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Friday, January 29, 2016


Nominations from the Floor: More than You Ever Wanted to Know

The 2016 UCO Elections are almost here. Nominations from the Floor of the Delegate Assembly will be taken on Friday, February 5th. To all delegates who plan to nominate or second a nomination, and all nominees who plan to accept if nominated, here's how it will go. 

The Nominations Committee hopes that the detail provided here will familiarize you with the process so you know what is required to make it go as smoothly as possible. You don’t need to memorize these instructions. We will walk you through them on the 5th:

 1.  Any Century Village unit owner can be nominated. Only a delegate can nominate. Only a delegate can second. Nominees must be present to accept.

2.  Nominations will be taken by position – President, VP, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and Executive Board.

3. Two recorders near each mic in front of the stage in the Clubhouse Theater will document the nominations. If you are nominating or seconding, your status as a delegate will be validated. All participants, please have your Century Village IDs available to confirm your identity

4.  Delegates who nominate, please come to either of the mics at the front of the Theater. We’ll take nominations one by one at alternate mics. State your own name and association, then the nominee’s name and association, and the office you are nominating the person for.

 5.  For each nomination we will ask for a second. Before the second comes to the mic, we will ask if the nominee is present and if he/she plans to accept. If the nominee declines, the nominee and second will not come to the mic.

6.   If the nominee says yes, both nominee and second will come to the mic. The second will state his/her name and association and second the nomination. The nominee will state acceptance.

7.  Delegate status of nominators and seconds will be confirmed against the sign-in list of delegates for the Delegate Assembly.   

8.   Nominees, if you accept you will be asked to voluntarily sign a declaration that you will reside 9 months of the year in Century Village. You will also be given guidelines for the bio which you must email to Ruth Dreiss by the end of the day on Tuesday, February 9th, see below.

9.  When the recorders signal that we are ready for the next nomination, the  next delegate in line at the opposite mic will nominate according to the  same procedure.

10.  Delegates, you may make more than one nomination in one trip to the mic to shorten the line, assuming other delegates are waiting to make the same  nomination.

11.  Photos of nominees who do not have their own to submit will be taken in the Clubhouse Lobby AFTER the Delegate Meeting.

12.  Nominees from the Floor, email your bios no later than Tuesday, February 9th to so they can be published with your  photo in the March edition of the UCO Reporter which comes out about a week before the election.

        Thank you and good luck to all candidates. Vote March 4th in the Clubhouse!

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