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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have to say I am struck by some pretty gruesome metaphors that have arisen in the malcontent camp. One was Stew Richland's of Jan. 15 on Gary's blog depicting an AUTOPSY of Dave Israel to reveal (what else?) Dave's alleged faults. If Stew had just said "autopsy" and let it go at that, it would have been one thing, but he is intensely graphic about it, referring to splitting open the breastbone, which he calls the "Y," "breaking  the ribs" and "spreading the chest cavity." It's a graphic description of open-heart surgery—of Dave! Think for a minute of the censure that would come upon one of our candidates for US president had he (or she) criticized one of the other candidates in such a gross manner. "Absolutely contemptible" would have been the charge, probably from friend as well as foe.

The other metaphor which Olga cites in a Dec. 15 post took place in a dream, or a dream that Olga made up—I can't tell which it was. Well, of course I can't blame anybody for what happened in a dream; we have all had some crazy ones. But this one she TELLS us about, because she believes there's a message in it for us. It's a terrible dream. It takes place in a concentration camp, and a prisoner who is described as "fat, bald and naked" is being hauled away by the authorities to be murdered. Not only are the Nazis assenting to this, but the other concentration camp prisoners are as well. What is her point in telling us this? It is that the prisoner bears a marked resemblance to Dave Israel! But WHY tell us this? Apparently it is so we can look upon Dave so pictured in disgust and deserving of his fate! In the dream the concentration camp prisoners have no more mercy than the guards.

Whew! If there was a purpose, or something to "see" behind Olga's dream, I beg to differ with her about it. To me, plain enough for any caring person to see, it is: "This poor man, naked and stripped of any human dignity, dealt with so harshly by cruel and unfeeling people. He deserves NOT our disgust. He may not have been a perfect person, but he deserves our sympathy and compassion and love."

Olga, I think you have misinterpreted your own dream. It depicts you siding with the Nazis you rightly condemn. It has said something about YOU.

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