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Monday, March 31, 2014


The other blog shows pictures of the road work after the paving. We had a meeting with the paving company before it was a go. We were told that unless they went and dug up old paving the cracks in the road would appear where they were from underneath. To make sure of no cracks coming back it would have cost much more. The delegates votes for cheap, as usual, therefore the cracks in the road. I wrote a similar blur on the other blog but they probably won't print it, therefore, the duplicate.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

AMR (Our Ambulance Service)

Should you receive a statement for your portion of charges, associated with the above, I would call
their 800 number and advise them, that we in CV West Palm, have a contract thru UCO, that each
Owner pays into monthly..As one who recently was in this position, after having my health care
provider pay their portion, I was sent a statement reflecting the balance.  I immediately called, informing
them of our agreement and the matter to date has been closed.
In conclusion, question any statements you may receive regarding this issue.  Do not immediately
rush to pay....
Bettie Lee Bleckman

Friday, March 28, 2014



Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This beauty was trying to escape the cold, if it is yours, please contact :

Dave Israel





8 AM TO 2 PM





For further info:  Sharon  561 246 1445

 Please print off and put on your bulletin board - Thanks!
S.V.P. installer sur le Tableau D'Information - Merci!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor Of Elections March 20 1:45PM

Century Village Computer Club will have Susan Bucher, Palm Beach County Supervisor Of Elections give a talk on the use of technology in the voting process. Thursday March 20 at 1:45pm meeting room C in the clubhouse. All are welcome


Dave Israel

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



These from the folks who are preaching Village Unity
As Don4060 said, "You can't make this stuff up".
Dave Israel

time to update the new UCO officers and board members on the sidebar!

Monday, March 17, 2014

J.W.V. Post #501

Golden Century Post #501
Next Meeting
Sunday April 6th
Collation to start at 9:00 AM
Meeting will begin promply at 9:30 SHARP
Cypress Lakes Clubhouse
3445 Cypress Trail 33417
For more information call:
Howard Lowenthal - 561-478-2780





8 AM TO 2 PM






 Please print off and put on your bulletin board - Thanks!
S.V.P. installer sur le Tableau D'Information - Merci!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Esther Sutofsky needs to study up on Florida's Sunshine Law: it doesn't apply to condos, only goverment agecies. From, the state attorney general's website:

  • What is the Sunshine Law?
    Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine law provides a right of access to governmental proceedings at both the state and local levels. It applies to any gathering of two or more members of the same board to discuss some matter which will foresee ably come before that board for action. There is also a constitutionally guaranteed right of access. Virtually all state and local collegial public bodies are covered by the open meetings requirements with the exception of the judiciary and the state Legislature which has its own constitutional provision relating to access.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Esther volunteering at UCO

If Esther wishes to volunteer at UCO and you do not take her up on it, can she sue or cause any other
kind of problems.  Will the nightmare EVER stop?


The following is published without comment.
The post above drew the following Email from Ms. Sutofsky,
and I'm the one whose nasty?????

Gerry and Esther Sutofsky

12:56 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
David, you continue to amaze me. The request for the records is a simple request with no nefarious reasons, just a
post election analysis for my own information and enlightenment. For you to ascribe a nasty meaning tells me you are going to continue the nastiness of the election and encourage your followers as well. I do not understand your reasoning. Why continue to divide the Village with hate and insinuations? Why not try to unite everyone, invite all under the umbrella. I guess this tells me what kind of reception I will get when I hand in my volunteer forms for UCO committees.
How sad it is that you continue on this way. How sad for the Village and how sad for you personally that you think you must be nasty in order to survive.


Dave Israel


Can you believe the answer I got from Gary Olman? Who says I have to post all the garbage you may post?

Can you believe the answer I got from Gary Olman?

Hey Gary, why didn't you post my reply, you did not like my correcting your arithmetic? The difference in the election was 72 votes ! I thought this was an open forum
Okay you are right on the vote.
Who says I have to post all the garbage you may post?

