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Sunday, January 31, 2016


“There is more to do” is the theme of Dave Israel’s campaign for UCO president, and I think it’s an appropriate one.

Dave has been UCO president now for six years, and his accomplishments have been many. Dave's new insurance team has saved our unit owners some $10,000,000 over the last six years, and his Operations Committee has saved our unit owners $2,000,000 over the same time period. To my mind he came along at precisely the right time, as the world was becoming swept up in the computer age with all its changes and innovations. Dave created an electronic information distribution process unheard of in prior administrations, and I believe not likely to continue if people from the past are placed in office.

You only need read what Fred Hadley, of the Boca Century Village, wrote (see Dave’s blog, “Kind words from CV West – Boca Raton”)

to realize how far behind the times our Village could be had Dave not been at the helm the past few years, and how far back we could go should the "malcontent" candidates be elected.

I remember thinking several years ago that there was no need to rush into all the new computer-age stuff, and my sympathies lay with the elderly here, many of whom, I thought, would never operate a computer in any form. (Some have. I've been proved wrong.) Time has a way of passing you by, however, before you realize it. More than this, as time passes it often becomes impossible to continue in the old ways.

Going way back, our community newspaper was literally a "cut and paste" composition, available locally in print edition only. That era saw the Editor in Chief being the UCO President's wife, making it a UCO house organ, carefully vetted, I understand, prior to publication to ensure no criticism of the administration was published. 

Now the UCO Reporter is a truly independent newspaper published in print edition and on the Internet, read anywhere on earth. Those who are running against Dave, fought the electronic edition at every step, and perhaps can be counted upon to eliminate it if they are elected.

All kinds of things have become far easier to do when done by computer and via the Internet. This has all happened faster than I thought it would, so I am very thankful we have had a Dave Israel and others in his administration to bring our community into the computer age.

I also believe there is more to do, as the theme of Dave’s campaign asserts. I DON’T think we can rest on our laurels now and take a two- or four-year hiatus. A few examples:

1) Electronic touch screen voting (coming to our UCO elections in March).
2) Electronic clicker voting at delegate assembly, coming soon if Dave is reelected.
3) Village-wide Broadband Wireless Communications, adding untold value to our apartments.

Already, prospective owners and renters are clamoring for Wi-Fi, and they will want and need it in “full capacity,” not in the limited mode some buildings have availed themselves of without realizing its shortcomings—and maybe short lifespan . (I hope Dave will explain in a future article what we may soon face in this regard.)

In short, I don’t think our Village would be well served by a new administration utterly opaque to information requests, to which they might well reply: "Why do you want that?"--no matter what you asked for!

They will most probably come with their past values of secrecy and denial. They will be without these priorities and lacking in the personnel with skills to carry on the work Dave and Company have so effectively put to use. "Oh, we'll be just fine," I'm sure the opposition will respond. I don't think so from what I've seen. I think we are very fortunate Dave decided to run for a fourth term and I hope he is elected.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Nominations from the Floor: More than You Ever Wanted to Know

The 2016 UCO Elections are almost here. Nominations from the Floor of the Delegate Assembly will be taken on Friday, February 5th. To all delegates who plan to nominate or second a nomination, and all nominees who plan to accept if nominated, here's how it will go. 

The Nominations Committee hopes that the detail provided here will familiarize you with the process so you know what is required to make it go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need to memorize these instructions. We will walk you through them on the 5th:

 1.  Any Century Village unit owner can be nominated. Only a delegate can nominate. Only a delegate can second. Nominees must be present to accept.

2.  Nominations will be taken by position – President, VP, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Executive Board.

3. Two recorders near each mic in front of the stage in the Clubhouse Theater will document the nominations. If you are nominating or seconding, your status as a delegate will be validated. All participants, please have your Century Village IDs available to confirm your identity

4.  Delegates who nominate, please come to either of the mics at the front of the Theater. We’ll take nominations one by one at alternate mics. State your own name and association, then the nominee’s name and association, and the office you are nominating the person for.

