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Saturday, March 8, 2014


On Olga's Blog, Phyllis is resigning but will stay on to help a new VP. I say , new VP will not need any help from  PR, the faster she gets her stuff out of UCO the better off CV is .  


  1. I'm glad to see Phyllis go but look who we're going to get in her place!

  2. He may go down in history, as the
    "Perpetual" replacement~ How many
    times can one serve in that capacity? Would love to see a
    "special" election,if that was

  3. With the elections now being past, doesn't it mean Dave Israel, as UCO president, can appoint a VP for the remaining time between now and the next annual election? I haven't tried to check the rules.

  4. Hi all,

    While I have no reason to doubt that Phyllis has resigned, the post in the Malcontent BLOG cannot be accepted as Official.

    We have had other postings and comments there, by such as "Nick Beef", "Richard Parker", "Sylvia",
    "Shorty", Eduardo and numerous anonymous, None of which are of any validity or value. So, until we have a written letter of resignation signed by VP Richland, she is to be considered a UCO VP for one more year.

    Now, let's assume that in due course, such signed and dated letter were to materialize; nothing in the Bylaws says that for the Office of VP, we must go to the next highest vote count.

    Indeed, the remaining Officers make a selection, subject to the approval of the Delegate Assembly to fill the vacancy, for the unexpired term of the resigning Officer.
    So, we shall see what we shall see!!

    Dave Israel

  5. Gary is insulted I called the other Blog , Olga's Blog. Sorry G , I now give you credit for 1/2 of that yellow journalistic creation. Most comments I put on Olga's blog are not posted, today was no exception. Gary and Olga, what a fun pair?

  6. WOW! I really hit a nerve on Olga.s
    sidekick,maybe a little Ganja would improve his mood. G,don't try so hard,Phyllis will be your friend. get a grip. : )

  7. Mike, I think your comments regarding Phyllis was uncalled for and HURTFUL! Yes, there has been differences, but we can not forget all the good Phyllis has done over the years for many people. I wish her well and God's blessings as she and her husband travel to California

  8. I think anyone could pick up the job of inviting occasional Speakers from the huge list on PB County speakers bureau, and also running the BenefitsCheckUp program confidentially on a UCO computer, you would not need to be a VP, even a humble renter can do it. (apologies to renters).

  9. Hi All,
    Phyllis has advised that she is not resigning.

    Rather, she is retiring for very valid reasons after a long period of service to UCO and our Village of over 16 years.

    She has suffered a terrible loss and other significant shocks.

    There is no need for bashing, let us all respect her service and her decision.

    Dave Israel

  10. Let's not minimize what Phyllis has done for the Village. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes in coordinating the speakers; not just picking a speaker from the list.

    Also what she does in helping people get their assistance is another area that is not easy for a lot of people to accomplish. Not everyone knows where to go or how to navigate the system.

    As for being a humble renter, there are several renters in this village that care more about the village than a lot of the owners. There are owners that allow their condos to fall apart and could care less about the village while the renters step forward to make improvements. As a renter, I want to see a nice, safe place to live but I don't want to see my rent go up because the owners condo fees raised. That is why I volunteer my time to save the village paying for someone to provide the services I have been able to offer that few people have the backgound to do.

  11. Anitra, very well said....David thankyou for your comment. We are so grateful you have been re-elected. Now is the time for us to build up, not tear down.

  12. Of course Anitra, I was simplifying to get the attention of others who might want those tasks. A new VP would probably have entirely different interests.
    Glad Dave has heard from Phyllis, good luck to her.

  13. Phyllis' contributions to UCO and the Village are not anything to make light of. She has done many wonderful things and helped countless people in her years at UCO. Just because she had a "falling out" with the administration in no way diminishes her accomplishments.
    The Village owes her a debt of gratitude, and I would suggest that she recognized for it in the very near future.
    After a very difficult election, we should be concentrating on licking wounds and healing instead of throwing out more insults or gloating. Let's focus on starting to work on getting things done.
    To Phyllis, I say Thank you, I am sorry for your loss, and your husband and you will be in my prayers, God Bless.


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