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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Power of CV in Action 1980s

Aughh! We could have been part of SWA! From CV archives:“Harry Kalb served our community (before the formation of UCO) as Chairman of UCAL (United Committee Against Landfill Site #6) which successfully beat back the attempt to place a landfill adjacent to our community. He also served as a member of the pre-UCO United Water and Sewer Committee, formed in 1980 to represent the Village in PSC hearings in opposition to Century Utility's proposed major rate increase.
Both of these committees prepared the groundwork for unity of our community under the UCO banner. .
Harry also played a key role, with Joe Lilenfeld, in creating the highly successful Recycling and Beautification Committee which raised tens of thousands of dollars to pay for installing benches, planting trees, and other beautification projects throughout the Village.”

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  1. I think we should change the name of CV to Del Boca Vista.


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