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Thursday, December 22, 2011

paving job

I find it amazing that no one has posted re this lousy paving job in the Village. After three weeks of delays and people cancelling appointments as they could not get to their cars, we finally are getting paved - unfortunately. We have had mix and match paving with uneven levels and borders, strips of differeing widths, totally mismatched, incorrect car stanchions replacement and pebbbles galore. If this job lasts more than a year it would be a miracle and worst of all we have heard that we paid 3 million dollars UPFrONT! We all would love to know who hired these bozos and decided to pay them in this manner. Had you never done any contracting deals before - ever hear of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. Punch list my Aunt Tilly! The whole job stinks to high heaven in more ways than one.


  1. Hi all,
    In my years of holding positions of responsibility, I have noted a somewhat axiomatic phenomenon:
    "those with the least responsibility for anything, complain the most about everything"!! Here in Century Village this axiom is doctrinal for a small number who bring no ideas to the table, only complaints.

    A few facts about the re-surfacing job:

    1) The contractors were selected through a bid process, this has been standard in my administration, for all but the most minor of tasks.

    2) The process of payment is not standard, for example while 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 is common; so is 30%, 30%, 30%, 10% retainage, pending punch list satisfaction also common. As for "your Aunt Tilly", what contracting firm does she work for.

    3) While there are a small number of cosmetic issues, the technical integrity of this job meets or exceeds "highway standards"; as determined by independent testing.

    4) If this job is properly maintained, it will last a long time, this means seal coating in about two years.

    5) Every effort was made to give prior warning to each Association/area, prior to paving commencing in that area. Some chose not to arrange for the movement of their vehicles. These vehicles were towed. This was necessary to complete the project and was consistent with the greater good.

    6) Delays, in a project of this size are unavoidable, weather, equipment breakdown, personel issues all conspire, through the law of inadvertence to cause departures from "the plan".

    7) Striping and placement of vehicle wheel stops are, to some extent, County Code driven, do your research prior to complaining.

    Finally, those who are of good will, and who are concerned with the common good, write down your observations, include location of observed anomolies and if possible take photographs. Bring your information to UCO, and if possible, your issue will be addressed.

    Dave Israel

  2. Thank you Dave, just another know it all that makes waves . You have done a fine job, keep up the good work.

  3. Well, good morning, Dave though I hate to bust your bubble by telling you that I am not a whiner. Sorry to disappoint you. Your answer did not really address the questions and issues. Noone here had a car parked in their spots when asked to move, but being asked or told to move out and then a week later still nothing, and then again another week and then again another week - that is unfair for the 80 and 90 year old residents who could simply not walk to their cars for days on end and so had to cancel important medical appointments. And as far as County Codes, what the hell does that have to do with people not being able to understand that three digits means that is the correct number to find on the spot marker and not just pick another marker that also has three digits just not the same! County Codes! Give me a break. And as far as cosmetic issues - crumbly roads, cracks in the walkway along the perimeter and if you have not seen them why not take a walk and see them, right where they were before the walks were repaved. How about a street being paved with seven different time schedules so it looks like a patchwork of repairs ala NYC where at least they mill the road before repaving and what about the new ponds and lakes we have when there is even the smallest bit of rain including the floods on the first floor walkways. And speaking of that, what about the tar covering up expensive brickwork on the walkways even though they were told to leave it alone. The walkways are not streets in the public domain and should not have been touched. Now we all have ugly black goop whether we had nice paint jobs, brickwork,etc. As far as delays are concerned, yes, there are always delays, especially in a huge projuct, but to be told that a truck broke down and that delayed it three weeks even as the supervisor said he had no idea where his crew was and paving went on in another, different area - give me a break! finally, and so sorry I did not number the points as you did, I am still not hearing about the payment schedule. Exactly what did we pay upfront, what have we paid as the job went on and how much are we holding back till all is completed satisfactorily? I do not see those numbers anywhere.Last wuestion, are we having any county inspectors to look at this so called by the rules job? Who is the "independent tester" and where is that report. You speak of transparency - where is it? I am seeing quite a bit of opaque glass here.I live here all year round and love this place, so please do not try to brush off legitimate questions that need answers as "whining" and then get lackeys to post rah rah comments for you. Just answer the questions asked. That is all we Villagers want.

  4. Hi Dave. The whiner that started this thread was apparently not at any of the paving discussions UCO had at Delegate meetings and Town Halls--where all these issues were discussed. It is a wonder that any company will deal with Century Village, considering all the grief they constantly get.

  5. I have always been under the impression that when work is performed here in CV a permit has to be obtained and afterwards an inspection should be made by a county inspector. I realize that the job is not yet complete but I also know that when our parking area was finished no one even walked the area to see what the finished product looked like. The construction company just moved their equipment to a new site while the painters came and painted the new lines. Looking at our parking lot now you will see uneven and sometimes missing seams, all kinds of different textures in the asphalt and rows where it does not even look as though the asphalt was pressed down. I'm sure that these areas will not last even if they were sealed within the next 2 years. Although the material used to resurface the roadway might meet county specs, I doubt that the method of installation and the contractors equipment especially his cold steam roller would meet anybody's specs as to how to lay 2 inches of new asphalt.
    I'm not sure what an independent tester is but I truly believe a county or state highway or road inspector would give us a much more honest overview of the job that is being done, and at the same time alleviate all the complaints and fears that our residents now have.

  6. Just because one raises questions and thinks independently does NOT MAKE THEM A WHINER!! (Contray to what other people may post)There have been many of us who are not happy with what we see being done and the finished product. Learn to take criticism and respond to the following questions;
    1. Read Samson's letter and properly respond to the points made with direct answers
    2. Give a financial report as to what was paid, when and how much is left

  7. Ahhhhhh ..... the thankless job of being a board member rears it's ugly head once again, having been a community manager for well over a decade I'm learning quickly to narrow my job search to non 55 and over communities. The apathy in Vegas is really no differant than West Palm Beach. Instead of complaining about the job try volunteering to work on a committee and make a differance. Your paycheck willed be filled with nothing but zero's much like the few complaints I've heard about the wonderful and much needed facelift to our community.


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