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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

A sincere thank you to Debbie Dickson, Commercial Lines Manager of Brown & Brown, Inc., for sending my Association’s missing insurance document. Alas, Ms. Dickson was obviously as confused as I was about the elusive insurance update, because she claimed that the carrier was Philadelphia, when in fact it was Harleysville. Taking a charitable view, I shall not infer any incompetence from this none too insignificant slip of a 'dictation machine', but unfortunately the confusion continues.

Although our current insurance agent, Mr. Ty  Beba, assured readers on this very Blog, that the missing endorsement CG7347, was amongst his clients' policies here in Century Village, it was not in mine. Nor, was it listed amongst the numerous endorsements at the beginning of the policy papers. Since we are required by Florida Statute to have ALL insurance documents in our possession, the point at issue was, to establish that associations were receiving the individual General Liability Cover that they were paying for.

The helpful Ms. Dickson, not only sent the missing endorsement requested, but also an amendment received by Brown and Brown on May 12th, 2011(issued 05/04/2011) marked “Policy Changes - Change 2 – Blanket Location Separate General Aggregate Limit” is added with respect to this policy. This amendment also states a change in the premium! 

Since the change in policy last May was retroactive to the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t be presumptive enough to accuse our esteemed insurance agent, Mr. Ty Beba, in being more than a little economical with the truth. Since this particular issue was exploited by Brown and Brown and UCO to discredit the insurance competition, are we slowly but surely returning to the 'don't ask don't tell' approach by former administrations? Insurance, being the most expensive budgeted item, requires that full disclosure to us, the clients, is necessary in every aspect of the insurance process. Haven't we yet learned from expensive mistakes regarding the insurance programs of the past? I think that most of us by now, want to be more informed, and are no longer satisfied to purchase insurance based on who can afford the better suit?

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi all,
Thanks to Courtney in W.P.R.F., Inc. we have an updated list of Century Village Clubs. You may access the list at the following link:


Please call Courtney at the main clubhouse if there are any questions.

The list may also be accessed from the sidebar.

Dave Israel

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

windsor H

We share our sorrow in the passing of our longtime Association President, Mr. Joseph Spanier on Fri Dec 23rd. He was a kind and caring man with a great sense of humor and served our association well for many years. We offer our condolences to his wife, Dorothy, and to Joe and Dorothy's families and many friends and neighbors.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Haskell Morin

I just wanted to reprint the obit for Haskell from the PBPost. There were few people who did more for Century Village during his lifetime. He volunteered his time helping on many levels. The stretch of Haverhill Road on the CV side (named for Haskell Morin and Company) was a place he regularly picked up trash. Many of us remember his repainting the stripes on the crosswalks in CV. There are too few people like him here, and we will all miss him.

Haskell D. Morin Visit Guest Book

Family-Placed ObituaryHASKELL D. MORIN 74 of West Palm Beach and Worcester, MA, died Saturday, December 17 after a brief illness. He leaves his loving wife of 43 years Geneva (Morrow) Morin, a son Joseph Morin and his wife Tanya, three daughters, Deborah wife of James Tracy, Robin wife of David Pierce, Rhonda wife of Kenneth Godwin, a brother Dr. Edward Morin, 13 beloved grandchildren and 10 cherished great grand children. Haskell was a past President of the Century Village Condo Association where he lived and a long time member of the Board of Directors of Century Village's United Civic Organization. Funeral services will be held at 11 AM today in Perlman Funeral Home, 1026 Main St., Worcester, MA 01603. Burial will be in B'Nai Brith Cemetery, Worcester. Memorial contributions in his memory may be made to the American Cancer Society , 350 Plantation St., Worcester, MA 01604 To express condolences and/or make donations Visit
Published in The Palm Beach Post from December 22 to December 29, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011


Hi all,

Elsewhere in this BLOG, there is some considerable complaining (note, I did not use the word whine nor any variation thereof) about the paving work in the Village.

It is always good to stick to facts, rather than anecdotal observations. Anyone interested in actual technical testing of the work, may read the tests for themselves. These tests were performed by Federal Engineering & Testing Company, who are certified by some very prestigious references:


See the actual test data on phase one of the project. In due course, when the tests are completed on phase 2, we will publish them as well.

See test results at the following URL:

Our job equals or exceeds standards on virtually all tests.

Dave Israel

noise ordinance rules

imaginethis... complaints  oh  its in our  etc  durin the day  disturbing  heavy nappers  what are the decibel laws eh???how ridduculous  but...what  if one had a grand child  crying   ooops...give me a break..somehow i have become the victim of this situation ..ive purchased headphones  hear aids etc  but  one should enjoy  bach  or  cartly simon without  some old fart  complaining  suggestions please.....