This is my answer to Gary, I quote from his Blog: I thought I was “polite and civil”

My Village Blogger

This is an Open and Public Blog. Anybody can comment and post. All you need be is polite and Civil. We will discuss those subjects that will be beneficial to the Village .We are about the Good Life in Century Village, West Palm Beach. A Gated Retirement Community. Copy our address to your desktop: Email me:- Tweet me:- villager0148

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

United States
United Kingdom
Hi all,
I was asked to publish these stats in the winter, so here they are. these stats are since inception of this BLOG, 9/26/2009.
While of course the vast preponderance of hits are from the United States, the remaining numbers reflect to a degree our non-US Residents. Note in particular the views from Russia and the Ukraine.
Of course our Canadian friends are well represented.
The countries listed, are the top 10, in fact there are hits from 102 countries.
Any questions, please place in Comment stream.
Dave Israel

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


By the Act II Community Theater, on Wed., March 26

            Did you see the Act II Community Theater’s production of “The Angina Monologues” on January 20 at the Clubhouse? It was a big hit. About twenty people had to be turned away because of the limited space in Classroom B. It received much kudos.

            Well, the Act II performers—fellow residents in the Village—are at it again, and you won’t want to miss their latest. It’s called “Strangers and a Train” and consists of a series of SKITS. The common link is that they all take place in a NYC subway or at the subway station. I can’t wait to see these talented Village residents in action again. I haven’t a clue as to what will happen in the skits, but I am laughing already in anticipation.

            The performance is on Wednesday, March 26, and starts at 7:30 p.m., the director, Kitty Gragg says. Once again it will be in Classroom B, which, unfortunately, is tiny. I don’t know if there will be a repeat performance, so my advice is to come early.



Hi all,
I have received some complaints about the link in the sidebar to the Malcontent BLOG.
Now that the election is over, I believe that link has served it's purpose so I will remove it in say two days.
This will allow anyone interested in placing the URL on their desktop to do so.
Dave Israel

Monday, March 10, 2014

Century Village Garage Sales DO NOT have outside vendors setting up.

This is in response to David Israel's request for some input: 

At the latest Delegates' Assembly, George Nathan from Windsor C got up and stated that "outside vendors" were setting up at the Century Village garage sales.  I am very involved with these sales, and held one at  my building (Windsor Q) recently. I assume he got the idea at that sale, because one of my neighbours (who set up) told me a man had commented to him that there were outside vendors present - he "knew" they were not Century Village residents, because he had seen them at local flea markets.

Well, Mr. Nathan is correct in that he has seen many of us set up outside the Village. A whole gang of CV residents set up at the Elk's monthly flea market and also we sometimes set up at local churches and synagogues, as well as at other venues. There is no charge to set up at a Century Village Garage sale, so there would be no purpose in allowing outside vendors in, why would we want the competition?  (The only occasional charge is $1.00 to cover the cost of the flyers which are distributed all over the Village.)

From the turnouts we get, it is obvious that many CV residents love the sales, they constantly ask when the
next one is, we have more "regulars" than the Wednesday night Bingo.  It is extremely social for both the vendors and  residents. Many of the elderly residents do not want to buy anything, but they love to come and wander through.  A lot of people (including myself) have made new friends at the sales, just mingling and chatting.

Obviously, we do not run all the sales that are held in the village, but the ones I am involved with have had their locations picked with care, making sure there is enough space for vendor set up and customer parking. If someone asks me to run a sale at their building, I look at it first, and if it is in a location that will cause congestion, I explain why it is not a good idea to do it. At sales set up by others, I have yet to see anybody selling who does not live in the Village.

