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Friday, April 22, 2011

UCO Reporter May Edition

Our sincere apologies to our advertisers and Internet readers who attempted to download the latest issue of the UCO Reporter yesterday. 
A severely corrupted file was uploaded to the Internet by a former staff member of the newspaper. We also have confirmation that other issues were rendered equally unreadable before being deleted.

David Israel worked until the early hours of this morning  in an attempt to recover three years of back issues and without his intervention the data would have been lost. Our humble thanks to him and the rest of the Reporter Staff who have ensured ‘your newspaper’ is available to you online and on paper.

We hope you enjoy our latest edition, which, for Internet readers, is available on the side bar.


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  2. Once again, Dave to the rescue. Many thanks.

  3. Considering this Edition is
    illegible, it should be
    removed & reposted...
    It seems to me, one disaster
    after another has befallen
    our beloved "Reporter"
    from multiple staff resignations to replacing
    the Printing firm,( which has produced the paper for
    27 yrs.).without following the R&R's set into place & approved by the Delegate
    Assembly of placing all
    requests for change, such as above, be delegated to the Bid Committee, for research & recommendation..An oversight perhaps?

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more Bettie. It has been one disaster after another starting with the lack of basic equipment and personnel.
    As regards the printer, well, seems like no one ever learns.
    Despite the CV Insurance fiasco, no one bothered to get a contract from the printer of your ‘beloved’ Reporter in all these past 27 years.
    Apparently he was none too happy either because we, not him, had decided to put the paper together. A service he has been charging dearly for, although, to date, we have failed to establish what we have been paying for because no one has ever asked for a price list either.
    Now, if the bid committee want UCO, or rather the residents of the village, to pay an extra $3,000 a month into the former printers coffers, for the same service we have found elsewhere thousands of dollars cheaper who are we to disagree?
    I’m sure our readers will also find it interesting too that we have been told by UCO’s Treasurer, Ed Black that the Reporter isn’t doing to well with it’s budget this year. Seems it’s been swallowed up the printer with 27 years loyalty under his belt who, until we arrived on the scene had been putting the paper together for the past few months – even though there was a paid a member of the UCO Reporter Staff to do this.
    There is some good news, if you will forgive the pun, because we have found the time to take a very close look at the accounts as well as getting quotes from printers.
    However, as you know Jean Dowling and myself are only temporary so if you want the job!


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