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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Separate the facts

Last October, Sue Cohen and I, incensed at the problems of 1st Priority and Dan Gladstone, began investigating and compiling evidence to try to fix the problem. This situation was not created because of the election but because of the injustices suffered by the victims of these people. We are working and will continue to work until all of these units are repaired and justice is done. Dan and his group have attacked us because we have discovered the true facts related to him and 1st Priority. All of the information is documented to effect change and anyone who would like to see it can call: Sue - 687-4783 or Jean 640-7606. No matter how this election turns out, we will continue to pursue what we perceive as injustice. As far as bashing, lies about others is considered libel when written and slander when spoken. Copies of our files are with the proper authorities.


This will be my last blog before I go in for left knee replacement to match my now bionic right knee. I’ve made my wishes re the election known. Whatever the outcome, may our Village prosper and be a healthy and amicable place to live. I always liked the way President Reagan and House Speaker Tip O’Neill, polar opposites politically, would sit down together in the evening, enjoy a cigar, and tell Irish jokes. And how Ted Kennedy, the ultra-liberal senator from Massachusetts, had a close friendship with Utah’s arch-conservative senator, Orrin Hatch, who befriended and helped Kennedy many years ago in a time of trouble.

Insurance is our Village’s biggest single expense by far. Dan Gladstone admits to an oversight error having been made when our building insurances renewed. If I’m clear about it, it had to do with the insurance not covering water leak damage. Whatever it was, it was a major omission. I do not fault Mr. Gladstone for this. We have all made big mistakes.

But it points up a need expressed by Dave Israel. We need more professionalism in the Village. An attorney should be hired to carefully review our insurance policies each year to see that they cover what we need. That we are not paying for coverages we DON’T need. And that we are getting the most for our money from reputable insurance agencies and companies.

Our 11 (or perhaps it is 12) building insurances now include a couple of “Buy Down” policies. I don’t know what the premiums for these are—they may have cost us the moon—but the benefit has been huge. Suddenly, the hurricane deductible on three 2-story buildings like ours, worth about $1.7 million, has gone down from a scary $34,000 to a manageable $8500. That is because the Buy Downs reduced our deductible from two percent to a half percent.

Suddenly, the need (at least to my unprofessional eye) for the $2000 from everybody’s homeowner’s coverage, to go toward the association’s huge windstorm deductible, has become almost a non-issue. Most of our 24- to 26-unit associations have (or should have) $8500 in contingency funds. If not, it would mean levying only a $350 special assessment on every homeowner. That is less than most homeowners pay for homeowner’s insurance for one year.

That problem—how to come up with a $34,000 windstorm deductible—has thus gone away. The big problem NOW is the normal (non-windstorm) $5000 deductible on the association’s insurance, applicable in the event of a water leak. Associations really come into the picture in these water leak situations, because the ASSOCIATIONS are now responsible for the drywall: the ceilings, exterior AND interior walls. Can we do something about THIS?

To me, this is the next big question. It is one where UCO—just as with the Investigations Department—could use a paid professional expert, not full-time in this instance, however, to look into our insurance coverages each year. And, as Dave Israel says, where we need more than one knowledgeable insurance person among those in UCO.

Sad News

It is was with infinite sadness I learned of the sudden passing of one of 1st Priority’s victims exiled, for no real reason in ‘The Classic’ since last October.

Mindful of the grief of her daughters, it’s not appropriate to name her but it can be said that their mother was happy and content until she was forced out of her home 5 months ago.

She passed away, anxious, overwhelmed, and traumatized, desperate to return home.

Whether or not this contributed to the stroke that claimed her life is, obviously, debatable but it should serve to remind us that some mistakes come with incalculable costs.


The 1st Priority fiasco started 9 months ago, long before the election, and it’s not going to disappear, whoever gets elected, when voting’s over. 

Compliancy is problems best friend - facts its worst enemy, so please UCO just pause, for a moment, when you next look in the mirror. You should be able to spot the real cause of what some have now conveniently labeled ‘candidate bashing’.

To those who would like to believe our world is paradise, enjoy it, but at the same time spare a thought for your neighbors who have had their lives devastated by this deplorable mess.

And - next time you want to shoot the messenger, please remember you can sleep in your own bed tonight.

Some of those who placed their trust in you cannot.  



Please no bashing

Please no bashing

During my campaign I tried to concentrate on my good deeds, helping hand and many achievements. Nothing else is needed. Please contain your steam and refrain from accidental burst.
Thank you
Dan Gladstone

The video

Ken Graff

As you are a member of UCO that control the century Village Blog, I want to thank you for distorting and misleading the video display of me. Your editing is so unprofessionally clear that any one can see where you cut my sentences in the middle to make me look bad. You are sure an asset of truth to our Village and to the UCO Blog Committee. So here are my answers to your "questions":
1.Q - Unit owners are out of their home for no reason.
A - Are you sure that there was “no reason”? The last time I checked, the County Permit Bureau would not let unit owners back into their home for safety reasons. They cannot move back in until the code violations that previously existed are removed.
2. Q - Excuses following without foreseeable end.
A - Then I suggest that you put your reading glasses on and go to the Permit Office and see that many have already moved back in and that within 2-3 weeks all will be back home. In the meantime you can up date yourself with the reasons.
3. Q - Law suit are threatened those who speak out.
A - Lying, distortion, 1/4 truth are not "speaking out". These are defamation, misleading and manipulation. THERE ARE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY AGAINST SUCH "SPEAKING OUT".
By the way Mr. Graff, if you were not so involved in a special political agenda, you would notice that it was THE INSURANCE COMPANY that made the mistake. Do you want the insurance company to resign?
Please remove the ugly video.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hi All,
It has been suggested by some that I call for a stop of any bashing being done by my supporters. It is a suggestion that I wholeheartedly endorse and support. I have not asked any of my supporters to write or circulate any literature bashing any other Candidate; nor have I written or circulated such.

We are in the final week of this campaign; please let's make it clean and ethical.

Dave Israel

Vote On March 5th

Elect Dave from grafficx on Vimeo.