Thursday, December 22, 2011

paving job

I find it amazing that no one has posted re this lousy paving job in the Village. After three weeks of delays and people cancelling appointments as they could not get to their cars, we finally are getting paved - unfortunately. We have had mix and match paving with uneven levels and borders, strips of differeing widths, totally mismatched, incorrect car stanchions replacement and pebbbles galore. If this job lasts more than a year it would be a miracle and worst of all we have heard that we paid 3 million dollars UPFrONT! We all would love to know who hired these bozos and decided to pay them in this manner. Had you never done any contracting deals before - ever hear of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. Punch list my Aunt Tilly! The whole job stinks to high heaven in more ways than one.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Open Letter Response by Ty Beba

Ms. Cohen, thank you for your detailed questions and your request for information on the coverage provided by Brown & Brown with the Insurance Policies in place for Century Village-West Palm Beach. We have been addressing these and other questions in insurance meetings over the past few weeks and I am available in the UCO office during office hours every day to answer any other questions. Please pardon the length of this response because I will intend to be thorough in the event that you are somehow unable to attend one of our meetings. I will address them in the same order as to maintain a level of consistency:

1. The Ordinance & Law coverage we added on to the American Coastal Property Insurance policy back in May of 2011 provided a coverage limit equal to 5% of the Insurable Limit of Each Building. It was not 2.5% as positioned by some other agents. As you suggest there are multiple options available to the each association from "no coverage" to "even higher coverage" limits. It’s just very difficult on a coverage summary page to share so many coverage, deductible, or premium options.

Example: A Building with 26 Units and a replacement cost of $1,677,483 would be covered for:

At 5% Coverage Limit: $ 83,874 in Total Coverage Limit for Demolition of Undamaged Portion of the Building AND for Increased Cost of Construction to make Code Upgrades as required by Ordinance & Law.

At 2.5 % Coverage Limit: $41,937 in Total Coverage Limit for Demolition of Undamaged Portion of the Building AND for Increased Cost of Construction to make Code Upgrades as required by Ordinance & Law.

While this coverage or the coverage limits are not mandated, it is important to consider all the additional expenses that a regular property insurance policy would not cover.

2. Actually, it is not relevant that there is currently policy for all associations to choose between a deducible of $2,500 or $5,000. If certain associations require the $2,500 deductible, we would simply issue one policy for any Associations choosing a $2,500 Deductible and another policy for All Associations choosing $5,000. The lower deductibles are just not available for all Associations and no Associations had a lower deducible last year due to claims in previous years.

Having too low of a deducible could result in minor claims being reported to the insurance company making it so that they refuse to renew the coverage in coming years, or increase the deductible option to disproportionate levels.

3. The Coverage Form that is part of your 2011 General Liability Policy through Harleysville Insurance Company has been made available to every association in their policy books. The coverage form is labeled as “CG-7347 Blanket Location Separate General Aggregate Limit”. We refer you to Item A. 4 and A.5 for the coverage language which states: “The limits shown in the Declarations for Each Occurrence, Damage to Premises Rented to You and Medical Expenses continue to apply. However, instead of being subject to the General Aggregate Limit shown in the Declarations, such limits will be subject to the separate General Aggregate Limit for that “insured location”. For purposes of this endorsement, “insured location” means any location indicated as such on the Declarations or any other premises owned or rented by you on which you are performing your ongoing operations”.

Then Pages 1 through 9 of Endorsement GU-7008 (Ed. 4-09) continue to list every Association we insure at the Village on a separate basis so that the separate limit can be designated to each association. It would be irresponsible for us to include 62 pages of our coverage forms specific for our clients on a website that is open access to everyone in the world who has Internet access. As I mentioned, the coverage forms I referenced are readily available in every Association’s Policy Book we distributed. A copy is also available at the UCO office, and one is in my possession if you’d like me to share with you in person.

4. The Umbrella Policy is what is known in our industry a “True Follow Form” policy. It literally extends coverage limits above the Liability policies with the same terms and conditions of the underlying policies. ITEM 5. on Page 2 of the Umbrella Policy requires that our General Liability policy the endorsement which we just mentioned earlier. ITEM 7. on Page 4 of our Umbrella Policy states that they will respond like our General Liability Policy as per the forms we have sent them. This is the same form we referred to on your 3rd question. Please see our response to your 3rd question regarding the posting of coverage forms on a public forum. They are part of the Insurance Books provided to all of our clients, with a copy available at the UCO office.

5. Equipment Breakdown coverage is a key coverage because it provides coverage to the Associations’ Electrical Panels. Common Area Heating & Air Conditioning Units and similar electrical and mechanical components of your building perils are not covered under the regular property insurance policy for certain perils. These perils can be losses arising from “Shorting”, “Electrical Arcing”, “Power Surges” and the like.

6. The question regarding Assessments to Unit Owners and their Homeowners Policies does not have a very easy answer. First, it is not known if every Unit owner has a Homeowners Policy in place. Second, it is not known what types of coverage limit or coverage trigger the homeowners’ policies provide even if there is one in place. Third, the loss assessment from the Association to a Unit Owner is not limited to the Association’s Wind Deductible. What if the Association has not purchased Ordinance & Law Coverage OR the limits of the Ordinance & Law option they purchased were not enough? Lastly, it is not known how long it would take to collect Assessments from Unit Owners, all the while where repairs have to be completed to the buildings. Once again, this is a very personal choice for each Association. However, we are happy to be able to provide options to our clients in the event they do not feel they have enough reserves or the ability to collect assessments in a complete and timely manner.