 5.  For each nomination we will ask for a second. Before the second comes to the mic, we will ask if the nominee is present and if he/she plans to accept. If the nominee declines, the nominee and second will not come to the mic.

6.   If the nominee says yes, both nominee and second will come to the mic. The second will state his/her name and association and second the nomination. The nominee will state acceptance.

7.  Delegate status of nominators and seconds will be confirmed against the sign-in list of delegates for the Delegate Assembly.   

8.   Nominees, if you accept you will be asked to voluntarily sign a declaration that you will reside 9 months of the year in Century Village. You will also be given guidelines for the bio which you must email to Ruth Dreiss by the end of the day on Tuesday, February 9th, see below.

9.  When the recorders signal that we are ready for the next nomination, the  next delegate in line at the opposite mic will nominate according to the  same procedure.

10.  Delegates, you may make more than one nomination in one trip to the mic to shorten the line, assuming other delegates are waiting to make the same  nomination.

11.  Photos of nominees who do not have their own to submit will be taken in the Clubhouse Lobby AFTER the Delegate Meeting.

12.  Nominees from the Floor, email your bios no later than Tuesday, February 9th to so they can be published with your  photo in the March edition of the UCO Reporter which comes out about a week before the election.

        Thank you and good luck to all candidates. Vote March 4th in the Clubhouse!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why are Century Village Garage Sale Posts Being Removed

Over the last 3 weeks, on 3 different occasions, postings for Century Village Garage sales have been removed.   Am wondering why?  The residents love these sales, the turnouts prove it, and they always ask "When is the next one?"  Please let me know.  Thanks.

Century Village Street Sale, Sat Jan 30th.

Street Sale

Sat. Jan 30/1​6
Sheffield F
8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Lots of Vendors
New, Used and Vintage Items
Sorry, no raindate

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

For Esther

You must be losing it Esther. There was a roomful of people who were witness to your bawling in your husbands arms when you did not win. some of us in the village have memories, Esther. Of course you don't want to remember your bad defeat. Notice that I call you by your given name not by some cute Esthee or other name. You are one nasty piece of work. That is why you were not wanted at that election.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


What is the minimum income necessary to own a unit in C.V. WPB.?

Friday, January 22, 2016

Grusome disgusting fantasy posts.

What has happened to human dignity, mutual respect and honest desire to be the best officer of our community, for the good and welfare of it.  Why and what would the small group of dissenters add to this?  They seemed consumed with the  desire to destroy, not build up.

These scurrilous fantasy blogs are so hateful and inappropriate that they are disgusting.  No person should be subjected to reading this trash about themselves. 

David Israel is a model of a person who has always worked for the betterment of his community.  He worked for 30 years for the NSA where he carried a top level security clearance.  These do not come easily and they are updated continuously.  He had such a good reputation that 10 years after retiring, he was called back to consult the NSA with the tremendous task of making head or tails of the reasons for 9/11 and ways to avoid it happening again.

He has been  a VP in UCO, and now for the last 6 years the President.   He has brought the office into the 21 century.  All decisions have been made with the other officers who have been part of the loop.  He is not a tyrant, nor a self serving person.  He worked for the country to protect our freedom and wonderful way of life.  He has worked with the same motive for our village. I have become a friend of David’s over the last 7-8 years.  He does not just make his decisions at the spur of the moment.  He carefully researches whatever issue is on the table.  One of his favorite expressions when presented with a question is:  “Google it”  He wants us to also research things so that we will also see the pros and cons.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Info need for channel 63 contact person

Can someone please tell me the name and email for the person to contact re: placing something on Channel 63.

I was under the impression it was Kitty Gragg <>
 but have received no reply after emailing her twice.

An email address is preferred to a phone number. Any help much appreciated.  Thank You.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Here is a note from the past worth reading from an independent observer in CV Boca.
Vote Dave Israel for UCO President

A message from your sister village in Boca

Raton:You guys never had it so good with

 President  Dave Israel.

Here in CVW we are in the stone ages when

it comes to progressive leadership. Consider:

CVW has no website or blog. CVWPB HAS

BOTH! CVW does not videotape delegates'

assembly meetings. CVWPB

runs the meetings on CH 63 AND posts them

online for 24/7  VIEWING ON DEMAND.

