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Friday, November 18, 2011

Open Accounting?

I must applaud the members of the current Reporter Editorial Committee for their openness and honesty in supplying copies of their recent minutes to residents. However, even people like myself who deplore censorship may consider publishing the password to the Reporter accounts (Quick Books) a step too far- especially since it’s phraseology is that of wishful thinking not fact. This remarkable display of competency astounds me!


  1. Hi all,
    I developed the "Information Forward Initiative" to provide our unit owners with important items of concern to us all.

    Minutes of meetings are among such items.

    An error of this sort, involving a Password breach, is unfortunate, but from time to time, such mistakes will happen. It has nothing to do with the staff at the UCO Reporter, this was my error alone. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa - Mea Maxima Culpa!!

    Of course, the Password has been changed, and we have no indication of any damage to UCO Corporate security.

    Dave Israel

  2. Nice try David, but I don’t believe it was you who actually revealed the password. Wouldn’t “we have changed the passwords", sufficed or was the actual series of words broadcast for a cheap laugh? Since he’s not renowned for his sense of humor I suspect it did not amuse current treasurer Ed Black.

  3. Dave and Mollie, Don't waste your "breath". Further postings reveal that there are those who aren't interested in promoting peace in the village. Why people have to be so mean spirited is beyond me.
    One of the Robots, (and happy to be one.)

  4. Sue:
    Be assured, No one of the
    Current Staff would devulge
    sensitive information, such
    as passwords...The meeting
    referred to and explanation
    provided by David,according
    to those who were in atten
    dance, was as he stated...
    whether you choose to believe him or not is of
    course your choice.

  5. Sorry, it should be "divulge" in my haste
    hit the wrong key...


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