He further states such a Tankless Water Heater “complies with P.B. County Building Division, Planning, Zoning, and Building Department and that the above Planning Department would issue permits for 44 amp Tankless Water Heaters”

As stated above my understanding is that there would need to be extensive rewiring for safe installation of the type of Tankless Water Heaters, that could provide water heated to an acceptable temperature.

Does upgrading the wires to #6 and changing the breaker to 50amps meet the expected “extensive rewiring” that would be required? Or need there be more? What would the electrical inspector say?

As noted above my concern is also with Tankless Heaters already installed in the village. What do we know about them? Rather than being shown how permits can be obtained I ask it be shown if these Tankless Water Heaters were safely installed.

Seeing the horrifying photos of the fire damage at Oxford 400 should only reinforce our concern of the risk of fire. The damage to the unit and the resulting smoke damage to several other units should heighten our resolve for finding and removing fire risks from any source including Tankless Water Heaters.

George R. Pittell


 Every year there is another attempt to explain "alternate feed" at the 4-way intersection in the village. Here is a thoughtful discussion on TED, we are not allowed to post text but here is link
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Bring & Buy

There will be a Dover Tag Sale - Saturday March 20, around the Dover Gazebo 8am-3pm.
These events are very relaxed and sociable, people from all over the village show up with their 'stuff' and set up, no rules or fees.
This is last sale I shall post, taggers please join the blog and post own info.
Photos past Sheffield and Sussex Sales.
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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Have any Association's or their Property Managers, received any notification from
Plastridge Agency, with regard to the change of Insurance Carriers, from
Philadelphia to Max Specialties who will now cover Water damages, at a substantial
increase in annual premiums?
Neither our Property Manager, Gallagher PM, nor our President, nor I, as Treasurer,
of our Association have been notified, of what is to be a substantial increase
in our premium for this coverage, regardless of the fact, that we have no history
of water damages....we along with every other Association will now be faced with
re-vamping our budgets to cover this additional expense. What may we expect next!

Logo Design

I felt with a little tweaking from the previous suggestions for our logo, this is just perfect.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chuck and Take Cover

Adam 79, has moved 11 times, relying on sympathetic friends. Some unit owners still obligated to pay mortgages and maintenance fees face foreclosure. Some have moved away. Family has taken others in. One is in indigent care.“There was long stretch of avoidance of responsibility by institutions that were supposed to protect us”. claimed a unit owner.
Should you have assumed that the above paragraph refers to the victims of 1st Priority you would be wrong. It is taken from an Internet report published four years after a fire gutted Ventor B Century Village Deerfield Beach in 2005.
The building was underinsured, despite being part of a bulk insurance contract negotiated by the CV Deerfield Beach equivalent of UCO. Unfortunately, the stark similarities don’t end there. The insurance agent charged with the responsibility of the Deerfield insurance contracts, now part of the Ventor B  class action suit is Plastridge.
West Palm Beach CV, Plastridge Insurance agent Charles E Knudsen, known to his friends as ‘Chuck’, has had a sudden and potentially expensive reminder of who exactly his clients are. As Dave Israel, reported on the blog in February, ‘Chuck’, sent a somewhat obtuse letter to policy-paying associations reminding them that he was at their service.
Sadly as 1st Priority victims can testify it’s too little too late and the damage has been done. Knudsen now claims to have put his trust in UCO and Dan Gladstone."He thought”, when he expressed his concerns regarding 1st Priority in the late summer of 2009 - not to us his clients, but to the Insurance Committee ‘someone’ would take notice - he failed to put it in writing. Knudsen’s severe case of writer's block occurred again toward the end of last year when he wrongly assumed that his policy- paying associations would be informed that building insurance carrier, Philadelphia, appeared ready to drop coverage because of the huge increase in water damage claims.
It wasn’t until three months later, at the Delegate Assembly on March 5th that Knudsen deemed fit to inform us that a more expensive insurance carrier 'Max Security' had replaced Philadelphia.Yet at the same meeting, ‘Chuck’ remained mute as former president George Loewienstein reiterated the argument Gladstone used in a T.V. news report; "The 1st Priority problem was down to the permit department."
Speaking with me recently, Knudson finally admitted that a major hold up was the inability of 1st Priority to provide adequate factual documentation to Philadelphia's insurance adjuster, Engle Martin,
dubbed by Gladstone as "not your friend". Engle Martin is making an enormous effort together with the belated involvement of ‘Chuck’, to ensure that these claims are settled quickly by our former insurance carrier Philadelphia. With funds finally at their disposal, 1st Priority Victims may be able to rebuild their homes and more importantly their lives.
Incidentally, ‘Chuck’s’ conscience was pricked again a few days ago.To his credit, he gave the alert that 1st Priority had found a new set of clients here in the Village.
It would have been hoped that lawsuit defendant Gladstone would had enough intelligence to stay out of this new equation. Alas, not so! When asked by an uninformed resident if 1st Priority was reliable, I can but hope he'd kept a straight face when he answered – “As good as any other”.
As the victims of Ventor B in Deerfield Beach have discovered, a class action law suit provides no quick fix, but it does serve to remind those responsible that the problem is not going away and that ALL those involved will be held accountable.

Target Logo

Do we really want Target Stores logo
for our logo with CV Blogger etc?
Wake up people!!!! How ridiculous, how unoriginal. I don't want to advertise Target Stores.!!!!!! Do we want to be laughed at???? I would laugh at this but it is hopeless. Sorry Elaine. Good effort.

