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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

A sincere thank you to Debbie Dickson, Commercial Lines Manager of Brown & Brown, Inc., for sending my Association’s missing insurance document. Alas, Ms. Dickson was obviously as confused as I was about the elusive insurance update, because she claimed that the carrier was Philadelphia, when in fact it was Harleysville. Taking a charitable view, I shall not infer any incompetence from this none too insignificant slip of a 'dictation machine', but unfortunately the confusion continues.

Although our current insurance agent, Mr. Ty  Beba, assured readers on this very Blog, that the missing endorsement CG7347, was amongst his clients' policies here in Century Village, it was not in mine. Nor, was it listed amongst the numerous endorsements at the beginning of the policy papers. Since we are required by Florida Statute to have ALL insurance documents in our possession, the point at issue was, to establish that associations were receiving the individual General Liability Cover that they were paying for.

The helpful Ms. Dickson, not only sent the missing endorsement requested, but also an amendment received by Brown and Brown on May 12th, 2011(issued 05/04/2011) marked “Policy Changes - Change 2 – Blanket Location Separate General Aggregate Limit” is added with respect to this policy. This amendment also states a change in the premium! 

Since the change in policy last May was retroactive to the beginning of the year, I wouldn’t be presumptive enough to accuse our esteemed insurance agent, Mr. Ty Beba, in being more than a little economical with the truth. Since this particular issue was exploited by Brown and Brown and UCO to discredit the insurance competition, are we slowly but surely returning to the 'don't ask don't tell' approach by former administrations? Insurance, being the most expensive budgeted item, requires that full disclosure to us, the clients, is necessary in every aspect of the insurance process. Haven't we yet learned from expensive mistakes regarding the insurance programs of the past? I think that most of us by now, want to be more informed, and are no longer satisfied to purchase insurance based on who can afford the better suit?

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