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Monday, March 3, 2014

718.504 Form - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does anyone have a clean electronic copy of the form required in 718.504, each buyer shall be furnished a separate page entitled “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers,” which shall be in accordance with a format approved by the division and a copy of the financial information required by s.718.111.
Maybe Investigations has?
I have very blotchy old one on legal size paper, remember when!

If you can save me some typing please call 561 684-1969, Thank You


  1. Elaine, I think that the Becker and poliakoff website has one

  2. No Don was not there. However, the form is now done, after the fabulous Dave Israel ran various computer programs in minutes. The fabulous Ed Black may also put it on the blog sidebar Forms later. I priced a lawyer who could produce one IAW our docs - over $200.

  3. If you search "Q&A sheet for condos" and scroll down to the link for this form, you can print a copy for your association and adjust it with questions you may want to add.

  4. Thanks Ruth,DBPR

  5. Here is a somewhat related question: When a condo association votes to pass an amendment to their bylaws, is there a form on which to print that passed amendment for purposes of bringing it to the city hall to be "registered"? Seems to me there must be a form with the appropriate
    blanks to fill in for this purpose.

  6. Have never seen such form. An amendment can be brought to the courthouse and filed as written, but it's always best to have an attorney write and file it to make certain it's written as intended. If you still want to file yourself, call the courthouse and ask what the requirements are, including cost. At that time, you can ask whether they have a prepared form.


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