Century Village Can't Afford Another Mistake

1) Unit owners out of their homes for months for no reason!
2) Excuses flowing without foreseeable end!
3) Lawsuits threatened for those who speak out!

Who will pay???

Can we afford another "big Gladstone mistake"

Vote Dave Israel for UCO President!

Mollie openanswer

Open answer to Mollie
Dear Mollie,

Your letter is a fresh wind blowing in this “shooting range” UCO Blog”. It is sincere without a political agenda and therefore deserves an answer.

At the meeting yesterday I expressed myself quite clearly as to what I think about this Century Village “National Inquirer” where one side of UCO is using an official UCO Blog against the other side, only because they control UCO media.

Whose face do you see every time that you go on the Blog? It does not even go down with yesterday's news. It reminds me of certain people whose images you see in intersections, streets, buildings or statues.

By the way, how does it feel to be bashed? I have not seen you or others saying anything when this hate site has been bashing me daily by lying, distorting the truth, defaming or taking things out of context (PLEASE WATCH THE DAILY VIDEO OF ME).

Regarding Bob’s name (only), it is only because of being the president at that time. I stand behind the rest of it. Please note that this is the tip of the iceberg that I agreed to publish my reponse. I do not want to be a part of this madness.

I always liked Bob because I always thought that he was fair and sincere. Are you aware that Bob signed a letter that demanded the UCO President to fire me on the spot, without a hearing, a trial or a chance to defend myself! All this after 11 years of dedicated service and 3 weeks before the end of my term. It was all politically motivated and the President treated it as such.

On the other hand I do salute his principles by deciding not to fire me on the second attempt by my opponent. We are talking about 11 years of continuous volunteer work for the residents and Associations of Century Village.

Answering your question about the scope of work in damaged apartments. I can see that you are also a subject of the well orchestrated efficiently organized propaganda messages from my opponents!

The truth is:

a) There are numerous apartments that are slightly damaged and are not a part of the claim list.

b) As I mentioned in the meeting yesterday, the scope of work for the association is decided only by the two largest adjusting companies in Florida. Only they decide! Neither I nor any contractor has any decision in the matter.
c) Another large adjusting groups decide the scope of work for the unit owners. In most cases there is a public adjuster who is also involved in the scope of the work.

I love it when my opponents all of a sudden come to the defense of the “helpless” insurance companies. It shows that we are doing a good job for our residents.
Who benefits at the end of the road? Who gets a new carpet, kitchen and tiles?

I am 100% behind you when you say that the hatred in our Village should be cease. Please look at the last two months in this very Blog. Your comment is directed to the wrong address.

Respectfully yours,

Dan Gladstone

Tankless Water Heaters

Lets Bankrupt Peter Amato

Earn a quick thousand dollars.

Tell your friends about this.

I, Peter Amato Herein state that in Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL 33417

1.That there is sufficient electrical power to install 44-amp Tankless Water Heaters in Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
2. I Peter Amato will pay One thousand dollars to each and every person that signs below if the above statement is not true.

3. If I Peter Amato am unable to supply irrefutable proof in accordance with the National Electric Code that a 44-amp. Tankless Water Heater complies with Palm Beach County Building Division, Planning, Zoning & Building Department, I Peter Amato will pay each and every person that has signed this document one thousand dollars($1,000)

your name and address below

I believe Peter Amato Is lying about being able to legally install 44-amp Tankless Water Heaters here in Century Village, West Palm Beach, FL 33417 and herein lay claim to the one thousand dollars ($1,000) he is offering.
If I am wrong, and Peter Amato is able to get permits, and is legally able to install 44-amp Tankless water heaters here in Century Village, then I will pay for a full-page advertisement in the U.C.O. Reporter, or the Advocate stating:

My name and address.
That I was led astray by Mr. Jerry Karpf.
That there is sufficient electric power in Century Village to Power a 44 Amp Tankless Water Heater safely.
Peter Amato will pick the dates these advertisements will run.
This document will have the full force of Florida Law
Should there be any reason to go to court for enforcement of this document then the loser will pay for all legal costs.
The full-page advertisement will be in 16-point type.
Notarized signatures of participants should appear here.


Get Jerry Karpf (he’s the one that’s been writing all the negative articles about Tankless Water Heaters) to sign this document before you do.
If he refuses to sign, would that give you an indication of his character??


Hi Randall,
The article of which you speak is simply one more result of failure to "fact check". I have raised this issue in the past, and I have been consistently ignored.

However I believe we are venturing upon very dangerous ground in raising the idea of Censorship of our UCO Press or any other means of expression; private or otherwise.

Let's look at just two problems in the current UCO Reporter:

1) Frank Cornish regular column "mysteriously" vanishes.

2) Myron’s Musings, what can be said!

I have always believed that the UCO Reporter was naught but a UCO House organ; highly arbitrary rules are applied as regards what gets published and what gets rejected.

In doing your research, don't forget the part about how many fought and died to secure the rights of Assembly, Redress of Grievance and yes Freedom of the Press. Tamper not with a fundamental pillar of the American superstructure.

There is an advertisement in the UCO Reporter implying that if we do not agree with one of the Candidates; we are "The Enemy" and we are “At War” How far may we expect that line of thinking to take us; I am not “At War” with any save, by definition, those that would deny me my Constitutional rights?

Finally, a thought from recent History.

as the Czarist Russian Government was disintegrating; Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was speeding in a railway car from Paris by route circuitous, to Moscow, issuing directive to his “revolutionary guards”: the following may prove instructive:

"The government is tottering. We must deal it the deathblow at any cost. To delay action is the same as death." The means of communication-the telegraph office, the telephone exchange, and the radio gear on the cruiser Aurora, the telephones at the Winter Palace-were ordered seized as a priority. The Military-Revolutionary Committee moved swiftly to take over printing plants, too. To hold the means of communication denied them to enemies.”

We all know the horror that ensued from that episode; some 75 years of Communist suppression.

The UCO Reporter needs to be freed from undue censorial suppression; arbitrary rejection of articles, and the deleterious effect of dilettante leadership.

Randall; please think long and hard before picking up the scimitar of censorship, we are not “the enemy”.

