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Friday, April 1, 2011

Giving your key to association

Hello to all,
I have a question concerning giving out a copy of your key to the association. One condo owner in our association refuses to hand out her key because they does not want anybody entering while they are not there. We ask each condo owner to give us a key so that we can enter for fire or water or pest control. What are the rules in this case. The condo owner who lives beneath these condo owners are worried they will suffer the consequences of these owners refusal. I would appreciate advice on this matter and what the regulations state. Thank you....Helene


  1. Under the rules and regulations(Article XVII of the Bylaws)Section 3, paragrapgh 15.,"The Association MAY (emphasis added) retain a pass key for all units. No owner or occupant may alter any lock or install a new lock without the written consent of the Board of Directors of the Association. Where such consent is given, the owner SHALL (emphasis added) provide the Association with an additional key for the use of the Association pursuant to its right of access to the unit".
    This provision clearly assigns the obligation of the owner to give a pass key to the Association once the lock is changed. It does not however, on its face, require the unit owner to provide a key to the Association otherwise.

    Section 718.111(5)F.S. Provides that the Association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours, when necessary for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of any common elements or of any portion of a unit to be maintained by the association pursuant to the declaration or as necessary to prevent damage to the common elements or to a unit or units.

    Reading the condominium documents in conjunction with the statutory right of access, as cited above, has been interpreted by the "Division" as sufficient to require that the owner provides a key
    as follows:

    4000 Island Blvd. Condo. Assn., Inc. v. DeBeer, Case No. 99-1038 (Powell / Final Order After Default / March 31, 2000)
    • Unit owners ordered to provide key to unit in accordance with condominium documents providing for association access and further requiring that unit owner shall provide a key if the locks are changed.

    So, relying on this arbitration decision which has an identical provision as found in our documents, the Association may require the key to every unit.

  2. Giving the key to your association also benefits you. We had no problem with giving a copy of our keys to the association. We also made copies when we changed the lock. It's nice to know when you are away, if some mishap happens it can be taken care of right away. Perhaps the person that doesn't want to give copies of the keys has little trust in their association.

  3. I am posting a very good vital
    reason why everyone should give
    a key to their unit to their
    association. On March 29th a
    couple who lives in my Association
    left for Greece for 5 weeks. On
    the 1st Wednesday of every month
    Seacrest comes to spray all units
    with bugspray. Upon entering the
    unit owned by the couple who went
    to Greece we found their carpet
    soaked in water from a pipe from
    their main bathroom. Not only is
    it important to give a key it is
    very important that the Association has an emergency
    telephone number given by the
    owners so I was able to call
    their daughter and tell her about
    the tragedy that was happening to
    her parents unit. If we did not
    have a key and an emergency
    name and telephone # this tragedy
    would have been an extremely huge

  4. Nut, those people are very lucky to have you looking after them. But it sounds as if they need to pay attention to some Condo Commandments:
    1. Take personal responsibility.
    2. Have safety inspection of your unit by plumber/electrician.
    3. Have someone check your empty unit every 2 weeks while you are away.
    4. TURN OFF THE WATER WHILE YOU ARE AWAY. Turn off at main and at valves in kitchen and bathrooms.


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