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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi all,
We are going to start showing the March 23, 2011 Code Enforcement Hearing.
This Hearing took place at the Vista Center, at 2300 Jog Road; some 400 Century Village residents attended, and many more viewed the event on the Internet. We have uploaded the first two parts of a four part saga, over 4 hours in length.
Code enforcement cited one Issac Feder, a unit owner in Golf's Edge with changing usage of a residential unit without a certificate of occupancy. In short, the unit was being used as a house of worship.


Part 2......

Part 3.......

Part  4......

Last but not least, Special Magistrate Carolyn Ansay, written order may be seen at the following URL:

See also in Sidebar under Public Service Announcement - Code Enforcement hearing.

Dave Israel

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