Dave Israel

An open letter to Dan Gladstone

February 27, 2010
Dan, I am not the enemy, I have always thought of you as a friend who I have entertained in my home. I also think of you as a respected member of the team during Bob’s administration. Therefore, I was very disappointed in the flyer that was passed out at this Friday’s meeting.

The statement saying Jean and Bob deceived the people during the clubhouse restoration is a generalization and unanswerable. A specific statement would have given an issue that could have been addressed and discussed.

My question yesterday would have been: Why, in Florida which is full of non-toxic mold, do all of these units seem to need 15K to fix them. Stopping the leak seems to be the solution.

Because of the issues that I believe are important, I will vote for David Israel for President. If you are elected, I will respect you and support you whenever I can. I will challenge you if I disagree or do not understand your position as I will David if he is elected.

I think it is time for the people in this village to stop being hateful and start working together as a community which we are. There are issues that people feel very strongly about. Everyone should be able to address them and be heard respectfully.

This Village has become a very big business and it is very important that we use all the willing talent there is to do things in an honest, fair, efficient way.

Bickering and name calling is not the way, it just makes us look like immature fools. We live in paradise, let’s all work to make it better.



Hi All,
"You will find that there are several rights that you have as a blogger. It is important that you make yourself aware of these rights. As a blogger, you are protected by the 1st Amendment. On the other hand, along with your blogger’s rights come certain constraints. These come into play in order to give you your blogger’s rights, while also protecting those that are going to consume the expressive content you put out. As a blogger, you should be confident in knowing that your blogger’s rights constitute as the same rights that journalists are entitled to. Your blogger’s rights are going to afford you the opportunity to express yourself in ways that are only limited to your imagination.

One of the very important blogger’s rights that you are entitled to is the right to your Freedom of Speech. These means that your blogger’s rights give you the opportunity to use the on-line medium to post your feelings about those topics that speak to your heart."

Nevertheless, in doing so, you must do so in a responsible manner. In the meantime, you are also held accountable for not only your posted comments, but also for the posted comments that you choose to feature from your guests. You are therefore told to label the level of tolerance that you are going to uphold for offensive comments. It maybe advisable to err on the side of caution when in doubt. You will find that this aids in that process.

I have been asked to 'sit in' on the meeting of the Editorial Committee held on March 5th at 1pm in the UCO Office. A retraction of an article containing self help measures for Associations (Page #3, center column,re: SB780, 2nd paragraph) constitutes the publishing of a legal opinion by a non-attorney and also happens to be 'bad law' (as per our attorney). You may want to read it so you know "what you can't do". I have a lot of research to do on the issues of defamation, libel, disclaimers, etc., and the publication of misleading information (even if the inference is that it is opinion only). Should be an interesting and fruitful endeavor and will keep you posted since it speaks to the need to establish 'Publication Guidelines'.
In the meantime, we may want to take greater care in our postings, even if we believe in our heart of hearts that the post is truthful and warranted.

The cries of censorship must be properly balanced with the legal consequences of failing to do so.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Real ID Rules for Real

Florida dictates that they're following the federal "Real ID" rules for driver's licenses and DMV-issued ID cards (don't believe me, click the cursor here). They include: Bring your Social Security card, your birth certificate and two items mailed to your address. These requirements are required whether you are applying for the first time or renewing.

Lukewarm Dogs

The bottom story (click here): Pediatricians want a surgeon general warning on hot dogs because they can cause a choking hazard for kids (some want them redesigned so they're bigger). No wonder Duffy's serves their hot dogs split in half!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Admin. Resignation

Hi All,

It is with deep regret that I announce the resignation of Ken Davis from our Web Site Administrators team.

Dave Israel


Hi all,

Don't miss the latest March open meetings in the Sidebar.

Go to UCO  SERVICES and click on March open meetings..

Dave Israel

Friday Feb 26th

Friday Feb 26th 10 to 2 Party Room in the Clubhouse
CV Art & Crafts Show, as detailed on p46 of the UCO Reporter.

Friday Feb 26th 10 am Room C in the Clubhouse
Dani Barzilai Gladstone answers questions or as announced at last Delegate Mtg.

Anniversary of 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Anniversary of death of Bill Hicks, years after his death, Hicks is bigger than ever.
Truth is Truth, we miss you Bill.

Artificial Sweeteners

A must read for users of artificial sweeteners.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elections Quotes

Just a few election quotes to add a little levity to all of whats going on here in C V.

Vote for the man who promises least. He'll be the least disappointing.

Our elections are free - it's in the results where eventually we pay.

Political promises are much like marriage vows. They are made at the beginning of the relationship between candidate and voter, but are quickly forgotten.

Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.

Very Patient Villagers

Villagers arrived at 10 am. There appears to be some confusion about the times for the Post Office van at the Clubhouse. Stay tuned - may be changed to 10:30 -12:30 Wed, Thur, Fri. The lesson maybe - aim for middle of time slot. And bring an umbrella!
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Hi all,
The following Email from one of our unit owners, suggesting a one night per week UCO opening, should be considered. In fact this was attempted by the current Administration and it did not get much response.

However, our demographic is changing, and  this should be reexamined. I will circulate this Email to our Officers and in any case explore the issue thoroughly, as there is much coordination to be done with our UCO volunteers. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dave Israel
Good morning UCO Officers,

I would like to share a major concern with each of you. Although the large majority of Century Villiage Residents are retired, the small percentage of us that are employed would appreciate some consideration.

Is it possible to have the UCO Office and the ID issuance office open (1) evening each month? As a full-time worker that commutes to Ft. Lauderdale, I am forced to lose days from work in order to obtain a picture ID, make an appointment to apply for a transponder, actually get my transponder, etc. etc.
Am I the only employed senior citizen that finds that the Century Village administration office hours caters ONLY TO RETIRED RESIDENTS?

I would greatly appreciate hearing from the UCO candidates.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mold Test Kits

No need to give $5K association deductible to 1st Priority. Kits are 75% off at the ACE closing sale, less than $2 now.

No More Special Interests

UCO is destroying itself. Mr. UCO is certainly helping.