7. The 6 Page comparison we have compiled details every aspect of the coverage, deductibles, and limits available from the Top 6 providers of Director’s & Officers Insurance Coverage for Condo Associations. It took our organization countless hours to pour through all coverage forms for these insurers so that we could prepare the comparison. It would be unreasonable for us to be required to post our efforts on a public website so that any one of our competitors can utilize as their own. If you like, we can happily share with the coverage comparison in person.

The coverage forms we have proposed for the renewal are both from Chartis and from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. As for the debate regarding the public ownership of Chartis’ parent company AIG Holdings, that is one that is impossible to do on this blog. The American Public did not have to bail out or own any part of Chartis, or AIG Insurance. Chartis has done a great job for any of the Associations who had claims last year. The coverage forms between insurers vary vastly in this important coverage and we are happy to discuss the details in person.
8. With the crime policy, last year’s policy carried a limit of $300,000 and did not provide coverage extensions for “Computer Fraud”, or “Funds Transfer”. We could not offer this coverage at the time because we were not your agent and too many Agents had sent too many applications to too many insurance companies, blocking our access. This year, as the Incumbent Agent, we were able to access the Insurer of our choice where we were able raise the coverage limit to $500,000 and include coverage for Theft of Association’s Money & Securities which may be kept on site, Robbery or Safe Burglary on site of the Association, Computer Fraud, and Funds Transfer. While not all these coverages may be terribly relevant to most Associations, we were able to make all these improvements at lower premiums.

We are very sensitive to all the confusion and problems the Associations at the Village have experienced with the topic of Insurance. It is very unfortunate that most of that can likely be associated with the tactics used by some Agents. Once again, we have followed every requirement and rule of the bidding committee as required from us. We will continue to address the insurance needs at the Village with the utmost professional expertise.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Executive Vice President
Brown & Brown of FL, Inc.
Palm Beach/Treasure Coast




An Open Letter to Ty Bebe

Seasons Greetings, Ty Bebe and Brown and Brown. How heart warming to see you return to the blog after such a long absence.As a current client, considering options for 2012 I would sincerely appreciate your comments on the following:

1. Regarding the difference in ordinance & law coverage that you speak of, 2.5% vs 5% of the building’s value, did we all not have 2.5% through your agency last year, and is it not our prerogative whether we purchase no ordinance & law, 2.5% or 5%?  I just want to clarify that all three options are available and that you offer all three, just like the other agencies soliciting us. 

2. About the $2500 deductible, is it not relevant that we currently have one policy for all associations, and that American Coastal will not offer the $2500 deductible if there is even one location on the policy with a history of claims.  If we were on separate policies, we have been told that we have the option of $2500 vs $5000.  Why were we not previously informed of this option? 

3.Please post here on the blog, for all to see, the part of our 2011 General Liability policy where it states that we have a separate limits for each association. 

4. Please also post here on the blog the part of our 2012 Umbrella policy where it states that we have separate limits for each association. 

5. Regarding Equipment Breakdown insurance, please describe here exactly why this is a “key” coverage for our associations. 

6. Please describe the mathematical details regarding the deductible buy-down policies.  Is “loss assessment” coverage on our homeowners policies not relevant to the decision to buy the buy-down policies?  If I as a unit owner purchase a homeowners policy and I calculate my portion of a special assessment after a hurricane, does it not factor into my decision that I may be duplicating a portion of this coverage, especially considering that with a buy-down STILL has a deductible of 1% or 2% depending on which policy we buy?  And do I, as a resident buying homeowners coverage, have a responsibility to pay for an association policy to protect owners who choose not to buy homeowners coverage?  Your honest advice is appreciated on this subject. 

7. Regarding directors coverage, can you post the policy comparison here on the blog?  Last year, it was not mentioned to us that Chartis is actually the rebranded arm of AIG, which has been all over the news in recent years and is 75% owned by the US government.  It would be very interesting to know if this policy is superior or inferior to the Great American and Travelers policies being recommended to us by other agencies. 

8. As to crime coverage, what coverage was excluded last year that we will have this year?  Why was the decision made to alter coverage for 2012?  

Please answer these items carefully and honestly. As you and UCO are aware we residents have been fed a diet of insurance confusion and problems .  If there were mistakes or inefficiencies in 2011, I would like to know the facts so that I and other residents can carefully and intelligently move forward.   


Monday, December 19, 2011


I hope this message finds everyone in good health and joyful spirits before the Holiday Season. Reading about insurance is not always the most enjoyable thing, but every so often we feel compelled to reach out to the Village Residents and clear the air. Hopefully this communication is not too cumbersome.

