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Monday, October 25, 2010

2011 Century Village Calendar

Now available the 2011 Century Village Calendar. This 28 page calendar has 35 spectacular color pictures of our village showing activities and the beauty of the facility. For information contact Ken Graff at


  1. Hi Ken,
    Very nice, but the Snowperson between November and December confuses me.

    Where exactly in CV is this to be found?

    Dave Israel

  2. Ken:

    I tried your web address but it
    wouldn't come up. Where can I
    buy one and what is the price.

  3. What a fabulous calendar, Ken. Where can I buy one (or more)? From you, I suppose. You gave us your e-mail address, so I'll either try you there or see you at the UCO Reporter shop.

    I can't help but think too: What a selling tool for the Village. Every real estate agent should buy one (or more). With enough of these around, who knows, maybe the value of apartments would go up $5000 on average? (Do I dream?)

    Frosty is a little hard to explain, as Dave suggests, but I like him included! I have friends and relatives I could send copies to for the holidays. They will think I live in a more upscale place than I do. Well, maybe in fact I do and just haven't realized it myself.

    A fantastic job, and the back page even has handy telephone numbers!

  4. Terrific, what Lanny said. Could Nov be changed to walkers/bikers and smiles.
    Or a whole separate calendar with discreet condo prices, everyone send out 10 or more.

  5. Elaine,Lanny,Nutmegger

    I produced the calendar just because it is something I wanted to do.Now that is is finished, I have to see if there is a market. Then I will have an idea of how many to print to make it reasonably priced. As for changes that can come in the 2012 addition. The snowman is just to let Floridians know that December is winter in the rest of the U.S. and how lucky they are

  6. Two suggestions: 1) Bigger numbers. I have to custom order my calendar from so I can see the date from across the room. 2) Courtesy copy for Cerebino.

  7. Hi Booker,
    October 27, 2010 12:38 PM,

    See the numbers from across the room, surely you jest, how about seeing the numbers from the dark side of the moon!

    Dave Israel

  8. I saw Ken's calendar today at Reporter office. It is marvelous. He wonders if he might be able to sell a hundred in the Village. I would hope he could sell far more than that. The calendar is beautifully done. It makes you proud of the Village.

    Ken thought he might be able to sell 100. He senses possible reluctance to BUY a calendar, and of course the window of opportunity would be at best two months. I wish he could sell a thousand. Even if he sold 300, the price should come down SOME from what 100 would cost.

    I wish this could be announced on Channel 63, in the coming December Reporter, and at our meetings.

    For the calendar to become an annual would be great. It could become more popular every year: "Have you seen this year's calendar? There's a gorgeous photo in it of the fountain at night." (There's NOT a photo of the fountain in the 2011 calendar; I'm just giving an example of what the talk MIGHT be another year.)

    I can see it enhancing the Village in OUR OWN eyes. This wouldn't hurt. Who knows (though we would never be able to prove it) it might even make some folk more amenable to fixing up their leak-prone plumbing fixtures! Enhancing the Village in OTHERS' eyes could make it more popular with prospective buyers and renters. Real estate agents could have a calendar hanging on their wall; even give them out as a freebie to buyers and renters.

    Well, you can see I am on the bandwagon re this. Sign me up for a half dozen calendars, Ken!

  9. Count me in for a copy Ken. The calendar is beautiful just the way it is.

  10. I'm up for 3 ---shall we sign up and make deposit like for Girl Scout cookies? and - calendars have no calories!


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