Thank Dave Israel for this communication


CV Boca just signed a six-year cable bulk

deal in

the culmination of a  process that did not

consider a single COMPETITIVE BID OR

hold a single unit owner accessible cable

 committee meeting.

Under Dave  Israel CVWPB received a

 dozen competitive cable bids. All but a few

committee meetings, during which proprietary

 information was discussed, were open to the

 unit owners.

Is it any surprise that by selecting single-

bidder Comcast over a ready, willing and able

 AT&T that CV Boca unit owners got screwed

 by over a million dollars?

CVW Management and Operations

Committee refuses to order that

the buses stop idling at the Clubhouse. Within

 30 days of being elected president, Dave

Israel instituted a "green" NO-IDLE POLICY

at the CVWPB Clubhouse so that folks are

not exposed to noise and air pollution. (The

World Health Organization declared diesel

 exhaust a known carcinogen last June). The

 NO-IDLE policy, is saving our

unit owners $1,700.00 per month.

CVW is using a phony FDOH Air Quality

Report that did not involve

instruments or sample collection - just the

nose of its inspector

despite the fact that toxic gases such as

Carbon Monoxide (CO) are

 odorless. CVWPB Clubgoers have had their

 health protected for

years thanks to Dave Israel who refused to

 swallow bus officials' BS about starter motors

 or timing chains. CITIZENS OF CVWPB:

After you chew up and spit out this

thoughtful, intelligent and workaholic

technowhiz, please send him

down to Century Village Boca Raton where

he will be lionized for what he has done to

promote health, education, transparency and

 true democracy and accountability in


You never had it so good, West Palmers!

Fred Hadley, Publisher: THE VILLAGE

 SENTRY, an independent

E-Newsletter for the under-informed and

under-consulted unit

owners of Century Village West, Boca Raton.

Republished, January 19, 2016 Delete


I have to say I am struck by some pretty gruesome metaphors that have arisen in the malcontent camp. One was Stew Richland's of Jan. 15 on Gary's blog depicting an AUTOPSY of Dave Israel to reveal (what else?) Dave's alleged faults. If Stew had just said "autopsy" and let it go at that, it would have been one thing, but he is intensely graphic about it, referring to splitting open the breastbone, which he calls the "Y," "breaking  the ribs" and "spreading the chest cavity." It's a graphic description of open-heart surgery—of Dave! Think for a minute of the censure that would come upon one of our candidates for US president had he (or she) criticized one of the other candidates in such a gross manner. "Absolutely contemptible" would have been the charge, probably from friend as well as foe.

The other metaphor which Olga cites in a Dec. 15 post took place in a dream, or a dream that Olga made up—I can't tell which it was. Well, of course I can't blame anybody for what happened in a dream; we have all had some crazy ones. But this one she TELLS us about, because she believes there's a message in it for us. It's a terrible dream. It takes place in a concentration camp, and a prisoner who is described as "fat, bald and naked" is being hauled away by the authorities to be murdered. Not only are the Nazis assenting to this, but the other concentration camp prisoners are as well. What is her point in telling us this? It is that the prisoner bears a marked resemblance to Dave Israel! But WHY tell us this? Apparently it is so we can look upon Dave so pictured in disgust and deserving of his fate! In the dream the concentration camp prisoners have no more mercy than the guards.

Whew! If there was a purpose, or something to "see" behind Olga's dream, I beg to differ with her about it. To me, plain enough for any caring person to see, it is: "This poor man, naked and stripped of any human dignity, dealt with so harshly by cruel and unfeeling people. He deserves NOT our disgust. He may not have been a perfect person, but he deserves our sympathy and compassion and love."

