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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ten Things to Think About Before You Vote

1.     Was it a coincidence that the first lawsuit against UCO filed by Dave Israel’s opponents was filed hours after delegates defeated the recall against Dave by a vote of 161-4, and that we heard nothing (except that the plaintiffs wanted UCO to pay their legal costs) until the latest lawsuit was filed just in time for the Candidates Forum and the March 7 election?

2.   When people file serial lawsuits, disregarding the legal costs to all of us and the insurance premiums that will shoot up (or the carriers who will refuse to cover us because UCO has been sued yet again), why does a candidate for UCO President say, “That’s what insurance is for”? Leadership to call for solving problems in ways other than $5.4 million lawsuits is in order.

3.   If a candidate resorts to vicious accusations like referring to David as  “...just a “piece of human trash,” saying he would have “sold his fellow Jews down the river,” and does not speak out against supporters’ blog posts, like David “is bringing back the Third Reich” and David must be “taken down,”  won’t she govern in the same way?  

4.   On his worst day, David never resorted to religion-tinged taunts or threats. Neither did his supporters.

5.   Five years of study and several years on UCO committees and the Executive Board before David felt prepared to run for office doesn’t compare to a few books and docs on your desk for reference if you’ve never served in UCO at all.

6.   Facts matter. County engineers inspected the paving of the roads  –and the paving passed inspection. David has apologized many times for remaining trouble areas but opponents’ accusations ignore the inspections or denigrate the results.

7.   Hiring PBSO to be sure a potentially explosive budget meeting did not get out of hand isn’t exactly “Gestapo” tactics using “armed guards.”  Many delegates said it was the most productive meeting we’ve had in years.  For Dave’s opponents, PBSO is wrong, the County is wrong, UCO is wrong. Doesn’t leave much room for collaboration and positive thinking.

8.   A candidate who makes a sarcastic comment about David’s post-911 service (…”while you were out saving the world from 911”) insults the victims of 911 and anyone who used his or her skills to help track the perpetrators.

9.   Results matter. Savings to residents from reduced insurance premiums and the Comcast contract, balanced budgets, transparent bid processes, advanced business systems, UCO President’s meetings for input from association leaders, email notifications of minutes, meetings and events to 800 residents opting in, the foundation for Wi-Fi for Internet access at great savings, improved security and streamlined investigations, a record of coordination with state and County officials for the benefit of residents.  And he’s not done.

1.   Vision matters. Full implementation of W-Fi, a new infrastructure project to replace aging water pipes throughout the Village, a new foreclosure project to help associations recover funds -- big ideas for the future, not attacks on the past.

Please support Dave Israel and the slate of candidates he has endorsed.  


  1. I would not vote for any other than David Israel and his slate of candidates. His honesty and integrity in all UCO matters cannot be slandered by his opponent and her followers. He is the best for the job with unmatched UCO experience as opposed to no experience and name calling by his opponent. A vote for David is a vote for continued forward thinking service.

  2. Well said. It is appalling what the likes of Esther, Olga, Grossman, etc. have sunk to. I am not concerned about their winning (not enough stupid people @ CV to vote them in), but the smart people need to show up and return Dave and his slate on Friday.

  3. David Israel has made it clear that he will vigorously defend the Solomon/Karpf lawsuits, and has publically condemned the grifter ethic of using insurance and lawsuits for short term financial gain.

    Esther Sutofsky put one of the Plaintiffs, Jerry Karpf, on her slate and has assured Homeowners that "money will be flowing into your pockets".

    The decision is yours.

  4. Hi Don4060,
    March 6, 2014 at 10:40 AM,

    There is little doubt based on Esther's statements:

    "That is what insurance is for"
    "Money will be flowing into out pockets"

    That if elected, she will drag this entire village into this frivolous suit, which is an unconstrained fantasy of financial desire.

    This suit is so absurd, that the lawyer for Solomon & Karpf, Attorney Alterman, has petitioned the Court to withdraw from the case.

    Dave Israel

  5. Hooray for Attorney Alterman--a sensible lawyer!

  6. Dave, it's so sad this group spends so much of their energy with lawsuits and making nothing but trouble. There is so much name calling on the other blog. It really makes me upset. I really think they enjoy it. I guess it's all politics. I have seen this many times at my place of work before I retired. Rumors and lies to make them look good. Why not just present your credentials on why you would make a better officer and leave it at that.


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