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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something new to think about- COMMON GOOD

I am reading again and this time it is Tom Brokaw’s new book, “The time of our Lives, a conversation with Americans". He is reviewing much of the good of this country and some of the not so good. He talks about today's committees and lobbyists who have issues that they are fighting for. He says that years ago, these people presented and fought for their cause but in the end they compromised and voted for the COMMON GOOD. This is missing in the world today and particularly here in Century Village.

We have a committee whose only agenda is to rebuild a golf course. I do not believe that there is anyone in the state that has the wherewithal to renovate a golf course and maintain it, has it on their TO DO LIST to build a golf course for the empty property on Haverhill road. This golf course would almost be guaranteed to lose money as the previous two management people have. The golf course was nice to have so close, it was at times very pretty so that even the people who did not use it could enjoy it. These are different times we have to think of the COMMON GOOD.

The golf course that the pro-act committee wants is NOT one of the answers on any multiple choice questionnaire that the county authorities might have in front of them.

Why is our committee ignoring the COMMON GOOD. These are hard times, many people here in the village are struggling just to make ends meet. Many associations are really having a hard time dealing with several units which for various reasons, have stopped paying. Associations are ignoring their bylaws and allowing sales to people who should not be eligible for residence in the village. If things don’t get better, we could be looking at a total collapse of our wonderful lifestyle.

Who is looking out for the COMMON GOOD?

Why don’t we have a committee who would work with the developer to adjust his plans so that the development that we get will be something that we can life peaceably with? Five years ago when the developer was D.R. Horton, his lawyer agreed to a gated 55 and over community with a limited number of units. We wouldn’t even listen, let alone go the next step to get that offer in writing. Today are we going to just keep spending money to fight our current developer and then live with whatever he puts up because we were too stubborn to compromise.


  1. Mollie:

    Your are so right. I agree with
    all you have stated. We better
    wake up and get back on the
    correct road for the sake of
    good living at CV.

  2. You said it all Mollie. I Agree with you 100 percent.Its time to move on and start working together!!!!

  3. I'm glad that someone finally told it like it is! I totally agree with everything you have stated. Personally I would not vote to give them anymore of our money. It's a bottomless pit!

  4. Mollie,you nailed it. People put up a good fight for a golf course, but it is no longer (and maybe never was) on the agenda of anyone who could make it happen.

    The reality is inescapable: it's time to put positive energy someplace else, whether working with the developer to get as good an outcome as possible, developing strategies to improve property values in the Village, or setting other, more achievable goals for the future. The Common Good indeed.

    The Pro-Act Committee must know that continued resistance is an exercise in futility. Losse are hard to take, but they only get bigger when people refuse to walk away when it's time.

  5. Mollie, I hope you will put your piece in the UCO Reporter. Common sense is common good. Thx

  6. I agree, Mollie. To me, our main argument is the "in perpetuity" promised, and maybe we should wait to see if the County Commissioners agree this promise should be kept. If they do, we're probably looking at a "field" out there for the next few years--certainly not a golf course, which is only a dream at this point. But some probably feel a field is better than a development. I'm not in favor of spending beyond the $25,000 we allocated in attorney fees. If the Commissioners vote to break the in-perpetuity promise and Waldman gets his go-ahead, I agree, let's see what we can work out with him as his friend. From what I understand, he was treated rudely in the past by some here. I don't think that was very nice on our part, or wise.

  7. Right on Mollie! We have to take our heads out of the sand and from dream land and look at the golf course realistically. No one in today's market is going to spend millions on a golf course now. There is just no money in it. I also don't want to spend another dime on lawyers. Wake up folks the fence or a tall wall is getting more expensive every year. We should put up a wall and let the developer develop.

  8. I agree with Lanny Howe! In perpetuity means FOREVER. Let's hope the Commissioners agree also and say no to construction. Why not use the land as a park where we could go walk or bike at our leisure, in a safe environment? Just think: turning this land in a "community" will only destroy another natural area and ultimately cause traffic, noise, crime, overcrowding, air pollution, etc. Is this what we really want?

  9. Molly, I am with you 100%. megaphyl

  10. Hear ye!!!! Hear ye!!! Finally someone has come out publicly with this. I'd like to know where the money trees are growing. None are in my back yard. Much money was given to the 'golf committee'.
    Why was a report made as to how it was spent? Money should be for the benefit of all in Century Village, not for a very vocal few. Next time a motion for money allocation is made at a meeting, more of us should vote NO, NO, NO. Thanks Mollie with the 'ie'.

  11. Mollie

    Very well put!! I for one am tired of hearing about a GOLF COURSE. It will never be a golf course again. Its a dead horse.
    Work with the developer for the GOOD OF OUR VILLAGE.

  12. I love to golf but don't have whatever heavenly power or insight is needed to speak for the "common good" of the entire community.

    In my home the "common good" is whatever my wife wants :-)

  13. My father and Uncle built a golf course in rural Ohio in 1960 so I lived with the golf course as a business for 25 years.

    They did the work themselves with farm tractors and hard work and that golf course is there today...enlarged and somewhat modified...

    To turn this land into any kind of profitable golf course in W Palm Beach seems highly unlikely.

    that doesn't mean the alternative must be a development of any kind. If the original contract says it would remain a golf course in perpetuity, so be it...

    And if it remains a field of grass and green space, that is much preferable to more cars, stores and congestion.


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