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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sidebar Shuffle

If you cannot find previous sidebar info, just ask, it is all there, just regrouped, news is higher up, then regulation references, and more :-).


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  2. Hi Mag, If you go to the latest copy of the UCO Reporter (on the sidebar), download it, print page 56 you will have the bus schedule in rather small print, but legible. (I then deleted the 35,000 KB download copy from my computer.)
    Dave may have other solutions, but I would suggest people stay with the actual page from the UCO Reporter. I have seen the confusion when the schedule changes and I would not want to try to track that and update something separate on the Blog – sorry Mag.
    People have also asked for handout copies at the Clubhouse and so on, they have always been referred to the notice board copies and the newspaper.


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