We have been working on the renewal policies for the Associations in Century Village West Palm Beach for the past 4 Months. As you may already know, Brown & Brown successfully proposed the best coverage terms and premium options against two well known competitors: “Insurance Office of America” and “Corporate Insurance Advisors”.
As the Incumbent Agent for some 240 Associations in Century Village, we were able to improve the coverage terms when available, and the premiums when possible again this year.
For the past few weeks, we have been aware of other Agencies meeting with Associations on an individual basis and sending around “Estimated Quotes”. They then ask for an Agent of Record letter to be signed on their behalf so that all of our hard work over the past 4 months can be assigned to them based on their “Estimations”.
As you review these guessed premiums and coverage terms please consider the following:
Property Insurance:
  1. Ordinance & Law coverage that is in place for your Associations has been cut in half in the estimates:
The “Estimated Quotes” severely reduce the Ordinance & Law Coverage we have in place for the Associations. The coverage mentioned limit is only HALF OF THE ACTUAL COVERAGE. For a Building Insured for $1,500,000 Limit, the Ordinance & Law Coverage is REDUCED FROM $75,000 In Coverage TO $37,500 in Coverage. If you see a lower premium in the property quotes from estimates, you will know why.
Either way, the difference in premium between a $2,500 Deductible and $5,000 Deductible is about $80 Per Association, Per Year! It’s not recommended to have such a low deductible for older buildings. The claims frequency will increase rates in future years.
  1. The very large deductible that is of the highest concern for the association is the Hurricane Deductible. The other estimates DO NOT and CANNOT provide an option to reduce this deductible so that large assessments can be avoided following a Hurricane.
Liability Insurance:
    • It is irresponsible and incorrect to suggest that the coverage limit is shared on our program. The insurance policy clearly states the application of separate limits for each Association.
Equipment Breakdown Insurance:
    • Once again, the “Estimated” quotes being circulated around the Village also EXCLUDE this key coverage part. One guess is that this is so that the total premium can be made to look lower on their “estimates”.
Umbrella Policy:
    • The coverage limit offered in the “estimated” quotes distributed to associations provides a much lower coverage limit than that of our policy. In fact it is $10,000,000 less in coverage.
Directors & Officers Coverage:
    • Our coverage form and deductibles are more beneficial. We will be happy to share the 5 page coverage comparison form that was provided to the Insurance and Bid Committees with you upon request.
Crime Policy:
    • Coverage has been extended both in coverage limits, and coverage terms for the renewal.
As you compare our Proposals to the Estimated Guesses of others, please pay special attention what you’re being asked to give up. All in all, we believe you will still find our proposals to be more competitive in pricing when compared to any other available out there.
Please come see us at the UCO office during the week days so that we can address any questions in coverage forms, payment schedules, or premiums. We will continue our hard work for Century Village West Palm Beach.
Happy Holidays; and a Healthy 2012!

Executive Vice President
Brown & Brown-Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Division

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hi all,
Occasionally, I am asked why our CV bus system is a common expense. It is so, because of a court case decided in 1983. (Official Records, Book 3961 Page 1864)

The decision is to be found at the following URL:

Judge Poulton's decision may also be accessed from the sidebar under Core Documents.

This is a reasonable decision devolving from Condominium living. In due course of time, we may all require the buss to get around. We have one of the finest transportation systems in Florida, try it, and  enjoy.

Dave Israel

Happy Chanaukkah and Merry Christmas to all bloggers!!!
Wishing you all a safe, happy, and healthy 2012!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

On behalf of myself and everyone at Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. I want to wish you a happy holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Allegiance - the new security company is here. Help them do their job, we are our own best friends, if you see something suspicious call the rover car (561) 459-0740. Please.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


















Hi all,
UCO proudly announces the publication of the online edition of the January 2012 issue of the UCO Reporter.

Please follow the link:

The UCO Reporter online may also be accessed via the sidebar link.

Dave Israel

Where is our Grass?

Spring to Fall

The weather in Florida is so extreme, drought, flood, drought, etc. that whole species of plants disappear from year to year. I remember when there was no Riccardia – the starry flower ground cover (so I am told) – everywhere now.
My Association grass died last Spring, a few weeds began and now they provide total cover (no grass). I do not mind. The weeds are frogfruit, sorrel, day flower, riccardia, little yellow flowers, dollar weed (oops too much rain). I hope they continue to fill our place.

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Holidays in CV

Try a tour of the village by day or night.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sites where I have a password encourage me to change the password every few months. Do passwords become weaker with time??



The image above is the latest data from the County. Note well the dimensions marked in red showing distances from CV buildings in Greenbrier and Golf's Edge. Dimensions (in red) from structures, roads, and the water. Just what we, or our parents purchased here for!! Let the County Commissioners know what you think.
Dave Israel

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hi All,
Following are the Email addresses of our Board of County Commissioners.
Please let them know your views concerning development of the Golf course:

Dave Israel


Car Wash Pad

I will apologize in advance if this subject has been covered in the past, but I was wondering if C.V. has a location with a spigot available for residents to wash their cars? For the time being, I am able to wash my car and would like to spare the expense of the car wash. Additionally, it seems the car wash scratches or damages something after each visit. If it is an issue of water conservation, could "gray" water be used?

Is there any prohibition of an individual condo making such an accommodation available?


