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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Legal Fees for the Golf Course

I agree with the article in the May Reporter - if you wish to spend "Your" money then dig into your own personal bank account and spend away for legal fees to fight the development of the golf course this way the entire village and those of us who don't support the effort of the Pro-Active Committee have to foot the bill. All I can say is -Good Luck" you don't get my support and what is wrong with growth and change. Maybe when South Hampton was developed they should of built all the units that were approved - Recreation and green space can mean many things- a Putt-Putt Golf Course and driving range or a community park. Like Mike said - going back to nature not a bad thing - except remember when it was back to nature where UCO now stands - there were homeless and wild cat colonys living there - Yes, Nature is a beautiful thing!!


  1. I am inclined the same way, wine22. I'll await learning (perhaps at next week's delegates meeting?) what further the attorney has had to say, now that we've allocated $25,000 to have him do preliminary checking, but I don't like the idea of saddling our poor owners with a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight Waldman. We went though that, gaining nothing re the clubhouse renovation--in fact, I think we lost money.

    I have heard Mr. Waldman explain his plans twice now. On one occasion (result of an earlier comment of mine on the blog) he came to my home and explained his plans to me for two hours--just him and me! (I said to him, "Do you realize I'm a nobody here?!)

    I believe he is in earnest about trying to have his development COMPLEMENT ours in ways that could benefit our senior citizens, and I think he is willing to make adjustments. Of course I do not know if he will have the wherewithal to financially make good on all his plans, BUT WE COULD DO FAR WORSE. He plans to have small shops on his property, hoping we will help patronize them. He invites us to not only watch ball games on his ball field but to participate. (If only I were 30 years younger!) But you never know. There could be a very healthy symbiotic relationship develop! I'd like to think so anyway.

  2. I admire your optimism, Lanny. I hope you're right.

  3. More shops! There are shops for rent in the Babies R Us plaza across the street. Do we need more shops? I don't want this development, who will buy the houses when there are empty homes all over West Palm. That being said I certainly don't want to spend thousands of OUR money to defend our position. I don't want the Pro Active Committee putting their hands in my pockets to obtain thousands in legal fees. I think they should canvass and dig deep into their own pockets for this venture.
    If you don't want to pay for it, let your delegates know and strongly say vote NO for more money as they will surely need more. They are very good at working the crowd to get behind the cause.
    The case down south that we were told about is not over. They are going back to court. The builder just keeps changing his plans hoping to get the okay. They must be spending many thousands to defend their cause. We don't have hundreds of thousands to spend. Remember the delegate who complained about spending money on the roads and sewers that are in need of repair. I just hope that we all remember our priorities to keep our village in good repair. That is where our money should be going!!!!

  4. Grace:

    I agree with your post 100%.
    It is a waste of our money that
    could be used for the upkeep of
    Century Village.


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