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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Open Letter to Ty Bebe

Seasons Greetings, Ty Bebe and Brown and Brown. How heart warming to see you return to the blog after such a long absence.As a current client, considering options for 2012 I would sincerely appreciate your comments on the following:

1. Regarding the difference in ordinance & law coverage that you speak of, 2.5% vs 5% of the building’s value, did we all not have 2.5% through your agency last year, and is it not our prerogative whether we purchase no ordinance & law, 2.5% or 5%?  I just want to clarify that all three options are available and that you offer all three, just like the other agencies soliciting us. 

2. About the $2500 deductible, is it not relevant that we currently have one policy for all associations, and that American Coastal will not offer the $2500 deductible if there is even one location on the policy with a history of claims.  If we were on separate policies, we have been told that we have the option of $2500 vs $5000.  Why were we not previously informed of this option? 

3.Please post here on the blog, for all to see, the part of our 2011 General Liability policy where it states that we have a separate limits for each association. 

4. Please also post here on the blog the part of our 2012 Umbrella policy where it states that we have separate limits for each association. 

5. Regarding Equipment Breakdown insurance, please describe here exactly why this is a “key” coverage for our associations. 

6. Please describe the mathematical details regarding the deductible buy-down policies.  Is “loss assessment” coverage on our homeowners policies not relevant to the decision to buy the buy-down policies?  If I as a unit owner purchase a homeowners policy and I calculate my portion of a special assessment after a hurricane, does it not factor into my decision that I may be duplicating a portion of this coverage, especially considering that with a buy-down STILL has a deductible of 1% or 2% depending on which policy we buy?  And do I, as a resident buying homeowners coverage, have a responsibility to pay for an association policy to protect owners who choose not to buy homeowners coverage?  Your honest advice is appreciated on this subject. 

7. Regarding directors coverage, can you post the policy comparison here on the blog?  Last year, it was not mentioned to us that Chartis is actually the rebranded arm of AIG, which has been all over the news in recent years and is 75% owned by the US government.  It would be very interesting to know if this policy is superior or inferior to the Great American and Travelers policies being recommended to us by other agencies. 

8. As to crime coverage, what coverage was excluded last year that we will have this year?  Why was the decision made to alter coverage for 2012?  

Please answer these items carefully and honestly. As you and UCO are aware we residents have been fed a diet of insurance confusion and problems .  If there were mistakes or inefficiencies in 2011, I would like to know the facts so that I and other residents can carefully and intelligently move forward.   



  1. Sue, you could have asked these questions at the meeting. As well a lot of your questions were addressed at the insurance meeting.

  2. I must bow to your superior knowledge, Grace so perhaps you would be kind enough to answer these questions.

  3. While I was at the insurance meeting, Sue, I would not presume to have the knowledge of a well versed insurance agent in his field. I could not answer and would not answer these questions. I thought I saw you at the meeting but realize that it was the delegates meeting I saw you. You could not know the answers if you were not there.

  4. Actually, Grace I was there but since your comments implied that some of the questions were answered I initially presumed you gained more from the meeting than I and others did.


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