In perpetuity means FOREVER. Let's hope the Commissioners agree also and say NO to construction on the now-defunct golf course.

Why not use the land as a park where we could go walk or bike at our leisure, in a safe environment?

Just think: turning this land in a "community" will only destroy another natural habitat and ultimately cause traffic, noise, crime, overcrowding, air pollution, flooded area, etc.

Is this what we really want?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hi all,

The Delegate Assembly video of December 9, 2011 is now live in Cyberspace for your viewing pleasure.

Follow the link:

You may also access the Delegate Assembly videos for the past three years by way of the sidebar.

Dave Israel

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Theater Ticket Pricing

I happened to look at the Pembroke Pines listings and their ticket prices are lower than ours. For instance Tommy Mara is $8.00 at CVWPB and $6.00 at Pembroke Pines. They also show a seating chart which leaves me to believe that they are allowed to choose where they sit in the theater!


Hi all,
As you are aware, elections for UCO Officers will occur in March 2012. I am pleased to advise you all that on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Barbara Cornish advised me that she would be a candidate for Vice President of UCO.

Barbara has advised me that she is an independent candidate, not affiliated with any organization nor is she necessarily supporting any other candidate as yet.

I wish to heartily endorse Barbara's candidacy for VP. I have personally observed Barbara take on difficult issues and through a combination of research and native intelligence resolve the problem.

Barbara is the personification of the type of Officer we need in UCO, and I strongly recommend that she is deserving of your vote.

Dave Israel

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi all,
See links in sidebar for UCO Open Meeting schedule for December 2011 and January 2012:


The links above are live as well.

Dave Israel

Something new to think about- COMMON GOOD

I am reading again and this time it is Tom Brokaw’s new book, “The time of our Lives, a conversation with Americans". He is reviewing much of the good of this country and some of the not so good. He talks about today's committees and lobbyists who have issues that they are fighting for. He says that years ago, these people presented and fought for their cause but in the end they compromised and voted for the COMMON GOOD. This is missing in the world today and particularly here in Century Village.

We have a committee whose only agenda is to rebuild a golf course. I do not believe that there is anyone in the state that has the wherewithal to renovate a golf course and maintain it, has it on their TO DO LIST to build a golf course for the empty property on Haverhill road. This golf course would almost be guaranteed to lose money as the previous two management people have. The golf course was nice to have so close, it was at times very pretty so that even the people who did not use it could enjoy it. These are different times we have to think of the COMMON GOOD.

The golf course that the pro-act committee wants is NOT one of the answers on any multiple choice questionnaire that the county authorities might have in front of them.

Why is our committee ignoring the COMMON GOOD. These are hard times, many people here in the village are struggling just to make ends meet. Many associations are really having a hard time dealing with several units which for various reasons, have stopped paying. Associations are ignoring their bylaws and allowing sales to people who should not be eligible for residence in the village. If things don’t get better, we could be looking at a total collapse of our wonderful lifestyle.

Who is looking out for the COMMON GOOD?

Why don’t we have a committee who would work with the developer to adjust his plans so that the development that we get will be something that we can life peaceably with? Five years ago when the developer was D.R. Horton, his lawyer agreed to a gated 55 and over community with a limited number of units. We wouldn’t even listen, let alone go the next step to get that offer in writing. Today are we going to just keep spending money to fight our current developer and then live with whatever he puts up because we were too stubborn to compromise.


Monday, December 5, 2011


Are the gate arms at the Haverhill and Okeechobee exits still sometimes kept in the open position? I think they sometimes are, and if so, I have a question.

Sometime ago on the blog there was a “movie” of someone exiting at the Haverhill gate, going a mile a minute, and breaking the gate arm. Could it be that some drivers, seeing that the arm is in the UP position, assume the gate is in the kept-open position and so drive right through? Because driving toward an exit gate, it can be hard to tell if the gate is the kept-open position or if the gate arm is just slow in coming down—as is normally the case with the exit gates

Could this "not knowing which way it is" be contributing to the number of drivers crashing into the exit gates? Could it be that because the exit gates are in the kept-open position SOME of the time, there are more, not fewer, crashes?

Geneology Club begins

The first meeting of the genealogy club will be at the clubhouse January 9 at 1:30PM. The first meeting will be more of an organizational meeting with some time for sharing. If interested, please plan to attend. Any questions you can contact Anitra Kraus at 629-7522 or

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Hi all,
George Pitelle sends along the following:
Dave Israel
The Hearing on the Golf Course

