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Friday, December 23, 2011


Hi all,

Elsewhere in this BLOG, there is some considerable complaining (note, I did not use the word whine nor any variation thereof) about the paving work in the Village.

It is always good to stick to facts, rather than anecdotal observations. Anyone interested in actual technical testing of the work, may read the tests for themselves. These tests were performed by Federal Engineering & Testing Company, who are certified by some very prestigious references:


See the actual test data on phase one of the project. In due course, when the tests are completed on phase 2, we will publish them as well.

See test results at the following URL:

Our job equals or exceeds standards on virtually all tests.

Dave Israel

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  1. So I guess there is progress - questioners are not whiners - note I do not say complainers. A complaint with reason and logic behind it is a question or questions that need answers and many are still unanswered. Hello - MONEY!!!!So anyway, thank you for the test results, though this is only on the first part and if this is supposedly good, though from what I see it just about hits the minimum needed in most cases, no great shakes, then explain all the cracks and the crumbly streets. Something does not add up here and showing a list of names that the company has supposedly serviced means nothing, just like the Better Business Bureau means nothing in reality. Why the cracks and why the crumbling?Maybe the compaction is at acceptable levels, but how about the material used? Anyone check that or the methods used. I do not know how to pave streets but do know that newly paved streets and walkways should not look the way they do and am very curious as to the reason why and the upcoming results on the second part of the paving.Should be interesting, to say the least.


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