Mr Nathan, you are also stated that it reminds you of living back on Orchard Street, (I Googled and assume you meant Manhattan), and that having these sales "sprouting up all over is demeaning to the village".  REALLY!!  I totally do not understand your negativity.........why on earth are you so upset that they take place?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Safety for Pedestrians

Kudos on cutting down the high shrubs at the northeast corner of the East Drive/Haverhill Entrance intersection. Now, entering cars making a right can see approaching pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.
Three suggestions:
(1)Put a "Yield to Pedestrians" sign on the traffic divider of the intersection, specifically for cars making left-hand turns.
(2) Bringing the "Please Stop for Pedestrians" signs into compliance with state law, which mandates "Must  Stop for Pedestrians"? Not difficult: just paste a "Must" over the "Please".
(3) Repositioning stop signs and stop lines to stop cars before, not after, they cross the pedestrian walk.


I do not have an understanding of  exactly how the proposed elevator at Hastings would be paid for and who would have the responsibility for its maintenance (WPRF or UCO or some  percentage combination of the two). An understanding of this and the tax liability question would be needed, of course, in deciding whether to have an elevator installed.

I can only cite my own experiences: A couple of years ago, I went twice with a friend to play pool in the billiard room at the far end of Hastings on the second floor. It was later in the evening and not too many people were about. I had just had knee replacement surgery and was using a cane, so we decided to use the lift. We made it to the second floor, but the ride was a shaky, “uncertain” one, which reminded me of the lift at our two-story condo––dependable 95% of the time but subject at times to getting stuck between floors, which I guarantee you is NOT a pleasant experience. More than once with a passenger stuck halfway down, we had to coax the lift down using the controlled gravity-fall feature from outside the lift. On one of these occasions the person inside––not an elderly, infirm person in this instance––reached a point of near-panic.

An even more dangerous thing happened one time with our condo lift (which, by the way, works better now, thanks to some innovative work by Action Accessibility, our lift maintenance company). It was after dark, and I was on the second-floor catwalk walking by the lift. I routinely checked the door to the lift to see if it opened all right. It opened all right, but the car was down at the first-floor level! Anyone opening the door intending to use the lift could have plunged down the shaft; and a 90-year-old woman lived in an apartment directly across from the lift! What a close call! We got that situation under control and the lift fixed (what was wrong is a long story), but my point is that I think our lifts are not as safe as an elevator.

Lifts are what the Village now has at Hastings, and they are down at the far end, where there are not usually many people around to respond to a call for help. Rather than risk getting stuck, we took the stairs down from the billiard room when my friend and I were through playing pool. If it’s not a terribly bad financial deal for the Village, I would be in favor of having a full-fledged elevator replace the present lifts. Eva Rachesky recommends it, I believe. I think she is right: With a dependable elevator more of our residents would use the second-floor facilities at Hastings.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Delegate Assembly 3-7-2014 p 1 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Part 1
Delegate Assembly 3-7-2014 p 2 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Part 2

Delegate Assembly 3-7-2014 p 3 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Part 3

Delegate Assembly 3-7-2014 p 4 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Part 4
Dave Israel


On Olga's Blog, Phyllis is resigning but will stay on to help a new VP. I say , new VP will not need any help from  PR, the faster she gets her stuff out of UCO the better off CV is .  

Friday, March 7, 2014


Dave Israel

The Winners

Clean Sweep With a Firehose!

Thank You Delegates. Now go back to work and get things done.

Now that the Election is over...................

Can we all live together in harmony ? stop the name calling, forget about the paving and law suits and start working to make our village a better place for ALL. I hope the new team will do just that.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hi all,
Somewhere in these BLOG-wars someone said, "you can't make this stuff up"! You are not going to believe what follows:
As you are aware, Sutofsky supporters Solomon & Karpf (candidate for Executive Board), have jointly filed two huge lawsuits against UCO (all of us unit owners are members of UCO). The first lawsuit seeks $392,000.00, the second, filed on February 19, 2014 seeks $5,000,000.00!
Well, guess what? the Attorney for lawsuit number one, Mr. Howard Alterman has filed a motion to withdraw from the case:

