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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Walk Over North Canal Garden

I want to give a big thanks to our Dorchester neighbor, John Moser for the beautiful garden that he is planting just over the foot bridge at the north canal going to Hastings and the gym. I have been told that we do not own the property across the foot bridge although it is within the fence. I walk over the bridge every morning and it was an overgrown mess that our beautification committee probably didn't even know about. Many people walk over the bridge going to the gym from the north end of the property. It looks like it is still a work in progress and of course all the many plants which John has planted are still infants in their growth. There are also many little signs to read as you walk by. They are, Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is A Mystery, Today Is A Gift, That Is Why We Call It The Present, Have A Nice Day. There is also a birdfeeder hanging from a tree on the side. What a little paradise! Again, thank you John.


  1. The site looks 'enchanting", how
    wonderful to have individuals such
    as John, who has given of not only
    his finances, but time to begin &
    maintain this area...regretably,
    the UCO budget was trimmed and
    beautification, was cut...hopefully
    it will be restored in the future.

  2. Great job John, Thanks , Mike

  3. Grace,

    I walked by the North Canal Garden on Friday, and it was lovely, just as the photos show. I wondered if we could run a piece on this for the UCO Reporter, if not the December issue (deadline now just passed), then for the January issue.

    Did you take the photos, and if so, would you mind if the photos were transmitted electronically to the Reporter office? And who is John Moser, I mean how would we reach him? It would be nice to get a photo of him, which one of us at the shop could do if he was willing.

    But oops, I see that this LAND doesn't really belong to us. Maybe we should let sleeping dogs lie and not get the Reporter involved..... Dave, would you want to weight in on this (if you are reading this far back on the blog)?

  4. Hi all,

    If someone will provide me with the address of a CV unit near to this bridge to nowhere, I can determine who the land across the bridge belongs to.


    Dave Israel

  5. The nearest CV unit is Dorchester K248, Dave. I drove over there the other morning and checked.


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