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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Sites where I have a password encourage me to change the password every few months. Do passwords become weaker with time??


  1. Hi Elaine,

    Is this a serious question:

    Do passwords become weaker with time??

    Dave Israel

  2. There's a good article on how to create a strong password (and remember it) at:

  3. The real question is 'do you need to change your password every few months'? You forced me to Google it and the answer is pages of every combination of yes, no, not really, and maybe … read for yourself.

  4. Elaine, your answer depends on how and where you use the internet. When I last worked in IT in 2001, we recommended changing passwords on a yearly basis. That was before most of the phishing and intrusion attempts started. If people follow the advice in the article, they would have passwords that would be very difficult to hack. If you login from multiple places like a library or any place with public computers, it would be practicing safe computing to change your password at least yearly, preferably more often, in my opinion. If you only use one computer for all your connections, you are much safer (assuming you have good antivirus and malware protection).

  5. One of my passwords is the name of my favorite teddy bear followed by two numbers. I still have this teddy bear, and he's as friendly as ever. Sorry, I won't be revealing his name, even in casual conversation, and you WON'T guess it.


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