BUT Dave, Frank, and Bob are fighting special interests to keep UCO ethical and honest.

UCO needs a President of recognizable dedication to bring back trust and goodwill (to repair the damage by those who have abused their volunteer status.)

Heart, soul, and honesty. Dave Israel for President

Barbara Cornish too

Barbara Cornish bio was left out of the Reporter. Print it here Barbara, tho' those who have heard you in action already know you are indispensable to our finances and transportation.


Republished with permission
Reported by: Angela Sachitano
Displaced now since October, Lucille Shatz checks in on her West Palm Beach Century Village apartment every few days, praying it will be closer to completion.

"The gates of Hell opened up," Shatz said. "They came in with a clipboard and lots of papers." Shatz's unit is one of more than seventy still under major construction and unlivable.

"This is all over the village," said resident Jean Dowling. "These are not just isolated instances." Neighbors claim 1st Priority Restoration Company along with Century Village's insurance liaison, Dan Gladstone, began knocking on doors and telling people they needed to leave, last summer.

They blamed the problems on a leaky building pipe. "I didn't read any of the papers I signed," Shatz said "I guess they took advantage of a poor old lady."

Six months later, and still displaced, residents are now banding together. They've filed a lawsuit, accusing 1st Priority and Gladstone of using them to make money off the insurance company.

"They have the building's $5,000 dollar deductible," Dowling said. "They bring in their own adjustors." But Gladstone says that's not the case. He claims what started as a leak-sprouted mold, and that's why the units had to be gutted.

To top it off, he says the county has been slow on granting the work permits. "We have some violations on the buildings from years past," Gladstone said. "You have to fix the violations before they move in. That takes time."

We reached out to the 1st Priority Restoration. The project manager says quote: "We stand by our work one hundred percent and believe all of it was necessary. We're doing the best we can for residents."

But residents say it's not enough, and the longer they have to wait the more suspicious they get. When asked if he is taking kick backs for bringing the work to 1st Priority, Gladstone said "absolutely not."

Frankly Speaking by Vice President Frank Cornish

Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, this did not appear in the March issue of the UCO Reporter
Here we are in February, UCO elections are right around the corner, March 5th to be exact. By the time you read this, it will be a few short weeks to that date, when hopefully, your Association will be represented. Your designated "Delegate(s)" will cast their "Owners’" choice of Candidates running for Office from: President, two (2) Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, and last, but not least, twenty (20) Executive Board Members (out of twenty-eight (28); eight (8) can be appointed by the presiding President) who will meet, discuss and bring recommendations to the monthly Delegate Assembly Meeting, for their decision to accept and implement or reject.
I have had the privilege of serving these past two (2) years, which have flown by and have achieved most of which I set out to do, as many of you are now enjoying.
Improved Transportation, our number one priority; Repairs of Lifts at Hastings, Duck Island (which too was a project of former VP Howie Silver), the Pools at the Clubhouse, Camden, Hastings were restored; furniture was replaced at the Clubhouse and all of the smaller pools — some such as Kent still need attention; and as funds become available in the future, they too will have new chairs, lounges, tables and umbrellas.
We are attempting to make arrangements for recycling our unusable furniture (perhaps a 50/50 split, to be used for future purchases).
Karaoke and Sing-a-long, which operate all year long, have given many of our residents an opportunity to entertain, be entertained and socialize. All of the Services, which fell under my supervision, have been evaluated and improved, where possible; none of which could have been accomplished without the co-operation and dedication of the following, to whom I offer my thanks: UCO Board Members, staff and volunteers; Anita Cruz, VP, and the staff at WPRF; and my wife, Barbara.
In closing, I urge each Association to "Cast Their Ballot" on Friday, March 5, 2010, beginning at 8:30 a.m., prior to the Delegate Assembly Meeting, and join in with the rest of the community at the Annual Installation Luncheon (see Mary Patrick). Looking forward to serving you for another term.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Evening News Report

Okay "Mr. UCO" we get it

Dear Mr. UCO:

We all get it! You are in favor of a certain candidate.

Much like you wishing you could cast a vote for everyone you know, we all wish for things that we just can't have. I wish I could win the 150 million dollar Power Ball Lottery this weekend but the reality is no matter how much I wish it, it just ain't happening. By the way, your effort to express wishes to your whole list that you could vote for everyone is certainly not endearing to anyone concerned. We know what that is about.

Speaking of wishes, I bet Mr. Gladstone wishes he would have created a more competitive arrangement with respect to restoration services he directed exclusively to 1st Priority; I bet he wishes for the days when no one knew about the 1st Priority arrangement; I bet he wishes the whole 1st Priority mess would go away; I bet he wishes he could turn the hands of time back for another chance.

The fact is, there are serious problems that exist within the village as a result of Mr. Gladstone's exclusive arrangement with 1st Priority. This note will probably not change your feelings Mr. Gladstone, but I wish that you would take a look at the facts, consider what's happened, and what's been exposed. Mr. Gladstone had his chance and he blew it. Mr. Gladstone has said publicly that he takes full responsibility for the 1st Priority situation. It's time for him to move on, not up.

The truth has come out all over the village Mr. UCO and the truth is there are many residents who are very, very upset with Mr. Gladstone and 1st Priority. Although you seem not be one of them, please remember there are real people in the village who have been harmed.

As stated above, it's time for him to move on, not up.

Best Regards,
Lenny Cohen


Hi Howie,

Normally, the adage is "Three Strikes and Your Out" You have had five repeats of the same Post; that would seem to be enough. 

Dave Israel


Hi all,
Normally I would not dignify an unsigned letter with a response, but the following document, being circulated in an attempt to influence the upcoming UCO Elections, is so replete with errors and misconceptions, that I thought to attempt to give you, our unit owners some facts. My responses to various statements in the following will be highligted in BOLD. Before beginning, I note that in this campaign for Office, I have NOT circulated a single line criticizing any person running for Office.

Would you like to know?

David Israel is not the person you may think he is this man has made a total mess of the Comcast program, In the beginning he started off by having what he called sub-committee meetings for the cable committee which violated the Sunshine amendments that were passed by the delegate assembly a short time ago.