Along with hundreds of other C.V. residents I attended the Golf Course/Reflection Bay Project hearing before the Zoning Commission on 12/2/11. We first listened to the Magistrate read the comments from cards submitted by our residents as well as some personally presented. With the possible exception of 5 or 6 they were mostly opposed to the project. Many echoed the arguments presented by the two attorneys representing these people in stressing the restriction of the development of the Golf Course and its remaining as such in perpetuity. Other comments stressed the hardships and difficulties the Reflection Bay development would have on the residents of C.V. and other communities. These would include health concerns for people having trouble breathing air contaminated with dust brought on by the construction. Others stressed concerns related to the impact the project would have on traffic and water, with specific points better than I can relate here.
Anyone sitting through the proceedings up to this point might well have thought the arguments presented against the project were quite strong if not compelling.
After a break the attorney for those opposing the project briefly addressed the Commission, next the attorney for Reflection Bay took to the microphone. He was asked specific questions posed by some of the commissioners. Referring to the project plans he seemingly answered them to their satisfaction.
What followed was several votes which quite frankly were not clear to me. The votes were all in the affirmative with one commissioner voting opposed on I believe each one. The result of all of this was the approval of the application for the development of the Reflection Bay Project and the defeat of efforts in opposition to it.
Now lets look back at the hearing. With most of the comments opposing the project citing the restriction of development being in perpetuity I can not recall it ever being addressed and can only wonder if the issue of in perpetuity was somehow dealt with in the votes. If so with there being no comment or discussion it was in my opinion certainly given scant consideration. It has been often pointed out that the same issue was ruled in favor of a community in Mizner Park in opposition to building a golf course. What was the legal distinction in the two cases?
After the hearing I was told by one other attendee how he expected the C.V. residents most strongly opposed to the project will continue to fight it, perhaps by going to court. My response was “and who will be paying for that“, to which we both declared with certainty that the residents of C.V. will not agree to pay for it. I understand there was going to be another hearing on 1/5/12, What does todays action do with that?

George R. Pittell
Chatham D




See noon report at:

Dave Israel

For the Brits Amongus

Diamond Jubilee info. Plenty of time to plan for next June.

BBC America is channel 114 on TV, and for the totally shameless Brits it is showing Top Gear marathons.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Remote Control article

Thank you Marilyn Pomerantz for the great article in UCO concerning how to use the remote control. I've got it covered in plastic - ready for review at all times. That had to take a lot of time.
One thing though, can anyone please tell me how to save a station as a Favorite? Now that UCO has listed all the higher channel numbers for our favorite stations, I would like to save some to my Favorite list. I can't figure out how to do it. If somebody does know, please pass it along.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi All,
Those of you who are original unit owners were promised something, do you remember what it was?

Let me remind you, follow the link:

One of the items on this full color  rendering is a Golf Course. This Golf Course was further etched in stone by way of the official Palm Beach County Plat number 14, which is annotated "To remain for Golf Course purposes only in perpetuity"! Thus, those of us who came after the original owners are also beneficiaries of the "In Perpetuity" promise.

Tomorrow, the Palm Beach County Zoning Commission, will hear the pleadings of a Developer to overturn this Plat Restriction. We in UCO and the ProActive Committee are diametrically opposed to this extended urban sprawl and ask all those who read this Post and are also opposed to this development, to come tomorrow, Friday, December 2, 2011, to 2300 Jog Road, to the Vista Center hearing room to show your opposition to the Zoning Commissioners.

Your numbers will send a message, some of you may also get to speak to the issue! So, look at the brochure at the link above and don't let the promise be taken away.

Thanks to Mr. Phil Shapkin for the Brochure.

Dave Israel

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi all,
The Zoning Commission hearing on the Golf Course proposed development, Reflection Bay, is scheduled for December 2, 2011 at 9:00am. This hearing is to be at the Vista Center at 2300 Jog Road, just off Okeechobee Blvd. (West on Okee., right at Jog Road)

The agenda has been published by PBC, follow the link:

All concerned residents of CV should make every effort to attend.

Dave Israel

Monday, November 28, 2011


It is probably too late to be suggesting this, because I understand the Operations Committee is going to be taking up tomorrow the subject of reserving seats for shows. But for what it is worth late in the game…..
If the Committee cannot come to agreement on giving residents who pay and reserve in advance for the shows some say on where they sit—which I think they should have and is the best solution—PERHAPS WPRF CAN DO A BETTER JOB OF DECIDING WHAT ARE THE PREFERRED SEATS.
For starters, the first few rows of seats on the extreme left and right are not as good as seats farther back and nearer the middle of the theater. I would suggest too that any seats in the first 3-4 rows are not as desirable as those from say, row 5 back. Also, that seats in the center-front of the balcony are better than many seats on the extreme ends. A lot of people like those center-front balcony seats.
I would recommend that a small committee be formed to hash this out and come up what they consider the “A” seats, the “B” seats, and so forth. Then, if using the random lottery system, assign the seating by first selling the “A” seats, then the “B” seats, etc. This is what WPRF does now, I believe, but I think their determination of how seats rank with the people has been off the mark.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Something Else To Think About