In light of this, one cannot help but consider what we might expect if Ms. Sutofsky were elected. Since she refuses to state directly what as UCO President she might do, and since Solomon and Karpf are her avid supporters; guess what, She can be expected to drag this entire Village into this suit and you and I will be funding the Solomon & Karpf  dream of great riches.  Does this sound familiar?
Ms. Sutofsky has stated on another web site that "that is what insurance is for" and "money will be flowing into our pockets".
Do not let this travesty go on, do not vote these people into office.
Dave Israel

Ten Things to Think About Before You Vote

1.     Was it a coincidence that the first lawsuit against UCO filed by Dave Israel’s opponents was filed hours after delegates defeated the recall against Dave by a vote of 161-4, and that we heard nothing (except that the plaintiffs wanted UCO to pay their legal costs) until the latest lawsuit was filed just in time for the Candidates Forum and the March 7 election?

2.   When people file serial lawsuits, disregarding the legal costs to all of us and the insurance premiums that will shoot up (or the carriers who will refuse to cover us because UCO has been sued yet again), why does a candidate for UCO President say, “That’s what insurance is for”? Leadership to call for solving problems in ways other than $5.4 million lawsuits is in order.

3.   If a candidate resorts to vicious accusations like referring to David as  “...just a “piece of human trash,” saying he would have “sold his fellow Jews down the river,” and does not speak out against supporters’ blog posts, like David “is bringing back the Third Reich” and David must be “taken down,”  won’t she govern in the same way?  

4.   On his worst day, David never resorted to religion-tinged taunts or threats. Neither did his supporters.

5.   Five years of study and several years on UCO committees and the Executive Board before David felt prepared to run for office doesn’t compare to a few books and docs on your desk for reference if you’ve never served in UCO at all.

6.   Facts matter. County engineers inspected the paving of the roads  –and the paving passed inspection. David has apologized many times for remaining trouble areas but opponents’ accusations ignore the inspections or denigrate the results.

7.   Hiring PBSO to be sure a potentially explosive budget meeting did not get out of hand isn’t exactly “Gestapo” tactics using “armed guards.”  Many delegates said it was the most productive meeting we’ve had in years.  For Dave’s opponents, PBSO is wrong, the County is wrong, UCO is wrong. Doesn’t leave much room for collaboration and positive thinking.

8.   A candidate who makes a sarcastic comment about David’s post-911 service (…”while you were out saving the world from 911”) insults the victims of 911 and anyone who used his or her skills to help track the perpetrators.

9.   Results matter. Savings to residents from reduced insurance premiums and the Comcast contract, balanced budgets, transparent bid processes, advanced business systems, UCO President’s meetings for input from association leaders, email notifications of minutes, meetings and events to 800 residents opting in, the foundation for Wi-Fi for Internet access at great savings, improved security and streamlined investigations, a record of coordination with state and County officials for the benefit of residents.  And he’s not done.

1.   Vision matters. Full implementation of W-Fi, a new infrastructure project to replace aging water pipes throughout the Village, a new foreclosure project to help associations recover funds -- big ideas for the future, not attacks on the past.

Please support Dave Israel and the slate of candidates he has endorsed.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Elections in Québec on april 7: How to vote from Florida | Voter par correspondance aux élection du Québec

We will have election in Québec on April 7. We can vote from Century Village! But we have to do it fast. ___________________ Sachez que ceux qui prévoient être hors du Québec pourront voter par correspondance lors du scrutin du 7 avril. Vous pouvez transmettre votre demande d’inscription dès maintenant. Durant une période électorale, vous ne disposez que de quelques jours pour procéder à votre inscription. En effet, Le DGEQ devra avoir reçu votre demande d’inscription au plus tard le 19e jour précédant le scrutin.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014




My opponent and her supporters have thrown up every roadblock to Wi-Fi, whether I get elected or not, don't let them get away with it.

Say yes to Wi-Fi, and look for UCO to launch the CYBER-SENIORS program.

Dave Israel


We live in a sue-happy age, and it grieves me. There is a time and a place for lawyers and for legal action, but to my way of thinking it should be a rarity, not something everyday. And yet it is everyday in our country, and we are the poorer for it, morally and literally—literally, because it is the lawyers and the insurance companies who make the money from these suits.

