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Sunday, April 3, 2011


A milestone was passed in the UCO office on Thursday March 30th but you had to be a participant or you would not have noticed.
It was a “transponder day” and many folks were scheduled to have their transponder installed after waiting perhaps more than a week or two. In addition to those scheduled for installation an additional 5 folks showed up at the office to make appointments.
Imagine their surprise when all left after a relatively short wait with transponders installed---on demand!
Hopefully this practice will continue at least for the non season time and if the bugs can be worked out of the process it will be continued as a twelve month process.
Yes. This office can be responsive and the “yes” word is hopefully more common than ‘no”. If you are told no come talk with us, perhaps you can change our minds.


  1. Great work, Bob, to you and all involved. I recall many complaints about the time it took to arrange for and finally have a transponder installed. I myself had to wait three weeks. Thanks!!

  2. Has any dialogue commenced concerning transponders being made available to snow birds who use rented vehicles? The possibility of such an accomodation was mentioned in a posting a few months ago.

  3. UCO has recently established a test of how a portable transponder might work - for anyone that might find this helpful.

    Our Test includes the concern that frequent handling, (hand held) rather than attaching to the windshield, might cause earily failure due to this handling.

    We may well have found the answer by the end of April. So far the plan is working very well.

    We will keep you informed.

  4. Thanks for the update, Ed. Please forgive the pun, but the portable transponder issue seems to be moving in the right direction.

    The use of a portable transponder would be a nice amenity for those of us who use rental vehicles. It would also help reduce congestion at the gates.

    I think we all appreciate the "can do" attitude that our new leadership has instilled.


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