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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sidewalks are for Sissies

But they will keep you alive! Do these people know how many trees, lights and gate arms are hit by CV drivers. Then there are twilight road walkers too.
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  1. Elaine:

    What is your definition of a
    sissy. Your post of SIDEWALKS
    US WALKERS. I walk every morning
    on the walkway from my condo to
    Kent pool and enjoy the walk,
    enjoy saying good morning to the
    other walkers and I can go on and
    on. I feel that at times your
    brain is in left field like your
    answer to my last post to you was
    ....ask google.

  2. seems clear to me - walking the road instead of sidewalk =braveheart (and dangerous) and if you are not brave (sissy has been substituted but not to be taken as derogatory - more as smart walker) you walk where it's safe and protected =sidewalks. What's insulting about that?

  3. Although I do not advocate walking in the street when there are sidewalks available, sometimes our CV drivers can't stay on the street with their cars either!

  4. Hi Nut,
    April 25, 2011 8:23 AM,

    I think that all Elaine is saying, is that the roadway is dangerous to walk on, and if there is a side walk, it would be wise to use it.

    Dave Israel

  5. problem with wlking on the sidewalk is that many inconsiderate people park there cars with their hoods overhanging and blocking what little side walk there is. some condos in bedford have a campaign to keep sidewalks clear and it works pretty well.


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