(All meetings, of which there were many, on the subject of obtaining television content for our Unit Owners were announced and open, with the exception of three meetings where Company Proprietary issues were discussed . These were indeed restricted to Principals of the Cable Committee, including Officers of UCO.)

These Cable Committee meetings had to do with hiring a company to work out a contract with Comcast. All this was done in closed meetings without anyone knowing what was going on, David must think by-laws are made for other people and not him.

( Other than the three Company Proprietary executive sessions noted above, all meetings were open to our Unit Owners; I am a strict constructionist as regards adherence to Law and applicable Bylaws, unlike some who proudly announce that "shortcuts are necessary", and there is no need to go "by the book". ) 

With two years to go; why was he pushing to sign a new contract with Comcast?

( Thanks, whoever you are, for this question. It may have escaped your notice that we received the largest "signing bonus" that our Cable Contract Law expert attorney has seen. If we had waited for our contract to expire, we would have had no leverage whatsoever in negotiating a new contract, because we would have had nowhere to go. We would have been stuck with a major increase in price and NO signing bonus at all. )

David found a company to do the negotiating for UCO

( Actually, we hired a company to prepare an RFP (Request For Proposal) and to distribute it to viable companies, capable of delivering television entertainment content. This is the way a real business (UCO is a business) negotiates a major contract. The RFP is a complex document and must be prepared by experts in the field. The RFP presents to all bidders exactly the same contractual parameters, so there is no question of impropriety. )

When we did hire a telecommunication law firm, we found out that they could have saved us over $300,000. That breaks down to about $38.00 per unit that could have been saved and put back into the pockets of every unit owner in Century Village.

( This statement demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the process. After the RFP responses were received by UCO, the Cable Committee, with the cooperation of the company that prepared the RFP, constructed a decision matrix, which spread-sheeted all key parameters of the various responses to the RFP; we received 4 responses. They were from AT&T, Comcast, Hawkins Broadband and Hotwire Communications. There were multiple meetings of the Committee; ALL of which were open and announced. Many of these meetings were well attended. When a Provider was selected by this process we requested them, in this case Comcast, to forward a draft contract. Then and only then did we engage a Telecommunications law firm to carefully check out the contract. This is the next logical step after the vendor acquisition step and distinct and seperate from it. )

Here is a fact that most people have forgotten about-In 2011 our Comcast bill will go from the $16 dollars to the new price of about $36.00 per unit for Comcast service, We received some deal! What has David Israel done For Century Village? THE ANSWER IS NOTHING!

( Actually, the current monthly rate for cable is $22.95 plus taxes and fees. We have no control over Taxes and Fees and they add 14% to the bill. This brings the monthly rate to $26.16. Across the street from Century Village the same programming package that we have is charged at $56.00 plus taxes and fees, which means our negotiated bulk rate represents a discount of some 55%. The reason we are paying less than $26.16,  is that a big chunk of our signing bonus is offsetting this amount to about $16.00 . So! what will the actual rate be next year; $26.16 plus 5% which comes to $27.47; not the absurd number noted above. )

David Israel is chair of the Century Village Blog, which has turned into a new version of the Star news paper filled with misinformation and accusations instead of being a source of what's going on in the village. Is this the kind of man you want to run UCO ?

( It is clear that the writer(s) are not believers in the American Democratic process or the right of our unit owners to express their views without the vile censorship exhibited by the UCO Reporter, or the old CV Q&A. The Reporter, this  month, managed to "lose" VP Frank Cornish's article. Yes, this is a free and open channel; long may it live and serve the people. If I am  elected, the era of sweeping things under the rug will be over. And by the way, the UCO Reporter will be made editorially independent; and it will be run and staffed by people with newspaper experience and independent minds. )

This man has been running one of the dirtiest campaigns we have seen because he has nothing to show for his one year in office .. DON’T VOTE FOR DAVID ISRAEL! Surprise: Jean Dowling is David's new campaign manager.

( An incredible statement, insofar as I have not, as noted above, circulated a single line, anonymous or otherwise in this campaign trashing any other candidate.
A few  words about Jean Dowling; yes, she has consented to run my bid for President of UCO. Over the past 5 years she has been relentlessly criticised for no valid reason whatsoever. When next you are in our main Clubhouse, look around, it is a palace compared to other CV Clubhouses, this is the result of Jean's work, after Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne, she labored tirelessly in a trailer on the job site for thousands of hours to produce the result we now enjoy, it was 98% complete before the current President came in and took credit. Jean is a jewel in this Village endeavoring to help all in need. It is Jean who is directly involved in dealing with the current travesty of unit owners out of their apartments for months for no good reason. Let's have an end here and now to bashing Jean dowling. )

Frank Cornish who has been absent approximately 80 days since he was elected, he has done, almost nothing except chairs for the pools because he likes to sun bathe. Do we want another do-nothing in the Village? (But I understand he makes good coffee)

( Having observed Frank at work for a full year, I must tell you all that he is truly passionate in support of our Unit Owners. He has been involved in attempting to reduce the problem of friction between our UCO volunteers and our unit owners. You may joke about the chairs; he has waged a battle for over two years against the forces in UCO who don't care about our residents using rotting old furniture at our pools. It has nothing to do with sunbathing; which by the way, is a very important pastime here in Florida. Where does this nonesense about "80 days absent" come from; what sort of malcontent manufactures such records; perhaps one who has nothing of value to do. )

Dave Israel

CHANNEL 3 between 5pm and 6pm

Hope every one watches channel 3 (NBC) between 5 to 6 as our residents will
be on the NEWS...don't miss it.

I do not have a DVD recorder, if you do, please record the coverage which occurred today in our Clubhouse. I would like to publish it on our BLOG.

Dave Israel

Put Your Shoes On Susie

Hi Folks, please walk your area and clean unsigned garbage off the notice boards. You know what is malicious defamation. Unfortunately this election is bringing out the most ignorant liars.
Even better walk 2 areas, some could use the exercise, its good for you two ways!

