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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why I Cannot Vote For Phyllis Richland

Phyllis Richland owned an additional condo in our Association. It was to store their wine and for guests. They did not live there. I was new on the scene when she asked me to sign to allow her under age granddaughter to stay in their condo in our Association. She was then a Vice President of UCO. When I told her I could not because she could not stay alone without the owner there and she was in her twenties I think so really underage. Phyllis told me if I didn't sign she would. I felt backed in a corner and signed. I told her I was surprised a Vice President of UCO would have me break our by laws. If she were president and didn't like a UCO law I would imagine she would ignore the law. That is the Phyllis Richland that I know.

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