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Friday, March 14, 2014

Esther Sutofsky needs to study up on Florida's Sunshine Law: it doesn't apply to condos, only goverment agecies. From, the state attorney general's website:

  • What is the Sunshine Law?
    Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine law provides a right of access to governmental proceedings at both the state and local levels. It applies to any gathering of two or more members of the same board to discuss some matter which will foresee ably come before that board for action. There is also a constitutionally guaranteed right of access. Virtually all state and local collegial public bodies are covered by the open meetings requirements with the exception of the judiciary and the state Legislature which has its own constitutional provision relating to access.

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  1. The Sunshine Law is a generic term for the Florida statutes that mandate transparency in public and corporate governance.

    FS 718 covers condos- that means your association.

    FS 617 covers HOAs- that means UCO.

    You, me or Esther can, with a few exceptions, attend any UCO meeting and, under certain conditions, request inspection of UCO documents. The rules are, more or less, the same for our Associations.

    UCO and your Association are corporations, and you are a stockholder in each.


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