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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Folded Flag Case

Does anybody have an idea as to where I can purchase a display case for an American Flag that was given to me at Arlington National Cemetery after my fathers burial. Do not know the size of the flag, and do not want to unfold it as it is perfect as folded by the Army at Arlington. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps George Franklin would know.
Thanks all. Much appreciated.


  1. Hi Tropo,

    I believe you will find that these flags are folded to a standard Military coffin standard.

    Take yours and measure it, as it is, folded.

    It is, of course triangular; 12in. from base to vertex, 24 inches across the base and about 3 inches thick.

    Then plug the following phrase into GOOGLE "Folded Flag Case"

    Please advise if the dimensions vary from those quoted above.

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Tropo,

    Once you have your measurements, go to:

    And pick the right size.

    Dave Israel


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