Remember our own needy - CV Fund

Many associations are having their annual meetings. Please remember to suggest your association send a donation to the CV Fund, mine did.
Last year's donors are now receiving their receipts for 2009 giving (each with a return envelope and slip to fill out for a further gift).
Work goes on to help our own needy.
Send donations to:
The CV Fund, Inc.
207 Salisbury I [this is capital "I" as in "Iggy"]
West Palm Beach, FL 33417

If you wish to print out the Frieda poster for your notice board, here is the link

Big Thank You

Freedom of Speech

If you ever suspected you where currently living under a dictatorship this might give you a clue!
The present ‘caring’ administration, obviously, find it totally acceptable to allow presumed convicted felons i.e. 1st Priority CV Project Manager, Alon Apel, permanent access to our community but affords no such concession to the American Media.
On the penalty of wrath, security has been given strict instructions not to allow any members of the press or media into the village without the expressed authority of UCO President, George Loewenstein.
Please correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that I could invite who I wanted into my home and was totally unaware that this excluded certain individuals carrying nothing more dangerous than a pen!
Just whom is President Loewenstein trying to protect? Residents who have a right to be heard or members of his clique who ‘may’ be exposed to some ‘unwanted’ media attention?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


A New letter is circulating. Of Course it is not signed, just like most of the underhanded things done. My husband FRANK CORNISH was mentioned in this most recent slanderous letter.

Frank has served UCO for two years faithfully. In the summer when President GEORGE
LOWENSTEIN QUIT UCO he was there to run a new election and grab the bull by the horns.

That summer he gave up 5 weeks of vacation with his family, because of his dedication to UCO.
As far as GOOD COFFEE, yes he does make good coffee ask any of our friends and he is in the UCO office early, so he makes the coffee for ALL the volunteers so they can have a cup before they start their day, that includes your officers.

I THINK THEY CALL THAT CARING Ask the people that go to Karaoke how instrumental he was in keeping it going for the residents.
He also had a BIG input in getting DUCK ISLAND FIXED for the residents. Yes, he has worked
very hard on getting new umbrellas, tables and chairs for the residents. He is the VP over keeping the busses going for the residents. As far as sun bathing, get your facts straight. NO MORE LIES..


Can anyone in good conscience vote to promote him to UCO President?

While the story that follows relates to my grade school experiences long ago, I can’t help thinking the lesson my teacher was conveying then aptly applies today:

I’ve heard Mr. Gladstone use the term “my flock” numerous times while speaking in reference to village residents. I remember once after hearing this reference thinking back to grade school and recalling my teacher explaining to us that “flock” animals, sheep, have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them. When one sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, even if it is not a good "decision." The 1st Priority debacle is an absolute example of a poor decision that the self-proclaimed leedersheep, Dan Gladstone, lead his flock right into. Mr. Gladstone has said publicly that he takes full responsibility for what happened.

The teacher added that it is the banding together in large groups which protects sheep from predators. Well, let’s band together to demand accountability and to protect each other. Given the current circumstances if my teacher had to grade his performance leading the flock as Insurance Chairperson she would most certainly mark a grade indicating that he grossly failed. Mr. Gladstone had his chance to lead the flock while chairing the UCO Insurance Committee, now it is time for him to move on, not up. Can anyone in good conscience vote to promote him to UCO President?

Please join me by writing a reply in support of this message and by urging everyone you know in the village to call for Mr. Gladstone to immediately resign his position and sever his affiliation with UCO.

Best regards,

Lenny Cohen


Jerry Karpf:

Regarding your article in the March UCO Reporter about water valves
I would appreciate you stating all the advantages a unit owner will get
for installing a water valve. What is the cost?

Myron Solomon's Rants

We have a very lovely clubhouse in a large part thanks to Jean Dowling and her team. In fact at the reopening of the new clubhouse George Lowenstein patted himself on his back taking credit for getting it reopened. Myron is complaining about the contract that was negotiated by the Cable Committee with Dave Israel as it head. Myron Solomon was part of that committee that obtained the contract which in fact made it possible to pay off the reconstructed UCO office that was destroyed in a hurricane. We had a large loan that we were slowly paying off. How can Myron slam something he was involved with. In fact he is slamming himself! I for one am happy to have that loan off our backs! Thanks Dave and the Cable Committee for getting that debt off our backs!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I want to thank Ed Black and all the officers of the Chatham Federation for the GREAT job they
did in running the meeting to meet the Candidates for President of UCO. Most people felt it was run very well on the whole. Thanks..Frank


For the past few months some Unit Owners are not happy with our cable
and are putting all the blame on David. I urge everyone who is blaming
David to read his column in the March issue of The UCO Reporter. Of the
two remaining candidates for President of UCO there is no way that Dan
Gladstone would ever put in all the work that David gives to Century Village
not only in all the work he put in for cable but he also puts all his energy
in many other issues that we face here in CV. I feel that David gives about
40 hours of his time every week to CV and it is all volunteer work.


In my opinion Phyllis is a true, honest and trustworthy person. A few years ago she
was a Vice President of UCO. She resigned her position because there was much
corruption going on at UCO at that time so in good conscience she felt it best to resign.
I definitely am casting my vote for Phyllis Richland for I know she will work very hard
as a Vice President of UCO for the good of the people of Century Village.