Olga, I think you have misinterpreted your own dream. It depicts you siding with the Nazis you rightly condemn. It has said something about YOU.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Answer to Phyllis Richland

Phyllis, I don't know what you mean by not showing anyone our association accounts. The budget is posted and at our annual meetings I print an account of our Laundry account. Do you have a convenient memory block or are you in the first stages of losing it? You when you had your condo here never asked to see any accounts only to have you underage granddaughter stay in your condo. You really need a memory recall! Another reason not to vote for Phyllis Richland!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Dave Israel


Welcome Comm_01 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.
Thanks to Channel 63 Team


I bopped over to Gary's blog tonight and found a post by Olga that seemed straight out of Lewis Carroll. Poor Dave Israel is being sentenced by someone for the umpteenth time—you can easily imagine it having been the crazy Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland." At least it's not a beheading this time, so perhaps things are looking up. There are three comments, all, I suspect, by the not-too-imaginative Gary Olman. One is attributed to The Mad Hatter (which fits my Alice in Wonderland theory) and two are downright vulgar and hardly meeting the supposed lofty criteria of My Village blog contributions being "polite, civil and germane." But I suppose Gary is not bound by his own rules, and of course, this IS "Alice in Wonderland."

If you want "Alice in Wonderland" with a touch of the vulgar, perhaps that is the place for you. Okay, okay, it's a bit more than a TOUCH. Should I say "immersed in"? Or maybe "drowning in" would be better?

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Candidate Richland speaks to Golf’s Edge meeting – A few highlights
In Ms. Richland’s talk, she spoke briefly of her “Soup Kitchen” concept, (old habits die hard), her “Free Lunch” initiative, and finally, when asked by a Resident “What would you do to enhance the Security of the Village”, she had the gall to present as her own idea, an initiative we here in UCO have had in place for at least two years.                                            -
Image result for FREE LUNCH
She said, “I would add another layer of security, a Detective, who would be in the Village with his badge displayed around his neck on a chain – a real Detective!”
That bit in bold black, is a direct quote folks. Well now hear this! UCO has had a PBSO Detective - Michael Antinoro embedded here in CV for over two years. This Detective has investigated and solved a number of serious crimes here in our Village, working both day and night, occasionally with our Security Force. Thanks to PBSO for this support. And by the way, he does indeed wear his badge around his neck on chain!
-Image result for PBSO Detective badge
So, Candidate Richland, try coming up with your own ideas, instead of stealing mine.
By the way, Ms. Richland’s principal campaign team – The CV Messenger Club is staging a fake Candidates Forum, where they are offering a FREE LUNCH, no doubt in exchange for your vote for their candidate.
Please do not fall for this campaign nonsense, leave the Richland doctrine of Sue! Sue! Sue!  and soup kitchen in the past where it belongs.
Dave Israel – for UCO President


Phyllis Richland, Candidate for the position of President of UCO, was asked by a Resident today:
If you are elected President, what is the first thing you would do?
Her response - "I would write a letter to all UCO Committee Chairs stating;
thank you for your services, but they are no longer needed"
Image result for you're fired
So, without a second thought, or consideration of the incumbent Chairs experience, productivity, or qualifications,  Ms. Richland would send them all packing.
Now that's the "shoot from the hip" Phyllis I remember when she was a UCO VP.
Please, when you vote on March 4, leave this blast from the past, where she belongs, in the past.
Dave Israel
  Candidate for UCO President

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why I Cannot Vote For Phyllis Richland

Phyllis Richland owned an additional condo in our Association. It was to store their wine and for guests. They did not live there. I was new on the scene when she asked me to sign to allow her under age granddaughter to stay in their condo in our Association. She was then a Vice President of UCO. When I told her I could not because she could not stay alone without the owner there and she was in her twenties I think so really underage. Phyllis told me if I didn't sign she would. I felt backed in a corner and signed. I told her I was surprised a Vice President of UCO would have me break our by laws. If she were president and didn't like a UCO law I would imagine she would ignore the law. That is the Phyllis Richland that I know.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A tree fell in Canterberry B

A tree fell on a car in Canterberry B.
"This afternoon's rainstorms swept through Palm Beach County quickly, but they made their mark. Just ask Patricia Caputo. She was visiting a friend at Century Village in West Palm Beach when a tree fell on her car. It was about 2:30 p.m. and Caputo says it looked like a hurricane outside: strong winds and a heavy downpour. She was preparing to leave the apartment when she heard her car alarm gong off. "


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Can someone recommend a local electrician? I have small job and would prefer to hire someone with whom one of our residents has had a positive experience. Thanks!

