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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Theater Tickets

I am one of the minority who purchased season tickets to the shows. When you purchase a subscription WPRF has your money in August and tickets are distributed in October. I have been told that seats are assigned with use of a computer. My problem is that people buying tickets a few days before the performance have ended up with better seats than the ones I received. I think this is terribly unfair and unless a new system is used I will no longer buy tickets ahead of time. Very few shows sell out and my friend bought a ticket on Thursday for Freddy Roman and will be sitting in Section B, Row 5 while I will be against the wall in Section C! Don't you think there is something wrong with that?


  1. Hi Concerned,

    I have raised this issue repeatedly with WPRF at the Operations Committee.

    I believe the ticket sales should be done professionally, as it is done for example by Kravis.

    Our theater layout should be Online, showing the seating configuration. better seats, should be a bit higher in price and less desireable seating, a bit lower in price.

    A patron should be given their choice, if the seat they desire is available.

    Please consider raising this issue at the next Operations Committee meeting.

    Dave Israel

  2. I agree with Concerned Unit Owner.

    Two years ago, I got computer-assigned seats in the first or second row but way over on the far left. Later in the same season I got much better seats on the night of a show, not having reserved them ahead. The shows were comparable. So last year I didn't order any seats in advance.

    Then this year I found out that if I ordered tickets in advance but after the October date when the reserved tickets are distributed, I could choose my seats.

  3. David, this issue was addressed during the past
    adminstration @ one of the
    Op's meeting, back in 09..
    both Abby & Anita were present..not only was the
    assignment of seats questioned, but the No Refund policy was as well.
    It was my belief and still is preference should be given to the individuals who
    make multiple purchases,in
    advance as to their choice
    of seats. As for Refunds, to
    those who are either confined to a facility/home
    or to their estates.
    Having previously participated in the pre purchase program, I no longer do so and still attend a majority of the for the refunds
    I am fortunate & could absorb the cost, but not everyone can,no should they
    be forced to do so..We all
    participated with the best
    of intentions, however,the
    powers that be had other plans.....

  4. Right on concerned.... If the majority of people here did not buy tickets then, maybe, the system would change. As long as the majority of tickets are sold, probably nothing would be changed. Lets all show up at the Operations committee and see how it will be handled with the new administration.

  5. Sounds like a GOOD idea..Nov.29 operations meeting I Think..Please check

  6. Just back from seeing a terrific show; Freddy Roman and a marvelous entertaining singer. There I was in Section C, Row 5, Seat 28 against the wall. Starting 3 rows behind me were empty empty all the way back! There is something wrong with this picture. I will get all my friends to attend the Operations Committee to protest the current practice!


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