There is a certain crowd in this Village who seem to be sue-happy. They want to sue over everything. If they are not the initiators of a suit, they are behind it, for it, and urging it on us. When Dave Israel became UCO president, one of the first things he did was to take a strong stand against what he called “frivolous lawsuits.” Thank God.

Now we have those bringing “class action” suits against UCO or certain individuals in UCO. It is claimed we will all benefit if the latest class action suit is successful. Why? Because––IF the class action suit is allowed to go through, and IF they win––we will all get a few dollars. Who then will end up paying?––for rest assured, someone will be paying the tab. The lawyers don’t work for free. They gobble up HUGE chunks of the proceeds. If I understand Esther Sutofsky correctly, she says the insurance company will pay. That’s all very nice, but insurance companies are mighty smart about not losing money. Best case scenario, I expect they will raise our premium rates––and NOT by PENNIES, as Esther argues. Worst case scenario, as Dave Israel cautions, they may DROP US. That would be disastrous, because as Dave rightly says, if UCO became uninsurable, it would be financially foolhardy for any UCO volunteer to work for UCO. That is a chilling thought.

Esther disassociates herself from the latest lawsuit, but she doesn’t speak out against it. Instead she insists it is a small potatoes matter. It is similar to the way in which she disassociates herself from the overload of vile language and wild charges on the blog that supports her and calls her the “President Select.”

To my mind, Esther’s position on the class action lawsuit is IRRESPONSIBLE AND VERY DANGEROUS—and she isn’t even in office yet! Think of the consequences should she––and others on her “slate”—be elected. Even now, with the lawsuit having been served, we have had to notify the insurance company of the impending lawsuit, and that alone could jeopardize our insurance! Thank you, those who brought this lawsuit, and you claim to love this Village?

A word to the wise should be sufficient. Vote for the tried and true on Friday. Vote for a RESPONSIBLE slate. Vote OUT the disrupters. Vote out those who are suing, or defend it, or fail to speak out when they should against the sue-happy. And vote only for those you know will be responsible, cooperative officers and Executive Board members.

Monday, March 3, 2014


. . . and Esther Sutofsky’s claim of “Don’t blame me.”

In any political campaign there are bound to be some charges and counter-charges made by both sides that are “over the top.” There has been a difference, though, both qualitative and quantitative, in this year’s campaign for UCO positions.

The other day I went back through what remained (they seem to have deleted some) of the worst of the trash and vile language on the “My Village Blogger” blog, the blog begun last April by Gary Olman and Olga Wolkenstein. I told several people it was like walking through a pigsty. You need to step outside for a breath of fresh air every few minutes.

At the forum last Wednesday, Esther Sutofsky disassociated herself from the contributions of others on this blog. At the same time she insists that Dave Israel IS responsible for the content on the “Our Village in WPB” blog. How convenient!

Perhaps a little history is in order. Both blogs began with the stated intention of letting anyone participate, so for all intents and purposes both blogs were essentially “public blogs” in the beginning. In time the blog administrators of both blogs removed certain posts and comments—and bloggers. The de facto situation for some time now has been that each blog, for the most part, represents one or the other of the two Village political “camps.”

This has been the reality now for many months. If you believe Esther’s claim that she is only a “guest” on the "My Village Blogger" blog, you need only look at the banner on this blog to conclude there is more to it than this. Esther’s picture is prominently displayed, followed by the statement “This is Esther Sutofsky, our President Select.” This is hardly a neutral blog! In such a situation I contend that you DO bear some responsibility for what your supporters say when they engage in such an overabundance of vile talk and foul language, and you do not disown it.