Monday, January 11, 2016


In another long drawn-out comment by former high school teacher Stew Richland on Gary Olman's blog, Stew states: "In Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, The Mikado,  the phrase, 'short, sharp, shock' was used to mean 'a quick severe punishment.' which a prisoner awaiting his beheading is about to experience. This is what I would proscribe for our UCO President."

Later in the same comment Stew says: "Well, Mr. Howe,  (also  Pete Cruise) I think that the “short, sharp, shock,”  will be coming your way this March.

Thankfully for the three of us—and I would like to think for the whole Village—the experience that Stew likens to a beheading is one he would proscribe, not prescribe. Thank you, Stew. We appreciate your sentiments. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016


My sister, who is staying in Delray Beach for the winter, invited me over for turkey dinner on Christmas day, so I decided to buy two pies from the Upper Crust Bakery, a pie shop I had heard was reputed to have the best pies in the county. They did not disappoint. I bought an apple pie and a strawberry-rhubarb pie, and both were scrumptious. Rhubarb pie is one of my favorites, which I always thought was unusual, but I am finding other people now who like it too. A couple of people who lifted the pie boxes exclaimed how heavy they were. That's because the Upper Crust doesn’t scrimp on the filling and the crust is plenty thick.

It's a bit of a drive to the Upper Crust. The shop is on southbound US 1 midway between Forest Hill Boulevard and 10th Avenue North. It's in a squarish building on the corner of 21st Avenue North, a side street. If you don't find a parking place on the side street, you may be able to park in the strip mall across from it.

The pies are not cheap, ranging from $13.75 to $15.50, but worth it for a treat in my opinion. The apple and the strawberry-rhubarb pies I bought were $14 each. Try it sometime when you're down that way. I think you'll be pleased. The clever name they chose for themselves was enough to interest me.


Delegate Assembly 1-8-2016 p1_x264_x264 from David B. Israel on Vimeo.



Dave Israel

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Here in Century Village, we have recently experienced an act that I personally consider sacrilegious, the placement of a political snipe sign on the grounds of the synagogue across the street from our Haverhill entrance.
Yes indeed, I called on Code Enforcement to have this eyesore removed; and I would do so again. Those who enjoy such snipe sign pollution, why don't you place them on your Association property?? And by the way, stop polluting our Association bulletin boards.
PS: you better check with Code Enforcement first!
Snipe signs are a lot like weeds; they pop up all over the place and can be hard to eliminate. Occasionally, sheriff's deputies or code enforcement Officers will pluck the 2-foot to 3-foot or larger signs from public swales along U.S. 441 and Jog Road, but more seem to take their place not unlike toadstools. "It seems to come in cycles," says Palm Beach County Code Enforcement Division Director, especially when there is an election season, in which case there are a lot more of them.
The signs typically advertise homes for sale, hurricane shutter installers and sports leagues. And in the case of elections, they even plead for votes. Code enforcement officers don't keep an exact tally, but Code enforcement expects more signs to appear as political races heat up.
One October weekend, for instance, Code Enforcement picked up about 500, Snipe Signs noting there are more political ads this year than ever before. Elections, just bring them out of the woodwork. Before election season the number of such signs explode.
In Palm Beach County Snipe signs are banned by Code: Violators can be dragged into enforcement proceedings in front of a special master and ordered to pay administrative fines or costs. Still, code enforcement officers are busy dealing with residents' complaints and checking on dilapidated or neglected properties leaving little time to dedicate to snipe sign extermination.
"We get complaints, and when code enforcement officers have time, they will pluck them for disposal,". "Right now, it's a remove-and-dispose program."
Dave Israel 


Is this what we want for Century Village? This snipe sign is hanging from Northampton R. The President of this Association (Olga Wolkenstein) is a member of the CV Messenger Club and she is on the Staff of the CV Messenger, a so called newspaper.
Candidate Richland is clearly the Messenger Club Candidate, her claim of independence is absurd. These are the people who have disrupted our Delegate Assembly meetings for 5 years. They publish scurrilous material and pump it out over the Internet, causing irreparable damage to the image of Century Village. Please think about this snipe sign when you vote in March.