Killer JackRussell

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UCO Installation Lunch Highlights

Reason to Shop Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is going to lower prices in their grocery stores, including the one on Okee and Jog. But don't take my word for it, cursor over to this article and press the mouse button. (Wal-Mart is the same company that has $4/mo or $10/3 mo prices for select generic prescriptions.)


Hi All,
The following comes to UCO from our Safety and Health Committee Co-Chair, Mike Rayber

On Thursday march 11th there was a fall in the UCO office. Everyone did what concerned friends would normally do, that is help her to her up. The proper and best thing to do is just make her comfortable and not move her. A standard piece of first aid equipment to have there would be a blanket. People on the floor get cold. The standard for response time for the Fire Dept is 6 minutes. Moving a person that has fallen can cause severe injuries. If there is back or neck pain moving can cause a spine injury. Most common for us are broken hips. moving can cause severe internal bleeding. This is also true for fractures in the leg. A properly trained ambulance crew would have splinted the legs together before moving her.

Falls are the biggest risk we face to our health.

You may think that Heart attacks or strokes are the big problem. You would be wrong. You are much more likely to face a nursing home or even death from a fall

Falls Among Older Adults:

How big is the problem?

More than one third of adults 65 and older fall each year in the United States

Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths. They are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma

What outcomes are linked to hip fractures?

About one out of five hip fracture patients dies within a year of their injury.

Most patients with hip fractures are hospitalized for about one week.

Up to one in four adults who lived independently before their hip fracture has to stay in a nursing home for at least a year after their injury.

Statistics are from the CDC.

Michael Rayber EMT

Co-Chair Health and Safety Committee
Posted by Dave Israel
PS: The individual who fell in UCO did indeed fracture a hip.

Monday, March 15, 2010

From the Desk of VP Select Phyllis Richland

Thank you Dave, and thank you to the officers for their vote of confidence. Until the Delegate Assembly ratifies my appointment, I will work in the UCO Office as a resident-volunteer to assist in the transition of the new administration. Anything that I can do to make it smoother for Dave to take his place as President, I will gladly do.

I will also be in the office to help the residents in any way I can. Once again, thank you all and I hope it will be a good choice for all of us.

Thanks Phyllis for your gracious offer.

Dave Israel


Hi all,
In an earlier Post, Elaine seems to suggest that we need some more choice. Ok, please see that Post below.

We have associated a number with each choice presented; please vote your favorite in the new poll at the top of the Sidebar.

Of course, MOJO is included. If you have yet other candidates, place them in the BLOG and we will expand the choices further.

But remember, we are not rewriting the Treaty of Versailles here, so let's get on with this critical choice.

Dave Israel

From The Desk Of Peter Amato

science says "The sun will go dark in half -a-million years"

That means 1st Priority, will have to finish

it's work, here in Century Village, in the dark,


Mr. Irwin Levy has a plan to promote the village that requires a change of State law.
What if UCO just put up a sign or two at the gates.
How about a billboard on the Turnpike!

Visitors to the Blog - LOOK its true!

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Garage Space for Summer??

Does anyone know where I could rent a garage space for the summer? Or possibly a local realtor who might be able to help?


Hi all,
Todays, special Officers Committee meeting was principally to name a  candidate to fill out my vacated VP slot.

Per the UCO Bylaws, after brief discussion, the Officers assembled voted unanimously to recommend forward Phyllis Richland to serve out the one year unexpired term.

This selection must now be ratified by the Delegate Assembly, when next they meet.

I highly recommend that Phyllis be our choice.

Dave Israel

What are we voting for

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Posted by PicasaWhat are we voting for. Mojo or nuthin' ? Where are alternatives!

 Mojo could be mascot until everyone is not so busy with new administration.


As you can see, there is a number associated with each candidate; vote for your favorite in the poll widget on the left in the Sidebar.


Hi all,
There is only one day remaining in the MOJO poll; make your preference known.

See the poll widget in the sidebar.

Dave Israel

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi all,
As previously noted in this channel, our Insurance carrier Philadelphia has opted not to renew. Philadelphia covered us under a policy called a DIC policy; what exactly is that? Following is a brief definition:

"difference-in-conditions" (DIC) insurance

(1) An all risks property insurance policy that is purchased in addition to a commercial property policy to obtain coverage for perils not insured against in the commercial property policy (usually flood and earthquake)......Etc."

Philadelphia declined to renew our coverage due to "an increased frequency of water damage claims". Our coverage was picked up by Max Specialties. This change came with significant financial consequences.

In short, our premium has doubled to $600,000.00 for this coverage. This change was effective 1 January, 2010.

So, look to your Association financial statements to determine if this increase has put your budgeted Insurance line item into a monthly deficit; and take appropriate action as needed.

Dave Israel

Congratulations Mr. President

Sunshine Week

200 years ago James Madison wrote: "A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both." His words remain a call to action for CV and the Blog. This week is Sunshine Week promoting open government and freedom of information. Go to some open meetings at UCO, they are very enlightening. You can find a volunteer spot that needs your ideas too.Thx Prez LWV of PBC

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comfy Chairs

Inviting new chairs at the Guest & Resident pools, Marvin crowd-approved very comfy, no stripes on your skin! Loungers coming shortly. Thanks to whomever chose these.
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Daylight Saving Tonight

Daylight Saving, time to move your clock ahead one hour tonight. Do not be late for the Installation.
Now we will have more hours of sunlight, use less lighting, more Vitamin D outdoors very healthy.

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