I note with interest that the illustrious Executive Board Member, Gerald Karpf, simply couldn’t resist tarnishing the first issue of the new Reporter by putting pen to paper with libelous gossip. Working from his own agenda, presumably in retaliation to Reporter references regarding his involvement with the 1st Priority fiasco, Mr. K attempts to convince Reporter readers that I, Sue Cohen, am not an investigative journalist, but a hypocrite who breaks the law. Now, had Jerry been of a genuine literary persuasion himself, he may have realized that it is somewhat foolhardy to rely on the information gathered from unreliable sources.  According to Mr. Karpf, I stand accused of installing tankless water heaters in our building's eight laundries to the detriment of the residents. Mr. K further accuses that in doing so, I broke the law,  which will cost thousands of dollars to rectify. Now this would have been rather difficult since I wasn’t even in the country at the time of the installations. In my absence, the condominium washers, dryers and water heaters were in fact, installed, under contract, by an allegedly reputable laundry company.
Unrelated at the time, and at the request and expense of the association, a well-known electrical firm carried out an inspection of the building's wiring several months later. It was then discovered that one of Florida’s best-known laundry companies had installed the heaters in clear violation of the law. The issue was immediately turned over to our lawyers. With the knowledge, consent, and support of the condominium board the resulting code violations were reported to the Department of Planning, Zoning & Building.
Because of the circumstances, no daily fine was ever imposed, and our law firm has been dealing with this legal matter ever since. As our more informed residents are well aware, liability for these unlawfully installed water heaters has been accepted and will not cost our residents the thousands that Mr. K implied was the case. Our attorneys are presently negotiating with the laundry company's insurance agents for an amicable resolution, hopefully in the very near future.
One would have hoped that Mr. K, an elected representative of UCO, would have had a modicum of sense not to allow his wounded ego to get the better of him. Publishing allegations without a substantial evidence file is not a wise, but potentially a highly expensive move.  As every investigative journalist knows, to publicly libel someone of breaking the law, without a single shred of evidence, is likely to place such people and those they purportedly represent firmly at defendant's table of the nearest courtroom.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Genealogy Club beginning

There is a new club getting together to start in Century Village West Palm Beach. It is a chance for people that are interested in genealogy. We can share ideas and information on how we can trace our families. Also stories of reunions of families that have been separated for decades and how the same techniques were used to create these reunions.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this club please contact me with your name, contact information and what times work for you for meetings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Century Village

On behalf of myself and the entire Becker & Poliakoff family, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mark D. Friedman, Esq.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hi all,
UCO is pleased to announce the publication of the new look UCO Reporter under the leadership of Myron Silverman, Editor in Chief.

Thanks Myron and the new crew for an excellent issue; we look forward to many more, as the Village has indeed found a new voice.

Follow this link:

or, as usual you may access the Reporter by way of the link in the sidebar.

Dave Israel

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am thankful

I am thankful for family and health and CV friends, and many other fine blessings.
I am thankful for the reduction in our very prudent association budget $15 per unit per month - Due to all UCO workers and the Insurance Committee efforts. You really have to watch those insurance companies. I also switched my house to the UCO recommended company and saved a bunch. Constant competition is the key and mine will all be redone for next year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something to think about

November 19, 2011

Just an interesting thought.
I am currently reading “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson and I am reading about the ipad development and the apps that they wanted to provide.

Steve rejected an app for porn and someone took him to task for censorship. Steve’s reply is that one might care more about porn when they have kids, and it’s not about censorship or freedom, it’s about Apple trying to do the right thing for its users.

Then he said: By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you create anything or just criticize others’ work and belittle their motivations?

I think the above is so applicable to life here in the village. Are we working to divide and destroy or to do the RIGHT thing for the village. I believe that David is working much harder than a volunteer can be expected to work and his goal is doing “THE RIGHT THING” for all of us.

Theater Tickets

I am one of the minority who purchased season tickets to the shows. When you purchase a subscription WPRF has your money in August and tickets are distributed in October. I have been told that seats are assigned with use of a computer. My problem is that people buying tickets a few days before the performance have ended up with better seats than the ones I received. I think this is terribly unfair and unless a new system is used I will no longer buy tickets ahead of time. Very few shows sell out and my friend bought a ticket on Thursday for Freddy Roman and will be sitting in Section B, Row 5 while I will be against the wall in Section C! Don't you think there is something wrong with that?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Open Accounting?

I must applaud the members of the current Reporter Editorial Committee for their openness and honesty in supplying copies of their recent minutes to residents. However, even people like myself who deplore censorship may consider publishing the password to the Reporter accounts (Quick Books) a step too far- especially since it’s phraseology is that of wishful thinking not fact. This remarkable display of competency astounds me!


For those of you who feel edgy about renewing their Florida driver’s licenses under the new system, I thought I’d let you know I had a good experience.
About two months ago, I was notified that it was time to renew my driver’s license. The notice explained that this couldn’t be done by mail or online, but that I had to go into one of the Tax Collector’s offices with proof of my identity and address.
About three weeks ago, I went online and found out what documents I needed. This can differ depending on your situation. Through their interactive form, I was able to print out the specifics that applied to me. I had the choice of making an appointment online or by calling a toll-free Tallahassee phone number. For no particular reason I called the Tallahassee number. A very helpful man answered and made an appointment for me to go to the Tax Collector’s office in Royal Palm Beach this past Wed. at 3:00 p.m. I got a reminder phone call about the appointment the day before.
On Wednesday I got to the Tax Collector’s office at 2:50. Outside the office I “registered” at a booth. The clerk there (one of two) took my documentation, placed a clip on it, and gave it back to me with a slip of paper saying “R-117.” I went inside and sat down among SCORES of people waiting, They were there for different things, and some had been waiting a long time. I have waited there in the past.
Within TWO MINUTES “R-117” was posted on the information board and it was announced: “R-117 go to Desk Four.” The woman at Desk Four was very nice. Despite the fact I was turning 75 on the expiration date of my old license, all I had to take was a vision test, which I passed easily. I breathed a sigh of relief.
I knew they would be taking my photo and had said to myself before going in: “Now don’t get feeling angry about ANYTHING, Lanny, or it will be showing on your mug shot for the next several years.” This worked out fine. There was nothing to be angry about. The mug shot even has a slight smile.
The renewal cost $54 and my new license is good for 8 years.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