I agree that Dave and Esther should not be held responsible for everything on their respective blogs.  It’s the continued extreme vileness on the "My Village Blogger" blog that makes it so reprehensible. To me, the worst of the lot have been the blog posts by Olga and “Eduardo,” which I believe is the pseudonym for Ed Ross. But some of Esther’s blogs, too, have had their share of vileness. Here is one example:

We now have our own tinpot dictator who is so desperate to hold onto his power and to ban free speech that he will use physical threats and intimidation to get his own way and keep his power. Why is he so desperate for that? Is there something that he needs to hide or is he just a piece of human trash not fit to be our president? Delegates, do you want to live in the only USA community that lives under a dictator who will stop at nothing to remain in power? Where do we go from here - black shirts, brown shirts, men with armbands, sticks, clubs and guns? ––Esther c/a 11/13

Here, for your interest, is what Don4060 said on January 16, 2014 about Esther's statements on the "My Village Blogger" blog :

As a homeowner who is not personally aquainted with you, my opinion of your candidacy is based solely on your public statements, and I find many of your statements objectionable or ill-considered. Just now, in this thread, you said "amen" to a supporter who described the UCO President as a "Neanderthal", then you yourself referred to him as a spy. In the range of epithets hurled from this blog, underneath your name and picture, those were pretty tame, but inappropriate nonetheless. Your candidacy has been criticized, by myself and others, but how many times have you been called a bad name? Has anyone ever called you a Nazi, or a spy, or a thief, or worse? And there has been much worse. The name-calling is wrong, and it should stop.

I do not know how many residents read the blogs. I understand Dave’s "Our Village in WPB" blog gets a good number of “hits” every day. I suspect Olga’s "My Village Blogger" blog gets far fewer. I have had several people tell me when they scanned through her blog for the first time, they couldn’t believe how vile it was. I have a friend on Cape Cod whom I keep in touch with by e-mail. I said to him, “Bob, to understand what I mean, just have a look at this blog.” Now Bob is an old army buddy, and he has seen about everything, but even he was stunned by the sheer volume of foul language and vileness on this blog. Here is what he wrote back:

. . . for once I am speechless. The dynamic duo of Olga and Edwardo [sic] are masters of profanity! If Esther were by some quirk become elected president, she would have to create some department to make use of their skills .......

So I would ask: Are these the kind of persons you want to be running UCO? Do you really think they are going to change if they get in office and become all sweetness and light? I believe Esther DOES bear some responsibility for what has been voiced by others on the "My Village Blogger" blog. I hope that on Friday, March 7, she and her team will find themselves voted OUT.

718.504 Form - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does anyone have a clean electronic copy of the form required in 718.504, each buyer shall be furnished a separate page entitled “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers,” which shall be in accordance with a format approved by the division and a copy of the financial information required by s.718.111.
Maybe Investigations has?
I have very blotchy old one on legal size paper, remember when!

If you can save me some typing please call 561 684-1969, Thank You

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oy vey Maria! - I Sogni nel Cassetto (v2.0)

1) be the Grand Marshal at the Columbus Day Parade

2) be the first blower of the shofar on Jun 1

3) take over the Jerry Springer Show

4) win the UCO elections

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Joy Vestal knows how to get things done. She has certainly demonstrated this as coeditor of the UCO Reporter. She and coeditor Myron Silverman have made the UCO Reporter a first-class newspaper. But Joy casts a yet wider net. Disturbed because that corner gas station across from the Village West Gate remained boarded up and an eyesore, she used her newspaper influence to light a fire under the appropriate authorities, and voila! Now there’s an open and functioning gas station there.

She’ll do the same kind of thing as a vice president of UCO if elected, and in that position be able to bring both her past and present newspaper experience to bear.

Bob Marshall and Joy Vestal are our best choices for UCO vice president in this coming Friday’s election. The opposition mistakes quiet calmness and experience in evaluating Bob. As UCO PRESIDENT he led us through the worst disasters this Village ever experienced, the three hurricanes of 2004 and 2005: Frances, Jeanne and Wilma. For years, as UCO president and vice president, he has helped innumerable residents with his advice and counsel.

We couldn’t do better than these two, in my opinion.