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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just wondering how many areas of CV are having problems with RACOONS.
I live in the Camden area and so far know of two (2) owners that have been attacked by racoons in the early evenings going to the dumpsters. (No injuries or bites AS OF YET) If Animal Control is called what if anything will they do and will there be a charge to the Association? It seems to be getting out of control in my area. Any suggestions??? Thanks for any input.


  1. Three years ago, I used some of Northamptons' umbrella funds to purchase "lock bars" for the dumpsters, and there are rarely any racoons in our area. No food... no racoons! This will only be effective as a joint effort by area associations in order to "force" the scavengers from the area.
    Century Village wide participation would certainly have a more dramatic effect. Sounds like a worthwhile project to contact the dumpter company for pricing!

  2. Don't go to dumpster as darkness falls. Raccoons are roaming in the gloaming.
    We have raccoon bars on the green dumpsters, one unintended side effect is that some people cannot manage the bar and dump their kitchen garbage in blue and yellow recycle containers. Signs have no effect on mis-dumpers, but it’s still better with raccoon bars. SWA knows we have problems.
    And - the water co woods to our north have unlimited supply of raccoons, I suspect trapping would not be very effective.

  3. FAQs:
    Q: Can I rent a trap for nuisance wildlife? Is it against the law to trap and relocate wild animals?
    A: You must contact a licensed trapper. Contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 625-5122 or call Animal Care and Control at 233-1200, ext. 0 or 233-1272 for a list.
    (Call for official story)

  4. raccoons over at windsor H ---we got the dumpsters w/bars many months ago so at least (when people remember to put bar up again) cut down the prob there but the creatures seem to drink out of the drip pans under wall a/c units --- a family of five claims this area ---I have abandoned my star gazing due to raccoons - sad. a neighboring assn got traps and then a resident drove the critters off somewhere and released them ---not a solution for us.

  5. I got the bars put on the dumpsters by calling Violia, who is the waste management company. There phone number is on the dumpster. There are racoons all over the village. I seethem scurrying around early in the morning but they run away. I have never been attacked. In the evenings I also walk but never see them. It is during the day that they would be rabid if they are scurrying around. It will probably cost close to $100 now to call a company who will come and put up cages to catch them. We will never be rid of them. They were here first.

  6. ATTACKED by raccoons doesn't sound good (sounds as though raccoons could be rabid). It would probably be wise idea for Camden residents to not go to dumpster in evening, as Elaine suggests. Rabid raccoons will walk around in broad daylight, though they wouldn't limit themselves to daylight. It cost us $55, through Veolia a couple of years ago, to have raccoon-proof bar put on dumpster. Veolia number is 471-6110.

    The trash bins have a drain hole, usually back side near bottom. If organic garbage in plastic bag gets tossed next to drain hole, an enterprising raccoon may reach in hole with paw, snag bag and pull it toward him, breaking bag open, so he can get at something edible.

    Raccoon problems seem to come and go. You may find your astronomical pursuit can wax once again as raccoon gastronomical pursuit wanes, Mag.


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