These seems to be some misunderstandings regarding the renewal process—please let me try and make it clearer.
We currently have three Agent’s bidding the renewal for the whole of Century Village for 2012. They are Barbara Addeo, with Corporate Insurance Advisors, Bob Lopker, with Insurance Office of America, and our incumbent Ty Beba, with Brown & Brown.
They will be making presentations to the Insurance Committee the week of December 5th. The bids will be reviewed by the Bid Committee on Monday, December 12th and there will be a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, December the 15th in the Clubhouse at 9:30am, so individual Associations can review their individual premiums for the year.
If after reviewing the UCO insurance program you want to opt out, a form will be provided for you. But, please before you opt out make sure you have another Agency who will write your insurance coverage. If you opt out of the UCO program, you will not have insurance with us.
I have had 2 Associations and 1 management company asking permission to seek quotes outside UCO. You don’t need permission to seek quotes outside; we feel that the program we provide will be comprehensive and cost effective. We only ask that you compare apples to apples. Make sure that what you’re buying is what you think it is and not a watered down version at a bargain price.
If after reviewing our program, coverage’s and prices, you feel that you can get both better coverage and price with another agency, than opt out. You will have until December 23rd to return your selection sheets or you’re opt out sheet.
We hope our selection will meet with your approval and that this letter makes it easier for you to understand the process. But, if you have any questions, I’m at UCO most days, please call
Toni Salometo


Hi all
The flyer seen above appeared unsolicited on my doorknob, as President of UCO, I must confess that I do not understand it's purpose!
The Agenda suggests that attendees will receive "Association Legal Updates".
UCO has provided Association Legal Updates for many years, UCO has done this by bringing in Attorneys from Becker & Poliakoff, and other firms. UCO has also had the Condominium Ombudsman speak to town hall meetings. Between these two sources and others, we have provided timely advice and updates to thousands of our unit owners, and we will continue to do so.
So, what will The Salisbury I guest speaker have to say in this regard?
The Agenda also states that attendees will receive "Association Insurance Updates" Wow!, it turns out that our UCO-Association Bi-Lateral Agreement, which you may link to in the Sidebar, and which most of our Associations have signed and all of our Associations have benefited from since 1999, provides that UCO shall place policies of Insurance by way of competitive bidding, which UCO did - and will do again, and which resulted in a reduction in our premiums of Two Million dollars! Oh yes, since the current Administration took office, we have presented Town Hall meetings with Complete Association Insurance Updates
So, what will The Salisbury I guest speaker have to say in this regard?
The final Agenda item is "Century Village Newspaper Update"
Ok! Our UCO Bylaws, which also may be accessed by a link in the sidebar states that UCO shall publish a newspaper, called the UCO Reporter, which UCO has done consistently since 1982.
So, what will The Salisbury I Association have to say in this regard?
Please, will someone from Salisbury I answer these questions on this BLOG?
Finally, is this luncheon about Village unity, or if not, what is it about??

Dave Israel

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brain Activity

That was a different kind of show at the Clubhouse last night. There was more brain activity than the theater had ever seen before ;-)as people tried to out-figure mentalist Jon Stetson.
Some say he is a mind reader, some a comedian, certainly super skilful. He did amaze and entertain us. If you want to practice his magic square see Utube (its long) and the similar sites. Lots of “mentalist Jon Stetson” links. 
I think I prefer to stay in ignorance of how tricks are done.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More Shredding

How was the Shredding Event yesterday? 
If you missed it you can still shred a modest (small) amount at Bank Atlantic just outside the village, next to the library. You do not need an account but it helps if you say the magic words “Century Village”. Thank you to your community banker Jason Kennedy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Board elections

Can an owner who is in arrears in their maintenance payments run for a position of the condo board of directors?
FS 718.112 among other things provides:

"A person who has been suspended or removed by the division under this chapter, or who is delinquent in the payment of any fee, fine, or special or regular assessment as provided in paragraph (n), is not eligible for board membership......"

Dave Israel

What Key!

Does everyone have keys to their meter rooms, or does the management co.? For 12 years my Association did not think about this. Until today - FP&L locked the meter room door and then phoned at night for help to unlock it.
Embarrassing... tomorrow we will track down the key business, if it is ever locked the irrigation workers, etc. could have a continual problem.