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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Esther volunteering at UCO

If Esther wishes to volunteer at UCO and you do not take her up on it, can she sue or cause any other
kind of problems.  Will the nightmare EVER stop?


  1. Hi Roz,
    UCO Committees are populated based on qualifications.

    As for suing, welcome to America, where anyone can sue anyone based on no particular reason.

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Dave,
    Don't people who are put on the committees serve at the pleasure of the UCO President? Why put people on committees that are hell bent on destroying You?

  3. How many Volunteer's would consider
    working with the likes of one who
    for several months has attempted
    to malign everyone,who did not
    share her views? Certainly not any
    self respecting individual...

  4. Thanks Bettiel…….
    AND THE BEAT GOES ON AND ON…..Give it up

  5. I had this thought long before Esther came on the scene. Years ago, the UCO Reporter published the committees and its members. I would like to see that happen again showing the Committee Chair and the VP overseeinng the committee. Anyone wishing to make application to serve on a particular committee could see who they would be working with and decide whether they could have a good working relationship. It's important to be compatible with those with whom you work. I would hope that committee members respect the office of the president whether or not they agree with issues.

  6. You can almost see where this is headed. This opposition group struck out hard with the Delegate Assembly and lost influence at the Executive Board, Officers is a no-go. What to do? Where can a malcontent throw a monkey wrench now?

    Limited options. File frivolous lawsuit. Put in applications for committee seats and dare the elected administration to turn them down. Back to disruption of Delegate Assemblies to delay and obstruct Village business. That doesn't work, drop a dime to Code Enforcement or make another frivolous complaint to Dept. of Condominium and Timeshares.

    In other words, more of the same.

  7. How can someone wanting to run for office get any experience with UCO if they volunteer for committees and are turned away? If Esther wants to volunteer for a committee or a few, then give her the opportunity to serve and to learn and gain the necessary experience needed to attain office within UCO's sphere of service. I would say that almost anyone deserves a chance to serve and prove themselves as an asset to the village. That should be a step in the right direction to healing the wounds and opening the minds of the village.

  8. The Chair of committees is approved by all the officers and then usually the Chair will select people that they think will contribute to that committee. If 20 people volunteer for a committee and only 5 is needed it is up to the chair of that committee to choose....This is the procedure that I thought is used.


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