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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019


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As of today, fewer than half of Century Village unit owners have signed up for Atlantic Broadband cable television service. With only three months left until our contract with Comcast ends, unit owners are urged to contact ABB Customer Service and make appointments for installation of new equipment. Appointments can be made by emailing Danny Gonzalez, ABB Customer Service Manager for Century Village, at
Dave Israel

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Four candidates are seeking two of the four vice presidential positions.

On Friday, March 1, delegates to the delegate assembly will be voting for two vice presidents for a full 2-year term. Four candidates have applied for the position. Current VP Stew Richland seeks reelection. Fausto Fabbro and John Gluszak, who each served previously as a VP, are running again. And Ed Grossman is making another bid for the position. Now we have heard from them in their statements made on Village channels 63 and 95, and in a robust debate moderated by new County Commissioner Gregg Weiss.

The question is: Who do we want to represent us, remembering that the two chosen VPs will be sitting in on all the very important officers' meetings; overseeing various committees; attending many other meetings; and not last, each being assigned to a different one-fourth of the associations (their "quadrant") to provide guidance and help? The vice president position is an important one as UCO is structured. What do we look for in a vice president? Let me make some suggestions.

A vice president has to have some smarts. He or she needs to understand the factors that go into decision-making on many issues, most of which have a price tag attached. Our finances are limited. We need to be mindful of the future. We need to maintain what we have. We should acquire new items and do so wisely. Can he or she deal intelligently with all the issues that arise, sufficient to help lead this Village of 14,000 residents, comparable to the size of many towns. The VP also needs to be able to correctly guide those who come to him or her with Village questions—not guess nor skirt the issue (we've had too much of this over the years)—and where necessary consult someone more knowledgeable for the answer.

A vice president needs to work as a team member. His or her expertise and advice are needed, and sometimes one must stand alone. But the VP needs to work WITH others, and especially the UCO president, who has the hardest job of all and needs support, for not everything will go right in any organization. A vice president should not be a disrupter, nor a glory seeker, nor out for only himself and his own advancement.

Finally, but not last in importance, a VP needs to have a genuine affection for ALL the people—not just his friends, and certainly not just those from whom he or she can expect "payback" in some form.

Decisions are not always easy. Please give this one some serious thought. Thank you for reading thus far in this post, and you may stop right here. For any interested, however, I will share whom I plan to be voting for as UCO vice presidents: Stew Richland and Fausto Fabbro.


THANK YOU, John Gragg and his committee for all the hard work you did.  We received 2 75" TVs, and you raised John over $4,000 plus in Cash.   Thank You to all the volunteers and vendors that made this a successful run/walk and all the people that contributed to the VETERANS. 
So glad we showed our support to those that served us and our country. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Mark Friedman, B.C.S.
Board Certified Specialist in Condominium Law is giving two seminars this week with guest speakers joining him:
Wednesday, February 13, from 10-12 (Party Room)
Understanding your Insurance.
Mr. Friedman is bringing  insurance professionals to give you a better understanding of Insurance.   
Everything you ever wanted to know about your Condo insurance as a Board member but were afraid to ask.
The information will be presented in an interesting, easy to understand format.     Since most Board members
do not understand insurance this is an excellent class to attend.
Friday, February 15, from 10-12 (Classroom C)
Have you been sued for discrimination?  Well it happens a lot in Century Village.
Sometimes it can result in a Board member having personal liability.   This seminar is designed
to help you understand how NOT to make the mistakes that can cause problems with screening, pets,
service dogs, emotional support animals.    Mr. Friedman is bringing his colleague, Attorney Joann Burnett,
who has been helping Associations with Fair Housing issues for almost 20 years.
There is no sign up for these seminars. 

Mark D. Friedman Shareholder
Board Certified Specialist, Condominium and Planned Development Law


Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Dave Israel

Sunday, February 10, 2019


I want to THANK Commissioner Gregg Weiss for all his help in this matter.  Hopefully Ferrin signs will start soon.  Thank You to the Beautification Committee for never giving up and  also Dom.Guarnagia.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Pet Friendly

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I knew some associations in Berkshire are pet friendly, but this was a real eye grabber.

In fact cars stropping where the shouldn't to take photos. 

Actually a hazard. If they were sheriff's, how effective for law enforcement, can this mode of transport be in Century Village?

Friday, February 1, 2019


I CANNOT GET OVER THE EXCELLENT JOB THE UCO ADVISORY COMMITTEE HAS DONE IN WORKING UP THE CHANGES TO THE UCO BYLAWS. That so much has been done so well is a credit to the committee in not only sticking with the job, but also in getting along with each other! And in doing this month after month.

A great deal of the credit goes to Anita Buchanan, who has accomplished the impossible in my eyes. The committee members (and by extension the whole Village) have had the benefit of her not only chairing the meetings, but doing the recording! (Whoever heard of a committee chairperson also taking the minutes?) It doesn't stop there. All of her literary and writing expertise has gone into the all-important wording of the document, where we also must thank our longtime friend and attorney Rod Tennyson. And now Anita hosts the "town meetings," where the document can be discussed, and she chairs presentations of it at the delegate assemblies.

I only hope now that we, the fortunate people of Century Village, follow the lead taken by the Advisory Committee in working together in friendship—and in respect for what the Committee has so magnificently done—to get the job completed.