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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ombudsman Meeting

There is an Ombudsman Meeting on Thursday 28th. Does anyone know what time it starts?


  1. Hi Grace,

    Are you sure you are not thinking of the Homestead meeting on Wednesday?

    Dave Israel

  2. Perhaps it's the Condo Finances
    Meeting you're referring to
    which is in Room C from 10:30 to
    1 PM...on the 28th (Thursday)

  3. No, it is supposed to be the Florida Ombudsman meeting. He has been here before to speak on condos and what the boards are responsible for. I think that Bob Marshall told me about this meeting. I will call him at UCO.

  4. For those interested it is at 10:00in the clubhouse Thursday the 28th. Thanks for the info Bob.


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