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Friday, April 1, 2011


Hi all,

At todays Delegate Assembly, there was heavy attendance, the Delegate count was 206. There was at least that number of non-delegates. There was a motion passed by a near 75% majority to engage legal advice to preclude the development of the property with 680 Condominium units of various stripe, up to 5 stories tall, additionally, there is some sort of "100 bed congregate living facility" (CLF); not to mention a baseball field.

This CLF refers to some sort of Assisted Living Facility

Following are five URL's which lead to documents relating to the planned housing development on the erstwhile Turtle Bay Golf Course. The Developer has filed  a name for his development of Condominium housing, it is to be called; "Reflection Bay". This filing may be found in the fictious name section of the Florida Sunbiz Corporations Site ( REF: ). As we get a better understanding of this development, we will make entries fleshing out this posting to explain the key components of the planned development. Questions may be entered in the Comment stream.

Letter from County Attorney to developer.

Letter from County Attorney to Commissioner Burdick’s staff.

Reflection Bay developer justification statement; read very carefully.

Reflection Bay preliminary master plan.

Reflection Bay preliminary site plan.
Updates since original Posting:

Reflection Bay Data of various types, Lots of information.

Dave Israel


  1. Thanks Dave for all these documents. I see "Urban Design Kilday" on the plans from Mr. Waldman. Kerry Kilday is a formidable (i.e., "the best") person to hire if you want to get something approved by the PBC Commission. Not good for us :-(.

  2. Great info Dave, the plans are what the other 25% needed to see. The plans are uglier than the previous and more crowded. One lake is gone and the lakes for security are now for recreation. What a lot of parking garages! I look forward to the town meeting and lists of ideas and solutions.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    April 2, 2011 10:48 AM,

    Yes, the plan is morphing. Note the lovely wall.
    Parking garages appear to be current code, two spaces per unit,
    although I do not see the accomodation for guest spots; 1 for 4 I believe, I will check that again.

    I greatly fear that the 100 bed Assisted Living Facility is in trade for Comissioner votes.

    I am going to try to enlarge the two drawings on the office copier so that it is easier to decrypt.

    Dave Israel

  4. GREAT INFO DAVID... I also hear his lawyers are friendly with a commissioner(s)..Looks like we are in for rough sailing!

  5. In this community where rumors fly around gathering more rumors, it is a real benefit to have David who is so willing to do the research to dig out the facts of a situation. With the facts, we have a chance of reasonably adjusting things to the benefit of the village. Fighting with rumors just makes us look bad and out of control. Negotiating with facts gives us a chance, thanks Dave.

  6. We have voted to spend $25,000 of UCO “surplus” money (but still OUR money) to fund the lawyers’ fees to look into the Golf Course situation. Perhaps this is wise. But will it be wise to pursue a fight against Waldman? We had a chance a year ago to come to an accommodation with him when his plans, from our standpoint, were for a more desirable development. The whipped-up majority of delegates here turned this down. We thought Waldman was on the ropes because of zoning ordinances. But we were also told, Don’t count on this.

    There is a simple point that should not be lost here. Waldman’s land is his land, not ours. Fact is, I understand, we had a chance to buy it years ago and turned it down. Who are we to tell another man what to do with his property?

    It should also be kept in mind that a great many of the CV folk are having a very hard time paying their HOA fees. It is inexpensive to buy a condo in Century Village. The Village is NOT an inexpensive place to live as regards HOA fees, though. Engaging expensive lawyers to pursue a lost cause will only mean a further financial burden on our people—quite possibly with more of them deciding to simply stop paying their dues! THIS, not Waldman, is the disaster we should be seeking to remedy.

    I am not at all sure that Waldman’s plans will have the terrible effects on the Village that those who whip up support to fight him say they will—though I will admit I am leery about his supposed two “rights of access” to the Village. A couple of years ago a big housing development went up on the other side of Haverhill. Some people in CV said it would be the end of life here as we know it, but I can’t see that it has made much difference at all. Where is the clogged traffic that was predicted? I move right along in my car, no problems.

    The Golf’s Edge people do not speak for everyone in the Village, and neither, in my opinion, is Palm Beach County Commissioner Paulette Burdette correct in saying she speaks for all of us in wanting to oppose Waldman. AT WHAT COST is the question. We need to keep our priorities straight.

  7. Has anyone done the math on the three FIVE STORY buildings (65' high)positioned directly east of both Greenbriar and/or Southampton presented in the proposal?

    Can you picture losing those beautiful sunrises .... forever?

  8. Aha! Found the little nugget you were pointing to.

    Workforce Housing Program.

    ... which is code for Section 8 housing.

    Here's the salient section of this program:

    "For developers, this is a voluntary program that grants additional density in order to construct a percentage of housing units within a development for lower income households."

  9. I'll have to admit, even as not a Golf's Edge resident, I would not like a neighboring 5-story building being approved. All the more reason, to my mind, why we should have sought accommodation with Waldman a year ago when it was in the cards. But almost nobody would listen to the few who suggested this. I suppose there was no guarantee Waldman would follow through with his plans as laid out at that time (which he showed those who attended meetings with him in the Village), but I am guessing we'd have ended up with something much more to our liking than what he now proposes.


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