Left click to enlarge image
Republished with permission of the author
Dave Israel

Words as Weapons

As Dan Gladstone gathers his troops in his self styled war (UCO Reporter March) am I alone in thinking his only ammunition appears to be the use of the words Lies, Deceit and Defamation?
In his own imitable style, Gladstone, offers no explanations as to what these allegedly are, or exactly whom he appears to be fighting. Is it the election, or I and the many other residents who have had the audacity to mention his, none too insignificant past, or challenge his recent behavior and his role in the Century Village Water Leak Pandemic?
In his full page ad he claims the election has prompted an unprecedented four lawsuits?
Unless he is prepared to substantiate otherwise, I must assume that, as one of those in the direct line of fire, he refers to a letter sent me, by regular mail from, the law firm of Glantz and Glantz ? 
As also mentioned in George Loewenstein’s latest column - according to statements made by Dan Gladstone to his attorney, and the UCO Reporter the libelous implication is that  ‘I’ have been “passing out defamatory information in the form of a flyer”.
Obviously, it appears to have escaped the notice of those consumed with self-righteousness indignation that I have been not been in the United States for the past month, which makes these allegations not only preposterous but physically impossible.
Based ,on what appears to be statements made solely by Client  Gladstone,  Glantz and Glantz  attorney, Mr. Viaios Zamakis  writes that ‘my flyer’  claimed that “Priority Restoration did not file permits”.
Mr. Zamakis continues “ Mr. Gladstone indicates that it was an emergency response and does not require permits to be filled.”
How odd when  1st Priority, Gladstone , Jerry Karpf , the UCO Reporter and bandwagon jumping, Myron Salmon, have gone to  considerable trouble to indict Palm Beach Permit Department as the cause of the heinous situation homeless residents now find themselves in. 
Client Gladstone claimed “a myriad of other inaccuracies” in ‘my flyer’ and  as a ‘sample of the misleading information’  stated that ‘I’ had allegedly reported that: “three North American Bank employees were charged and convicted, when it was in actual fact it was three directors and not employees that were charged and convicted.”
Maybe we should all refer for more information. If you are in any doubt as to who hosts this website ask Dan Gladstone.
I have never denied being the author of  the original ‘Will the Real Dan Gladstone Please Stand Up’, and stand by, with the supporting evidence, what was actually written.
 It was posted on the blog  at 5-45 am January 5th 2010 and removed by, none other than, Presidential Candidate, Blog  Administrator, David  Israel. at approximately 7am.
Dave confessed to having been intimidated by the threat of legal action against him and  his fellow administrators when President George Loewenstein informed  him of the plan to dissociate UCO  from the website.
What happened to the Gladstone/Barzilai posting during the time it was on the blog is anyone’s guess and I have never, nor will I ever ,deny access to anyone who asks to see any of the evidence within my possession. What they chose to do with it or how they chose to distribute it  down to their outrage and consciences not mine.
I and many others feel that the residents of the village are entitled to know the entire history of those who lead. We have grown tired of the ‘Gentleman’s Club mentality’ that ignores current issues and relies on the pat on the back for any achievements, no matter how minor, whilst some pretty disturbing writing is visible on the wall.
Gladstone and his stalwarts, I strongly suspect, have chosen to use the forthcoming election as a smokescreen for the scandal surrounding the 9 month 1st Priority Fiasco that is now, finally, beginning to fully unfold.
 Unlike Gladstone I prefer to fight issues not people but considering the circumstances make a notable exception. In a lengthy diatribe to delegates Dan Gladstone claims his birth name has been maligned. I have no idea what his name was at birth but according to American court records he was Dan Barzilai he came to the US from Israel.

Left click to enlarge
Now will the real liar stop firing blanks, face the troops and STAND UP?

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi all,
Recently we have had a few cases of hacking on our Web Site. Items were removed and/or inserted into existing Posts without permission of the persons who originally Posted. This is very bad form and a violation of Cyberspace Etiquette, and in some cases could even be dangerous.
In attempting to investigate the source of the hacking some Administrators had their privileges temporarily removed. I take full responsibility for this action. The investigation has been inconclusive as to the causative agent, which could be a number of sources, including an Administrator or a third party hacker.
In any case, I regret the need to have taken such action; and I am herewith reinstating all Admin. rights with thanks to all BLOG Administrators for their involvement be it great or small.

I am well aware, that in this Village Election season ( in which I am a Candidate ), some of our Posts have been a bit racy; we Administrators have worked to keep our Web Site uncensored to the greatest extent possible, and I believe we have done so.

Some Posts have been removed because they exceeded the bounds of "polite society" or were of a nature that might put UCO, as the sponsor of this Publishing Channel, at risk of legal action.

Our Administrators are reasonable and knowledgeable people and every effort will be made to keep this channel part of UCO and uncensored as far as is possible and reasonable.

Finally, I reiterate my invitation to any Candidate for UCO office to publish campaign material in this BLOG; if you have trouble negotiating the process of Posting, please send me your material by Email and I will Post it for you.

Your comments on these issues are sincerely invited.

Dave Israel

Which Is It?

I am puzzled. Which is it?

At the February 5 delegates meeting, after person after person went up to the microphone and complained about the abuses of First Priority Restorations, finally Dan Gladstone got up to speak. For a long time he had been the Village's "insurance guru," and, as was obvious from the preceding complaints, had been VERY closely connected with First Priority in arranging for their appearance on the scene, often appearing with them.

When Dan spoke, he said HE TOOK THE BLAME AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT HAD HAPPENED. What had happened? What had those who had just gone to the mike complained about? Long delays; elderly people being pressured to sign forms; people incurring (as a consequence) extremely high charges; very suspiciously, "mold being found" all over the place, even in SEVERAL adjoining apartments; and these same elderly people being thrown out of their apartments, often with only a moment's notice.

Dan said he would answer all questions, not within the next few days, as one would hope for and expect, but on February 26, when to use his twice-used phrase, he "would take his pants down." Okay, we are still waiting.

But now he has come out with a letter to delegates, mine just received yesterday, blasting the writer of an anonymous letter about him, blaming the building department for withholding permits for weeks and months, and stating at the bottom in bold, capital letters: AND THIS MY FRIENDS IS THE ONLY REASON FOR THE DELAYS. Suddenly he makes it sound as though he, Dan Gladstone, has NO blame in the matter.

IS the building department alone to blame for the delays? Perhaps we will find out. But even this, as bad as it is, isn't all that has gone on, nor all that the people complained about (as I have just explained), and what I assume Dan was responding to when he said he "took all the blame."

