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Monday, January 18, 2016


I bopped over to Gary's blog tonight and found a post by Olga that seemed straight out of Lewis Carroll. Poor Dave Israel is being sentenced by someone for the umpteenth time—you can easily imagine it having been the crazy Queen of Hearts in "Alice in Wonderland." At least it's not a beheading this time, so perhaps things are looking up. There are three comments, all, I suspect, by the not-too-imaginative Gary Olman. One is attributed to The Mad Hatter (which fits my Alice in Wonderland theory) and two are downright vulgar and hardly meeting the supposed lofty criteria of My Village blog contributions being "polite, civil and germane." But I suppose Gary is not bound by his own rules, and of course, this IS "Alice in Wonderland."

If you want "Alice in Wonderland" with a touch of the vulgar, perhaps that is the place for you. Okay, okay, it's a bit more than a TOUCH. Should I say "immersed in"? Or maybe "drowning in" would be better?

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