For now, let's hear your voices in the Comment stream about this visual pollution, and the Candidate that clearly condones it.
Dave Israel

Friday, January 8, 2016


Biography for 2016 UCO Elections

Submit no later than February 5, 2016. Return this form via email to

OFFICE you are running for
EDUCATION: (Highest level attained and Institution):

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dave Israel

Question about signs being posted on condo buildings.........??

I understand that if you wish to sell or rent your condo, you are not allowed to put up a sign
on your building.  What would happen if someone did it anyway (assuming their condo association,
for whatever reason, didn't mind?)

What action (if any) would be taken against the person placing the sign, and/or their
condo association?  And by whom?

It appears to me that if people choose to break any bylaw in Century Village, nothing is done about it. People may complain and rant and rave, but the offender continues offending.

The only bylaws I haven't seen broken are real estate signs being placed, and a sign is a sign, so you know why I am asking.

Monday, January 4, 2016


The following described Malware hijacked my Gmail address book and sent the following described Emails to my entire address book. The Malware, if you click on it takes you to phony Web-Site.
If you do in fact click on the link in the message, your email addressees may be sent the same message.
If you did click on the message, and of course wish to prevent this Malware from sending this from your Email account, the first thing to do is to change your password.
Your new password should be no less than 10 characters in length, using an alpha-numeric string with upper-case, lower-case and special characters; EG. ! @ # $ % ^ & *
The Information Forward Initiative Emails were not affected by the hack Malware.

'Unable to Display Message' Spam Emails Open Fake BBC 'Health' Site

Jump To: Example    Detailed Analysis   Comments   References


Emails claiming that a message could not be displayed or can only be read in your browser invite you to click a link to view the supposed message. 

Brief Analysis

The emails are spam. Clicking the links takes you to a fake BBC website that tries to sell you dodgy weight-loss products.


Page Ad Free


related Links
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Learn how to stay safe online with Hoax-Slayer's comprehensive eBook:



Subject: please read now

This message can only be viewed in a browser. To view this message please click here 

error code: 4248 time: March 19, 2015, 12:58 pm

Subject: read this Unable to display full message. Please Click here
to view this message 

error code: 6460 time: 12:01:48

Subject: Check this

unable to load message please click here to view.


Detailed Analysis

A series of spam emails currently hitting inboxes claim that a message could not be displayed and invite you to click a link to read the message. Some versions claim that your email program was unable to load the message. Others claim that the program was unable to display the full message. Some variants claim that the message can only be viewed in your browser.

Many of the emails include fake 'error codes' designed to support the idea that something has gone wrong and you must therefore click the link to view the full message. 

But, of course, if you do click the link, you will not be taken to a missing message. Instead, a seemingly official BBC News webpage will open in your browser.

The page includes the BBC News logo and colour scheme along with menu and sidebar links that lead to pages or reports on the genuine BBC News site. 

However the webpage has no connection whatsoever to BBC News. It is a spam website that peddles very dubious 'miracle' weight loss products. The advertising copy is presented as a news article and includes embedded links that lead to a slick sales website where you can buy the supposed weight loss product. 

Unfortunately, because the information is presented as news and appears to come from a trusted source such as BBC News, at least some recipients are likely to click through and buy the products.

Even if you believe that the product promoted on the fake website may have some merit, it would be very unwise to proceed to buy. The people responsible for this spam campaign use deliberately deceptive tactics by pretending that a message could not be displayed. And, their website fraudulently masquerades as a trusted news site just to trick potential customers into believing their spurious health claims. Such tactics are beneath contempt. These people certainly should not be trusted with your credit card details or any other personal information.

If you receive one of these spam emails, just delete it. 
Dave Israel