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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Electric Outlets for Ducks

I answer my own question, yes there is electric provision on Duck Island, (temporarily turned off.)
Our invasive weeds are pretty, what if we let them replace our grass? Less grass cutting! Actually if they keep spreading we may have no choice. 10 years ago I never saw these flowers in Florida.
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  1. Hi Elaine,

    Actually, I have studied this issue extensively and in fact have had a monograph published by the AWA.

    In brief, these flowers are variant screaming Clytemnestras, which have been cross bread exogenously with the Mozambique purple!

    The original seeds for this variant came into the country on the hind legs of the migrating Bushoo bird and were subsequently spread via airborn detritus!

    The blooms are ubiquitous throughout their range, providing fodder for the ground dwelling choanocytes typically found in South Florida soils.

    Dave Israel

  2. Dave:

    "the ground dwelling choanocytes ..."


    I'm still trying to figure how to plug in the electric ducks...

  3. The Bushoo bird, now extinct, I believe, had the two hind legs that Dave describes and a single smaller leg in front. Its ability to make a perfect three-point landing served as the inspiration for the placement of landing gear on our modern airliners. Not so widely known is the role it played in producing the Variant Screaming Clytemnestra.

  4. Hi Lanny,
    November 18, 2010 6:38 PM,

    You are indeed correct, although the word "extinct" is somewhat misleading.

    The Bushoo bird was systematically exterminated due to the debilitating effect of the Bacterium causing the Goblutes, which also migrated on it's hind legs!

    Extermination of the Bushoo bird was extremely complicated as a specific agent took years to discover.

    In the end, it was found that Lycopodium powder, picked at the rising of the Dog Star, at night, in the moons occult was the only agent effective in eliminating the deadly Bushoo bird.

    Clearly, we live with the fallout of the birds presence to this very day!

    Dave Israel

  5. With that, I can only bow to the Maestro.


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