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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Here is a note from the past worth reading from an independent observer in CV Boca.
Vote Dave Israel for UCO President

A message from your sister village in Boca

Raton:You guys never had it so good with

 President  Dave Israel.

Here in CVW we are in the stone ages when

it comes to progressive leadership. Consider:

CVW has no website or blog. CVWPB HAS

BOTH! CVW does not videotape delegates'

assembly meetings. CVWPB

runs the meetings on CH 63 AND posts them

online for 24/7  VIEWING ON DEMAND.

Thank Dave Israel for this communication


CV Boca just signed a six-year cable bulk

deal in

the culmination of a  process that did not

consider a single COMPETITIVE BID OR

hold a single unit owner accessible cable

 committee meeting.

Under Dave  Israel CVWPB received a

 dozen competitive cable bids. All but a few

committee meetings, during which proprietary

 information was discussed, were open to the

 unit owners.

Is it any surprise that by selecting single-

bidder Comcast over a ready, willing and able

 AT&T that CV Boca unit owners got screwed

 by over a million dollars?

CVW Management and Operations

Committee refuses to order that

the buses stop idling at the Clubhouse. Within

 30 days of being elected president, Dave

Israel instituted a "green" NO-IDLE POLICY

at the CVWPB Clubhouse so that folks are

not exposed to noise and air pollution. (The

World Health Organization declared diesel

 exhaust a known carcinogen last June). The

 NO-IDLE policy, is saving our

unit owners $1,700.00 per month.

CVW is using a phony FDOH Air Quality

Report that did not involve

instruments or sample collection - just the

nose of its inspector

despite the fact that toxic gases such as

Carbon Monoxide (CO) are

 odorless. CVWPB Clubgoers have had their

 health protected for

years thanks to Dave Israel who refused to

 swallow bus officials' BS about starter motors

 or timing chains. CITIZENS OF CVWPB:

After you chew up and spit out this

thoughtful, intelligent and workaholic

technowhiz, please send him

down to Century Village Boca Raton where

he will be lionized for what he has done to

promote health, education, transparency and

 true democracy and accountability in


You never had it so good, West Palmers!

Fred Hadley, Publisher: THE VILLAGE

 SENTRY, an independent

E-Newsletter for the under-informed and

under-consulted unit

owners of Century Village West, Boca Raton.

Republished, January 19, 2016 Delete


  1. What a refreshing letter from our neighbors and fellow CV'ers. It is amazing how they can see from 30miles away all the wonderful things that David Israel has done for our villige in West Palm. Thank you Dave for all you do and have done for us. We live in a paradise, its too bad that a minority of malcontents cannot see this.

  2. Great reality check, GREAT! Thanks Fred.

  3. Dave I think this letter should go to everyone on your IFFI list.


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