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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Joy Vestal knows how to get things done. She has certainly demonstrated this as coeditor of the UCO Reporter. She and coeditor Myron Silverman have made the UCO Reporter a first-class newspaper. But Joy casts a yet wider net. Disturbed because that corner gas station across from the Village West Gate remained boarded up and an eyesore, she used her newspaper influence to light a fire under the appropriate authorities, and voila! Now there’s an open and functioning gas station there.

She’ll do the same kind of thing as a vice president of UCO if elected, and in that position be able to bring both her past and present newspaper experience to bear.

Bob Marshall and Joy Vestal are our best choices for UCO vice president in this coming Friday’s election. The opposition mistakes quiet calmness and experience in evaluating Bob. As UCO PRESIDENT he led us through the worst disasters this Village ever experienced, the three hurricanes of 2004 and 2005: Frances, Jeanne and Wilma. For years, as UCO president and vice president, he has helped innumerable residents with his advice and counsel.

We couldn’t do better than these two, in my opinion.


  1. Joy and Bob are FIRST CLASS and a GREAT ASSET to the village. They both have my vote


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