I don't doubt that Dan has done some helpful things over the years for people in the Village. I find it hard to understand, however, how someone who pronounces himself so blameworthy for such a huge thing at the delegates meeting would remain in the running for president of UCO. Perhaps Dan will yet see this, and see that under these circumstances the honest thing to do is to step down. I would certainly think the more of him for it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

UCO President

Peter Amato is very vocal about knocking the UCO Reporter as well as another candidate and asking the candidates to take lie detector tests. What he fails to mention in his electioneering is what he has done for his fellow villagers. What committees has he worked on? What has he volunteered to do for his fellow villagers in the past? Oh, I forgot he runs a plumbing business in the village. Is he going to close his business to become president of UCO so he does not have a conflict of interest? I bet he won't. Peter you have a conflict of interest. Sorry, but I am fed up with people in UCO using UCO for their own interests. When discussing the upcoming elections at the delegates meetings in the past it has been stressed that people running should be people who have the village interests and the people at heart and should have some experience with UCO. Peter what is yours?????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the Desk Of Peter Amato, Candidate for President of UCO

About Our Newspaper

the U.C.O. Reporter

Did you know that our newspaper the U.C.O.
Reporter is heavily restricted (Censored) in what it’s allowed to print??
Hundreds of people here in Century Village know about 1st Priority and the aggravation and heartache they were, and still are, causing the people of Century Village.
Our Newspaper the U.C.O. Reporter is not allowed to print this information.

Our newspaper is controlled by U.C.O., which is Century Village’s government.
They hold the big stick, and are not allowing our newspaper to print all the facts.
One of the functions of a newspaper is to be the
watchdog for the people, keeping an eye on government.
When government controls the press, freedom is lost.
     If I, Peter Amato, Am Elected

            President Of U.C.O.

I will do my best to encourage this newspaper
to bring in reporters, including an investigative team,
so that all the news within our village is reported
to the PEOPLE.
More independent columns should be added,
and no controls should be placed on their opinions,
even if they knock U.C.O. or myself.
Then I would ask the delegates,
“How do we separate this newspaper from the dominance of U.C.O.???”
This Newspaper made a profit of $40,000 last year,
which was turned over to U.C.O.

Suggestion For Separating The U.C.O. Reporter (Our Newspaper) From U.C.O., Century Village’s Governing Body.

          1. Allow the newspaper to keep its profits.
2. Create a five-person board of directors that are
elected for a two-year term.

This board of directors would be totally autonomous from U.C.O. but have the right to look into any and all U.C.O. business and have the right to publish their findings. Un-Censored

3. No one may hold two elected offices simultaneously.
Freedom of the press is one of the things that make America great.
Have the people running U.C.O. forgotten
              They are supposed to be working for the people.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CENTURY VILLAGE in West Palm Beach: Feb 22 V.O.I.C.E.S. Meeting Update


Before the meeting, please contact me, Jean Dowling if you have not already been contacted by my phone squad. I need questionaires completed by Friday, so we can compile the information before the meeting on Monday. If you or any of your owners have had problems with 1st priority, please complete the forms and get them to me. If you have already done this, it will not be necessary to do it again. On Monday, we will decide what track to take to accomplish our goal of returning all residents back to their homes. Please save all bills or any other paperwork from your ordeal. We need copies. This meeting is important. We will have professionals there to help us and tell us the truth about the situation. My phone number is 640-7606 and my address is: 207 Salisbury I. Together we will prevail.....even if your unit is fixed, please help your neighbor. Thank You, Jean Dowling

President for UCO

We will be having elections for UCO president, vice presidents and other elected officials early in March. We have been reading and listening to
alot of dirty dealing in the village. One of the candidates for president owns a plumbing company. He used the last delegates meeting to electioneer for himself and run down other candidates rightly or wrongly. That was not the time or place. He was very self serving. We have very large problems in the village. Do we want to have a president who is busy running his plumbing company? Is that not a conflict of interest? What has Peter Amato done for this village aside from selling water heaters and doing repairs? Has he worked for UCO? Has he been on any committees? I have heard nothing about his experience in the village except his business. I want to see a president who has worked for UCO and is working for UCO and the village now. I want a president who has done something in this village not for his own gain but for us. Personally the only person, in my opinion, for the job is Dave Israel.

I ended this blog and did not write anything else regarding Peter Amato. Whomever wrote in caps regarding Peter should have had their own blog and not added to mine

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 22 V.O.I.C.E.S. Meeting Update

From Lee Hunt:

As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am providing additional information below regarding the upcoming meeting on the 22nd for victims of 1st Priority/Dan Gladstone/UCO.

I have given a name to our campaign. It will be known as-

V.O.I.C.E.S. (Victims of Insurance Casualties Exercising Self-Determination)

The Century Village Victims' Rights Group (VRG) will have their first


(Victims of Insurance Casualties Exercising Self-Determination)

Monday, February 22nd, 10 AM
Main Clubhouse, Party Room

Contrary to UCO president's woefully weak and very trasnsparent answer to our request for resolution, we WILL NOT be inviting anyone, especially the three main players from 1st Priority who were present at UCO's meeting, to attend.

We are meeting to compile information regarding any present or past improper conduct by 1st Priority, UCO and/or their representatives in the handling of claims for CV residents/owners. This meeting is open to anyone, whether you are already a victim or want to avoid becoming one.

Due to time constraints, it will not be possible for each victim to tell his/her own story at the meeting. We will, however, make arrangements for you to meet with us on a one-on-one basis to go over your individual situations.

- DO NOT - feel afraid or intimidated by anyone who tries to stop you from attending this meeting. They cannot do anything more to hurt you than they already have. Please call me if this occurs.

Presidents and owners/victims, please bring the following:

1. Letters, journals, diaries, or statements, all details regarding the claim from the date of occurrence to today, including all conversations, work done, work remaining, and reasons given for not completing the work.

2. Copies or originals of all documents you received or signed. If you need copies made, bring your originals with you. Some of you have no documents to bring; come anyway and we’ll set up a time to interview you personally.

3. A listing of all estimates, invoices, checks or money paid out, balances due, or any other related financial paperwork.

4. Listing of all money you had to unexpectedly pay out or other expenses incurred as a result of your claim being delayed.

We will provide you with preliminary information on how to handle your present claim to avoid further damages. We will then set up individual appointments to assist you with your specific claims. These meetings will be private and held in strictest confidence.

If you need more information prior to the meeting, please call me at 561-202-8460 or Jean Dowling at 561-640-7606. We’ll see you there.