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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi All,
Those of you who are original unit owners were promised something, do you remember what it was?

Let me remind you, follow the link:

One of the items on this full color  rendering is a Golf Course. This Golf Course was further etched in stone by way of the official Palm Beach County Plat number 14, which is annotated "To remain for Golf Course purposes only in perpetuity"! Thus, those of us who came after the original owners are also beneficiaries of the "In Perpetuity" promise.

Tomorrow, the Palm Beach County Zoning Commission, will hear the pleadings of a Developer to overturn this Plat Restriction. We in UCO and the ProActive Committee are diametrically opposed to this extended urban sprawl and ask all those who read this Post and are also opposed to this development, to come tomorrow, Friday, December 2, 2011, to 2300 Jog Road, to the Vista Center hearing room to show your opposition to the Zoning Commissioners.

Your numbers will send a message, some of you may also get to speak to the issue! So, look at the brochure at the link above and don't let the promise be taken away.

Thanks to Mr. Phil Shapkin for the Brochure.

Dave Israel

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  1. I agree with David Israel ! In perpetuity means FOREVER. Let's hope the Commissioners agree also and say no to construction. Why not use the land as a park where we could go walk or bike at our leisure, in a safe environment? Just think: turning this land in a "community" will only destroy another natural area and ultimately cause traffic, noise, crime, overcrowding, air pollution, etc. Is this what we really want?


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