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Friday, December 2, 2011

Remote Control article

Thank you Marilyn Pomerantz for the great article in UCO concerning how to use the remote control. I've got it covered in plastic - ready for review at all times. That had to take a lot of time.
One thing though, can anyone please tell me how to save a station as a Favorite? Now that UCO has listed all the higher channel numbers for our favorite stations, I would like to save some to my Favorite list. I can't figure out how to do it. If somebody does know, please pass it along.


  1. Hi Topper. I don't know if Marilyn, who is a hard worker at the Reporter shop, follows the Blog, because not everybody does. Maybe she does, and I just don't know her Blog name. So I'm going to print out your thank-you on the Blog and bring it into the shop for Marilyn to see on Monday. Perhaps then she can answer your question about saving to a Favorite list. Or perhaps you'll get it answered sooner on the Blog by some smart person--unfortunately not yours truly!

    Oh, and P.S.--could we use your Blog thanks as a Letter to the Editor? With your okay, I should think that would be cricket.

  2. Hi Lanny, please be my guest to use my "Blog thanks" in the UCO reporter. I've never been published before!
    Also, thank you for passing my thanks on to Marilyn.
    Happy Holiday!

  3. Marilyn knows about your request about saving to a Favorites list and has worked up something for the newspaper, Topper. I think it may go in the Jan. issue.


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