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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vote Yes on 4 for Our Neighborhood

Lesley Blackner may be the most cheered and feared woman in Florida. She is the initiator of Amendment 4 which says development is out of control.
Here is the opinion of the lady who started it all, please read this article. It states facts and shows why people are against it -- people like Senator Mike Bennett. It's all about keeping the power in the hands of politicians. They don't want us to have a vote on the future of our neighborhoods. We need to stop these power-peddlers, who are destroying what was once called the Sunshine State.
When Lesley Blackner spoke at our CV Delegate Meeting and said the County Commissioners cannot control themselves it certainly resonated with me.
"We have government of the developer, by the developer and for the developer," Blackner has said.
She adds that "people in the community have rights, too - not just people in the development community."

As Florida condos sit empty, voters enter battle on growth
If you haven't got the message yet, here it is: Florida condos sit empty -- and the developers want to build more. The more empty condos and homes we have, the lower the property value of your home. Is that what you want? Don't get scared by the propaganda of special interest. No jobs get lost if Amendment 4 passes -- there are sufficient plans in place to quadruple Florida's population without making any amendments. It's all about power and money -- definitely not about our welfare!
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  1. If you want a say in what happens to the golf course should the owner try to have the zoning changed, VOTE YES. We will have a say. Don't listen to the lies that the 'no' side is playing on TV and the village democratic party is touting. Why should we let lobbyists run our lives? The democratic party here in the village should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Good Post Elaine. I'm a Dem , don't listen to the CV DEM club.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    An acquaintence of mine who publishes "Cyber-Citizen's for Justice, Inc.", apparently views our website as well.
    I am forwarding his E-mail rearding your post as follows:

    "Hi Randall,
    Elaine posted this morning a comment about Amendment 4 on the blog.
    I wanted to post this comment:

    This Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with D or R -- it's about our rights to decide what's happening in our neighborhood!
    We citizens -- together -- have to fight for our rights -- against greedy developers and corrupt politicians.
    Thanks Elaine for posting these articles!
    VOTE YES ON 4!

    Only takes comments from members. Any chance to post as guest?

    Have a great weekend!
    Take care

  4. Hi Jan,
    A personal invitation from David, A.K.A. "The Blogmeister", will be forthcoming. May I be the first to welcome you to our Blog.

  5. Thanks Randall, much appreciated. You already posted my comment, so I don't have to repeat it.

    And thanks to David for the invitation allowing me to post on your blog!

    You all have to make sure that you vote YES ON 4. Check out the tricks they are using in Palm Aire to make the senior citizens pay for the golf course.

    The financial crisis is already creating serious problems for many retirees, let's not add more to it!

    Don't forget, Amendment 4 is our tool to fight greedy developers and corrupt politicians. You have your fair share in Palm Beach County!

  6. Jan's point of view is correct.
    However, we do have individuals
    within that ONLY follow Party lines
    and no doubt will once more,regard-
    less..a continous problem..however
    I do wonder how the members of the
    Pro-Active Committee, will re-act.
    when their party recommends a position contrary to the good &
    welfare of our community. Any thoughts?

  7. Constantly following ANY party's line leads to arrogance by those elected to the detriment of those governed.

  8. Always following ANY party's line leads to arrogance in the elected and detriment to the constituent.


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