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Monday, November 28, 2011


It is probably too late to be suggesting this, because I understand the Operations Committee is going to be taking up tomorrow the subject of reserving seats for shows. But for what it is worth late in the game…..
If the Committee cannot come to agreement on giving residents who pay and reserve in advance for the shows some say on where they sit—which I think they should have and is the best solution—PERHAPS WPRF CAN DO A BETTER JOB OF DECIDING WHAT ARE THE PREFERRED SEATS.
For starters, the first few rows of seats on the extreme left and right are not as good as seats farther back and nearer the middle of the theater. I would suggest too that any seats in the first 3-4 rows are not as desirable as those from say, row 5 back. Also, that seats in the center-front of the balcony are better than many seats on the extreme ends. A lot of people like those center-front balcony seats.
I would recommend that a small committee be formed to hash this out and come up what they consider the “A” seats, the “B” seats, and so forth. Then, if using the random lottery system, assign the seating by first selling the “A” seats, then the “B” seats, etc. This is what WPRF does now, I believe, but I think their determination of how seats rank with the people has been off the mark.


  1. Hi all,
    In the Cyberworld we live in, selling tickets is really simple.

    If you want to see how a professional theater sells tickets, please see:

    Yes! it can be done.

    Dave Israel

  2. I see, Dave. It can be done online, alleviating much of the work of clerks dealing with customers. Boy, if you could get WPRF on track doing this, it would be a big step forward with more and more residents doing this for themselves.

  3. Our seating chart

  4. I choose my own seat for dance shows, ever since I was up front and could not see the dancers' feet. Imagine ballet and tap, even Riverdance with no feet.

  5. Having WPRF online like the Kravis Center to buy tickets to shows and choose your seating would be great!

    I do have to say a while back, I bought tickets late and did get better seating than my neighbors who bought season tickets. Although it was to my benefit, it was unfair.

  6. At today's Ops. meeting,
    this was discussed..the
    outcome, a Committee was
    formed, headed by Claudette
    LaBonte, to explore changes
    Eva Rachesky, is to be con-
    gratulated for modifying the prior "Refund" policy.
    Something I and others have
    long taken issue with.
    Thank you...

  7. I would like to know who the members are on the newly formed committee to improve the attaining tickets for the season.


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